People continually switch kratom brands and strains to avoid tolerance, to try something new, to keep their body guessing, to reap the full benefits of the alkaloids, and for a bevy of other reasons. In this article, we will explore the top reasons to continually switch kratom brands and strains.

1. Switch Kratom Brands to Avoid Tolerance

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Switch Strains Frequently to Avoid Tolerance

Tolerance is a very real thing for frequent kratom users. You’ll have to keep increasing the dosage to continue reaching your ‘sweet spot’ but, eventually, you will plateau. At such a point, even if you increase the dosage, you still won’t experience any effects which means you have officially entered the tolerance phase.

To avoid kratom tolerance, you’ll need to switch kratom brands and strains frequently. Each type of kratom has varying percentages of alkaloids. Kratom contains over 40 alkaloids, but the three most common forms of alkaloids found in the strains are Mitragynine, 7-hydroxymitragynine, and speciofoline. Switching frequently helps prevent tolerance.

An example of a kratom schedule includes:

  • Monday: Red Maeng Da
  • Tuesday: White Borneo
  • Wednesday Yellow Vietnam
  • Thursday: Red Sumatra
  • Friday: Green Borneo
  • Saturday: White Borneo
  • Sunday: Red Bali

Basically, you are just mixing things up. You can choose whatever stains that you like and enjoy but maintain a regular rotation to keep your body guessing at the number of alkaloids that you’ll be ingesting.

2. Benefit from the Alkaloids in Kratom Brands

Being able to continually benefit from the plant’s alkaloids is another reason to switch kratom brands. If you have a high fever, your physician will tell you to take ibuprofen and acetaminophen to bring your temperature down. You are supposed to take one dose of ibuprofen and then wait to take acetaminophen. Alternating the two will give you the greatest success of bringing down the fever. This is similar to the thought patterns behind kratom. If you alternate strains and Kratom brands, then you’ll keep your body guessing. The alkaloids will remain potent within your body.

3. Keep the Body Guessing

As mentioned, your body can start to build up a tolerance, so you need to mix things up a little and keep your system guessing. Also, think about what you want to achieve with the kratom you are using. Do you crave an energy boost? Are you having trouble sleeping? You’ll want to pick strains that meet your body’s key needs. Try Green Indo or White Borneo. Are you facing a big test or project that requires a lot of mental abilities then you’ll want to choose a strain known to increase your cognitive powers? Try Maeng Da or Green Malay to enhance your mental skills.

4. Spice Things Up

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Choosing Trainwreck Kratom

No matter how much you like kratom, things can become boring if you buy the same brand and strain every time. Sometimes, you need to spice things up and try something new. You can even go with one of the rare types of kratom such as Vietnam or Trainwreck. Ultimately, you might like the effects, smell, and flavor better. Why not create a list of your favorites and then frequently alternative? You’ll avoid tolerance, keep your body guessing, and could try new ones along the way.

Recently, blends such as Trainwreck have become exceedingly popular. Blends can contain eight, ten, or more strains mixed to provide terribly interesting results.

5. Kratom Brands for Every Occasion

Honestly, if you carry out a little research then you will quickly discover that there is a strain for every occasion. You can continually switch kratom brands and strains by making various daily combinations to meet each day’s requirements.

The kratom tree (Mitragyna speciosa) produces various vein colors such as red, green, white, and yellow depending on the lifecycle of the foliage and the time of harvest. Basically, when the leaves are harvested early, they contain lower levels of alkaloids than leaves left on the tree longer. Also, the location of the foliage on the tree also has an impact on vein color such as if the leaves are located close to the tree’s stem or out in the open. Vein color denotes the effects that you can expect from the kratom which is why kratom names always reflect the vein color of the foliage at the time of harvest.

Red Vein Kratom

Kratom foliage that displays red veins has the highest concentration of balanced alkaloids. The red clearly reflects the extreme potency. Users often turn to red vein strains when they need a strong herb. Red vein kratom is grown and harvested in a variety of locations throughout much of SE Asia. The tree thrives in many locations such as humid jungles and arid locations.

Green Vein Kratom

Halfway through the tree’s cycle of maturity, the leaves are harvested when the veins take on a greenish hue. This occurs between the red and the white vein cycles. Typically, green vein kratom is the most popular and widely sold to users. It offers very balanced and reliable effects that make it a favorite no matter what region the tree grows within.

White Vein Kratom

Early in the tree’s maturity cycle, white veining occurs in the foliage of the tree. Usually, users turn to white vein varieties to enjoy its energizing effects. White vein strains are ideal for use in the morning as you start to kick off your day. You can mix them in coffee or tea. Some people even blend white vein kratom into a smoothie power drink before hitting the gym.

Yellow Vein Kratom

Technically, yellow vein kratom is not a recognized strain in the tree’s maturity cycle. Many consider it an offshoot of white kratom. The yellow coloration does not occur when the foliage is on the tree but instead it develops during the curing process. Most users agree that yellow vein strains have similar results to green strains. However, the yellow coloration is a novelty and appears to draw users who are looking for a small twist on a great thing.

6. Different Origins – Varied Effects

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The Many Origins of Kratom

Continually switch kratom brands and strains to try new things. Every country of origin in SE Asia offers premium kratom and much of it differs depending on the cultivation locations and factors such as humidity, temperature, soil composition, light exposure, and more.

  • Borneo: This form of the herb through in a rainforest climate. White vein Borneo is extremely potent but rare. The red vein varieties have a strong aroma.
  • Dragon: Dragon strains are closely related to Thai strains. They are known for their high alkaloids. However, only one area grows the dragon strains.
  • Cambodia: The area has a tropical climate that is like Laos and Vietnam. The varieties are hybrids that combine red and green strains. Cambodian is hard to find.
  • Elephant: The elephant forms of the herb are known for their high indole alkaloid count.
  • Hulu: Choose from Green, White, and Red strains which have unique alkaloid contents. The Green Hulu Kapuas is extremely rare.
  • Indo: Red and white are extremely popular. This variety has a dense cell wall which gives it an unusual genetic makeup with a high alkaloid content.
  • Maeng Da: Maeng Da is a combination of two forms of the tree which give it a remarkable alkaloid content and makes it a choice strain among users.
  • Malay: You’ll find standard Green Malay and Super Green Malay the difference between the two is alkaloid content.

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