No herbal supplement is perfect. Everything is flawed and kratom is no different. Maybe kratom is not working for you but that doesn’t mean it’s not working for someone else. You must keep an open mind. If you ask your friends about kratom, you’ll hear a variety of stories. Some in favor and others saying objecting to the herb’s use. Clearly, you must make your own determination, but we’ll explore some aspects of what people say about kratom that might influence your opinion.

1. With Continued Use You Build Tolerance

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Choosing Kratom

Okay, those who object to kratom like to pipe off about tolerance. They use tolerance as a substitute word for addiction but the two share few similarities. Addiction is when you must have something for your mental or physical well-being. Denying your cravings results in withdrawal symptoms. However, tolerance just means that it takes more and more of the herb to gain the same effects. At some point, you plateau, and you just can’t gain the same impact no matter how much you take. At such a point, tolerance takes hold.

You can avoid tolerance completely by using different strains on different days. However, you cannot avoid addiction. Building tolerance becomes an avoidable situation. Simply change strains and avoid increasing the dosage.

2. Finding Your ‘Sweet Spot’

Everyone’s metabolism is different. If you weigh a hundred pounds, then you will need a different dose of kratom than if you weigh three hundred pounds. Many people complain that kratom is not working based on dosage. Everyone’s so-called sweet spot is different. The amount of dosage of the herb that works for one person might not have an impact on another person.

You must find what works for you. Maybe one or two grams of kratom will kick start your engines and get you purring like a kitten or, perhaps you need four or five grams to even feel a slight change. With an herb, things change. You’ll need to explore dosage to find your sweet spot. Even once you determine the dose, it might not work with another strain or six months down the road. Our bodies are constantly changing, and you’ll need to alter your dosage to fit those changes.

3. Strains Matter

Strains and dosage share many striking similarities. What works for one person might not for another. In fact, just like with dosage, you’ll need to experiment. If one strain does not work, then go with another strain.

The alkaloids in the various strains differ substantially. If you use a mild strain, then the impact might not share the same similarities as a more robust strain that is jam-packed with alkaloids. Often retailers steer newbies away from Maeng Da or other potent strains with little thought to the fact that they might not impact them in the same way they do others. Yes, some users might find a potent strain overpowering but others, depending on their metabolism, might need something with more of a punch to experience any significant results.

When kratom is not working, sometimes it has to do with the strain and your own unique metabolism. Try to switch it up a bit and buy a strain you typically do not purchase. Go from a green to a red or from a red to a white. Take a walk on the wild side and try Trainwreck ( a blend of a multitude of strains). With experimentation comes discovery and you’ll clearly find the herbal solution that fits your body’s unique chemistry, so you gain the ‘wow’ impact you seek.

4. How You Take It?

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Kratom Powder

Yes, that’s right, how you take the herb might have an association to why kratom is not working for you. If you opt to use a toss and wash method, then the herb should take almost immediate impact but what if you ate a huge dinner before ingesting the herb? Yep, you probably guessed it — your digestion tract is packed with food so when you add kratom to the mix your body doesn’t readily digest the herb. However, if you use the herb on an empty stomach then you might feel a robust response.

Try a kratom extract for its potency. Shots of extract often work quickly and with ample results. However, if you eat a large meal and then use a shot you might not feel much of an impact. Clearly how you take the kratom matters.

5. Upset Stomach and Sickness

Were you excited to try kratom for the first time but after ingesting the herb did you experience nausea, vomiting, stomach, irritation, acid reflux, or heartburn? You’re not alone. Many users who ingest kratom on an empty stomach can have a bad reaction to the herb. They might think that kratom is not working so they start to believe they have an allergic reaction or some other problem when they finally ingest the herb. However, many who use kratom on an empty stomach can experience a sensitive digestive tract. To fix the problem, try to eat a meal before ingesting kratom.

An empty stomach increases the herb’s efficacy substantially, but it makes your stomach roll then eat before using the herb. Eat a few saltine crackers or toast to settle things down and then use the kratom.

6. Quality Matters

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Only Use Kratom Powder

Did you find a bargain discount kratom or maybe you bought a bag of powder from the local gas station? Without checking the date on the packaging, you ingested the herb but felt extraordinarily little impact. Maybe the kratom has reached its expiration date and has become old. In some cases, cheap kratom is subpar. It simply lacks quality and has been made from less than ideal foliage. Without sufficient alkaloids, you’ll wonder why the kratom is not working.

When buying kratom, quality matters. Only purchase kratom from a respected vendor who sells leading brands that have a reputation for top-shelf quality. Yes, premium kratom will set your bank account back but why settle for something that has no impact on your system because it lacks quality.

Look closely at the expiration date on the kratom to make sure it has not passed the date printed on the label. Old kratom can experience an alteration to alkaloids and lose its potency substantially. You’ll want to avoid buying kratom that has sat on a shelf for an extended amount of time. Also, if you bought kratom months ago and opened it then it might have lost its potency sitting in your home. You’ll need to invest in fresh kratom to truly reach any benefits and not be left wondering why kratom isn’t working.

7. Buying the Herb When Kratom is Not Working

At My Kratom Club, we sell quality kratom HERE. Each one of the brands we offer has built a substantial reputation for offering herb filled with alkaloids. When ingested correctly, they would meet your needs nicely.

Whenever kratom is not working for you then you might hesitate to try the herb again. However, many factors can influence its impact. Ideally, you should try it a few times to determine your body’s unique needs so you can purchase the correct strain, ingest it accordingly, and reap the benefits instead of experiencing disappointment.