Internet shopping has never been easier or more popular-especially during COVID-19 when everyone is trying to socially distance themselves to reduce the spread of the deadly virus. There is no reason to go to your local smoke shop, vape store, dispensary, naturopathic retailer, or gas station. Instead, you can order kratom online. However, as with all internet purchases, there are a few things to consider prior to placing the order. After all, kratom is not regulated on a national level so quality does vary between brands and retailers.

Things to Consider When You Order Kratom Online

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Shopping for Kratom Online

The trend of shopping online is only going to continue growing. People now buy groceries, automobiles, fill prescriptions, and more online without hesitation. If you opt to order kratom online, then you’ll probably encounter no problems, and it will become second nature whenever you need the herb.

Here are the top things to consider when you order kratom online.

1.Kratom Isn’t Legal Everywhere

Do you know your local laws? Kratom is not legal everywhere. Many local city and county laws have been put in place that makes kratom illegal within certain small regional pockets in the country. You’ll want to verify that kratom is legal in your location.

Online kratom vendors are familiar with where they can and cannot ship. Typically, they will not ship to locations that have made the herb illegal. Remember, if kratom is illegal in your area and you purchase the herb either online or at a brick and mortar location and then bring it into the illegal region then you are responsible for fines and possible incarceration depending on the laws.

2. Familiarize Yourself with the Strains and Their Properties

If you are a newbie to kratom use, then you might decide to bargain hunt. After all, every strain is kratom, right? In some ways this is true, but each strain has its own unique properties. Kratom is available in three vein colors: green vein, white, vein, and red vein.

All the vein colors come from the Mitragynine speciosa tree but depend on the age of the foliage at the time of harvest. The vein coloration is an indication of alkaloid quantity.

On occasion, you might also see yellow or gold vein for sale. The unusual vein color occurs because of harvest time and curing. Yellow/gold is a white vein that takes on a yellowish hue and the alkaloids do alter slightly.

Vein colors are further categorized by names that often denote the country of origin such as Thai, Indo, Bali, Borneo, etc. Each region has its own growth factors such as humidity, soil, temperature, and elevation which impact potency and alkaloid levels.

3. Price Considerations When You Order Kratom Online

When perusing the internet for kratom, you might be naturally drawn to low-cost or sale items. Who doesn’t want to save money? However, with kratom, you often get exactly what you pay for. Cheap kratom is often low potency. It might also contain stems and veins when being ground.

The low alkaloid properties found in cheap kratom will not give the results you seek when ingested, so ultimately you might think you are scoring a deal but, you are missing out on the herb’s real benefits.

4. The Most Expensive Isn’t Always the Best

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Picking the Best Kratom Online

If you want premium kratom then you’re probably tempted to buy the most expensive brand you can find online. You’ll automatically assume the high price tag means high quality, but you might be paying more than you should.

In some situations, a vendor might pay a great deal of money to purchase from a distributor instead of the source. They then roll the high costs into the kratom’s price tag. Also, in such situations, the kratom might spend more time in transit and sitting around warehouses so lacks freshness.

You’ll want to research the vendor prior to making a purchase. You want to buy from a respected online vendor who cares about offering a top-shelf product at a modest price. Exceptional kratom should not break the bank but also not be rock bottom cheap.

5. Third Party Lab Test Results

Look for kratom brands that test their products using third-party laboratory testing to ensure that their items are free of any contaminants. Ideally, brands should always use a neutral, independent lab to carry out the test results. They should have no affiliation with the brand. Unreputable vendors might manipulate or post fake lab results so always be sure that you are buying a reputable brand.

6. False Promises When You Order Kratom Online

Prior to purchasing kratom, familiarize yourself with its potential. Many swear by the herb and believe that it helps in a wide assortment of things such as easing chronic pain, helping with anxiety, battling insomnia, and improving cognitive abilities. However, these are just possibilities and the herb might not work the same for everyone.

Kratom vendors should never make false claims such as stating that their herb will cure this or that. They can allude to the possibility that it MAY help but never boldly state that it WILL work. Misrepresenting the herb is a serious problem.

7. Pay Attention to Reviews When You Order Kratom Online

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Always Check Reviews

Shopping online is scary for many people. However, if you find a reputable site then you’ll also encounter plenty of reviews left by satisfied customers. Also, people who are not happy with the service are more prone to leaving a review. Ideally, you should only purchase from a retailer that has satisfied customers.

8. Money-Back Guarantees

Many websites offer money-back guarantees if you are not happy with the item. There is usually a set time that the item can be returned within. In most instances, the product must be returned unopened to fulfill the money-back guarantee.

9. Shipping

Does the site offer free shipping? Many have a minimum purchase such as $25 or $50 and then you’ll receive free shipping. Nowadays, shipping is spendy, so the perk of free delivery is a great motivator.

10. Check Out the Products

An established online kratom vendor should offer a variety of products by different brands to satisfy their clientele. In addition, they should provide ample information on each brand. If you have questions, then you’ll find contact information such as a phone number, email, or online chat where you can quickly get your queries answered in a timely fashion.

In addition to having ample information on their products, you should also find the site laid out with general kratom facts, blog posts, photos, and more. Clearly, you’ll want to feel like the vendor is a respected source for the herb. They should readily answer your questions and you should feel like they are a professional vendor who can meet all your needs.

When you order kratom online there are always risks and uncertainties, just like when you make a purchase on or some other major online site. However, if you do your research and follow these ten tips then you should have a positive experience.

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