Is kratom the new opioid for pain relief?

Many users swear that it works just as effectively as the poppy derivative.

In addition, it has shown in many cases to have no harsh side effects like narcotic pain killers.

Proponents of the herbal concoction claim that red vein kratom is best for chronic pain relief.

However, what makes the red vein stand out from the others?

In this article, we will explore the answers to that question and more.

Understanding Red Vein Kratom Strains for Chronic Pain Relief

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Using Red Vein Kratom

Red vein kratom brings about relaxation, calmness, and sedation.

It gives an initial rush of energy that blends well with the calming effects.

It provides pain relief almost instantly.

As kratom’s popularity has soared, it has become an acceptable opiate substitute in the kratom community while also aiding in narcotic detoxification.

Most users also report a euphoric boost that helps substantially both mentally and physically.

1. Chronic Pain Relief – Red Vein Kratom Strains

In the United States, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) report that over 20 percent of Americans suffer from chronic pain.

Their ongoing discomfort has fueled a significant narcotic problem in the US as people scramble to live with the relentless discomfort.

Approximately 21 million people suffer from addictions and from 1999 to 2017, 700,000 died from drug overdoses.

The reality of the staggering statistics outlines why so many turn to kratom to cope with chronic pain instead of using prescription narcotics.

Maeng Da

When looking at red vein kratom for chronic pain, we would be remiss in not listing red vein Maeng Da first for chronic pain.

The main reason why users turn to this popular strain is potency.

Maeng Da is a heavy hitter that will kickstart you into instant pain relief.

The strain’s enhanced alkaloids help treat chronic pain especially discomfort related to postpartum bone pain, headaches, pain from injuries, and more.

Red Bali

In addition to red vein Maeng Da, the second most common strain favored by users is Red Bali.

It features 25 kratom alkaloids which makes it highly beneficial for pain reduction.

Many users also enjoy the scent of the herb which they find especially soothing and calming.

The dark green leaves have brilliant red veins going through them.

Many consider Red Bali a natural red vein choice.

Red Borneo

Red Borneo is another powerful strain that helps ease the pain.

It is favored for easing mild pain.

The herb’s light effects make it a great choice for newbie users who are seeking to cope with their ongoing discomfort.

Red Thai

Not as popular as others, Red Thai kratom heralds from Thailand contain only mature red vein leaves.

However, many users swear by the strain.

It is a slow burn that helps substantially ease the pain.

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2. Red Vein Kratom for Energy

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Red Vein for Energy When You Need It

In addition to pain relief, red vein kratom gives an energy boost that lets many users overcome their discomfort so they can take care of daily tasks that typically cause discomfort.

The increased energy and stamina make the user forget about their discomfort for a short while.

They can handle the pain and complete the task at hand with a burst of energy that they would not normally experience.

3. Mood Booster

Living with pain causes depression and sadness.

You don’t feel like doing the things you once enjoyed.

Instead, you wake up in pain and at the end of the day have a hard time falling asleep.

Your mood starts to spiral downward.

Depression can set in.

In many cases, you might even experience bouts of anger.

To cope with the various mood swings, many turn to red vein kratom.

Red vein kratom not only gives a burst of energy but also levels out mood swings so you feel more balanced and happier.

When you are in a level frame of mind, you can tackle whatever the day throws at you with ease.

You feel happier and more level-headed.

4. Red Vein Kratom Helps Relaxation

If you are hurting, then it’s hard to relax.

In bed, you’ll toss and turn.

If you try to get comfortable sitting in a chair on the couch, you might start to fidget because of your discomfort.

There is no way to relax.

However,  red vein kratom can give you the mild sedative-like effects you crave without the nasty side effects you will experience with narcotic pain killers.

The impact of the herb is not so strong that it will hamper your workday.

However, the relaxation that it provides is priceless.

Imagine sitting down and just letting your muscles relax for a little short time.

You won’t feel on edge or tight.

This is what you can expect when you use the herbal supplement.

It helps to decrease tiredness and soothe muscle soreness.

5. Non-Addictive

Many will claim that kratom is addictive and the body can develop a tolerance to the herb if you’re not careful, but it is comparable to coffee use.

6. Promotes Sleep

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Helps With Sleep

People suffering from pain often live a sedentary lifestyle as a coping mechanism.

Sadly, the combination of discomfort and laid back lifestyle makes falling asleep difficult.

It is not uncommon for chronic pain sufferers to experience insomnia.

One of the best ways to overcome the condition is to relieve your brain of stress.

Kratom reduces the levels of stress you feel and promotes the release of sleep hormones so you can achieve a good night’s sleep.

7. Eases Depression

Pain sufferers regularly experience depression that can impact every aspect of their lives.

The red veins can substantially relax your body’s nervous system which helps to improve your mental wellbeing.

It is also believed that the herb releases dopamine and serotonin which all help balance the mood and relieve depression.

You’ll feel more relaxed, more focused, and have clearer thoughts.

8. Back and Joint Pain Relief

The alkaloid composition of red vein kratom can ease joint inflammation which can ease the pain of fibromyalgia and arthritis.

Chronic fatigue syndrome, chronic back pain, and the discomfort of cancer all seem to respond to the plant’s alkaloids further reducing the person’s pain perception by working on the body’s receptors.

Also, numbness is frequently eased.

Most users report relief within five to ten minutes of ingesting red veins.

9. Eases Bowel Discomfort

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Helps Stomach Cramping

Crohn’s disease and irritable bowel syndrome all cause painful spasms of the colon.

Sufferers feel depressed.

The condition causes not only pain but also depression.

Kratom appears to ease the discomfort and make the condition more bearable.

It is quickly becoming the favored herbal remedy.

10. Anxiety Relief with Red Vein Kratom

Chronic pain sufferers often wrestle with the anxiety they experience at the thought of having to carry out hard-to-achieve tasks.

The thought of a simple chore can send many into an emotional tailspin because they know that they will experience pain or be physically unable to perform.

However, red vein kratom not only eases pain but also provides anxiety relief.

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