The Mitragyna speciosa tree thrives in the hot and humid jungles of Southeast Asia. The tree, a member of the coffee family, thrives in Thailand, New Guinea, the Philippines, Sumatra, Indonesia, and Malaysia. The evergreen tree has large, upturned branches adorned with large, dark green leaves. Depending on the time of year, it also produces yellow flowers. The leaves are harvested by the locals and cured. After curing, they are typically pounded into a fine powder which is frequently formulated into either kratom capsules or kratom pills.

Buying Kratom Capsules and Kratom Pills

You can buy kratom capsules and kratom pills at online stores, smoke shops, vape shops, head shops, dispensaries, naturopathic stores, and gas stations across the nation. They are typically more expensive than powder versions of the herb, but the benefits are undeniable for some users. In this article, we will explore the differences between kratom capsules and kratom pills.

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1. Kratom Capsules and Kratom Pills Size and Shape Differences

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Powder Inside of Capsules

The term ‘kratom pills’ refers to any solid form of the herb that is formed into a rounded mass. They are formulated with a correct and precise dose of kratom and then fashioned into a hard pill/tablet. You swallow the pill with water or some other beverage.

The pills are made by compressing powder to form a solid, hard pill that is typically coated for easier swallowing and so you don’t readily taste the alkaloid flavor of the powder when you ingest it. The pill not only contains kratom but also certain additives that help hold the powder together to form the hard pill. The additives also improve the pill’s appearance, taste, and texture.

Shape of Pills

Kratom pills appear oblong, disc-shaped, or round. Usually, oblong pills are referred to as caplets and are considered easier to swallow because of their bullet design. On occasion, they might have a line scored down the middle so you can break them in half to ingest half a dose of the herb.

On occasion, the kratom pill might have a coating that prevents them from instantly breaking down when they enter the stomach. The coating helps them dissolve within the small intestine where the herb is rapidly absorbed.

Kratom Capsules

Kratom capsules are pre-measured powder encased in a shell. When you swallow the capsule, the shell is broken down within your digestive tract so your kratom can become readily absorbed.

You’ll encounter two types of kratom capsules, hard-shelled and soft gel. Hard shells are made up of two halves that fit together. Within the middle of the capsule is the kratom powder. Each one is pre-measured, so you know exactly how much kratom you are ingesting.

Soft gel capsules are slightly wider than hard-shelled capsules, but they are easily digestible.

Many people find capsules easier to swallow than pills, but others feel differently.

2. Precise Dosage

Both kratom capsules and kratom pills contain very precise doses of the herb. There is no guessing, unlike powdered kratom. With powders, you must guess about dosage which means you might ingest too much or not enough. Most people are happy about the precision.

There is no real difference between kratom pills or capsules when it comes to dosage. Both are accurate.

3. Scored Pills vs. Capsules

With scored pills, you have the option of taking only half a dosage. You simply cut the pill in half along the line. The process is remarkably easy. At your local pharmacy, you’ll even find devices that can instantly slice a pill in half for a quick half dose.

However, you do not have this luxury with a capsule. You would have to break the capsule open and try to divide the powder. Then there is no real way to get the powder back into the capsule, so you are faced with the problem of how to take the opened powder without tasting the nasty alkaloid-laden powder. If you plan on taking half doses of kratom powder, then you’ll probably want to focus on kratom pills instead of capsules.

4. Storage

Yes, both kratom pills are easy to store in a pill bottle. You can keep the herbal supplement in your pocket, purse, desk, glove box of your auto, or bathroom medicine cabinet. However, if you decide to carry kratom capsules in a bottle in your pocket then the jarring of walking can break the capsules open and they become messy in the pill container. Once the capsules break open, the powder falls out and the entire bottle is ruined. However, pills are hard and have been scientifically engineered to stand up to abuse. You don’t have to worry about the pill breaking open.

5. Powder or Capsule

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Easy to Swallow

With a capsule, you can always break the two halves apart and harvest the powder from the interior. You can then add the powder to a beverage, tea, or coffee. You can even ingest the powder with the classic toss and wash method if you don’t feel like swallowing the capsule. However, you do not have the option with a pill. You would have to pound or pulverize the pill into a powder to ingest if you don’t want to take it in pill form. Clearly, the process is more complicated than opening a capsule.

6. Gastrointestinal Irritation

If you are prone to suffering from an upset stomach after ingesting kratom powder, then capsules hold the greatest promise of not causing any discomfort. Even though pills are usually encased with a hard coating they can still cause gastrointestinal upset in sensitive individuals. Most people opt to go with capsules to bypass the stomach pain.

7. Kratom Capsules and Kratom Pills: Faster Action

You might think that kratom capsules and kratom pills both act about the same once you ingest them, but capsules are faster acting. You’ll feel the effects in a more rapid time frame than pills. Most people look to capsules if they need fast relief.

If you don’t mind letting your body slowly start breaking down the pill in the small intestine and experience the effects of the herb at a reduced pace, then you’ll be perfectly happy with a pill. Think of them as a slow burn instead of a rapid wildfire. People who are using kratom to cope with opioid withdrawals or severe pain might not have the luxury of time, so they want a fast-acting impact which is what a capsule provides.

8. Cost

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Price of Pills vs. Capsules

Usually, the cost of kratom capsules and kratom pills differ extraordinarily little but if you are a penny pincher then you’ll find that pills are slightly cheaper. Although pills must go through a process where the powder is bound together, the cost of the gel caps increases the cost slightly for capsules.

9. DIY Formulas

Some kratom users like to buy empty capsules and affordable kratom powder. They then fill the capsules with the powder. With pills, you don’t have such a thrifty option. There is no way to form pills from powder at home. However, empty gel caps are cheap and if you’d mind the tedious task then you can save money by forming our own kratom capsules by weighing out the kratom powder to create price doses per capsule.