Navigating the waters of the perfect kratom dosage is tricky. It depends on the strain and your tolerance. If you are a newbie then a little goes a long way. Occasional users might need a little more kratom to reach their sweet spot. Seasoned kratom enthusiasts have probably increased their dosage substantially over time so might end up needing a maximum dose.

  1. Exploring Low Dosages

Let’s explore the perfect kratom dosage by looking at a low amount for a newbie. Kratom doses start out as low as 1 gram and can go up to 4 grams while still being classified as a ‘low dose’. Typically, if you have never used kratom before then you should start out with one or two grams. If you are using a potent strain, then you can even go with half a gram initially and then slowly increase it if you don’t experience the results you seek.

  1. Kratom Dosage Considerations

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The Correct Dosage of Kratom

One thing to remember is that kratom dosage is not black and white. It is highly dependent on your age, body size, and food intake (did you eat before you ingested the kratom, or did you take it on an empty stomach?). Even your mood alters how kratom affects your system. If you are nervous, upset, or in pain then it could take more of the herb than if you are relaxed and mellow when you ingest it. Start out low and increase it every thirty minutes until you start to feel the impact of the herb.

  1. Moderate Dosage

Frequent kratom users have probably started to climb the ladder of dosage and are now using a moderate dose to gain the results they seek. A moderate dose will range from four to five grams. At this point, you can probably stay in the moderate dosage range for a long time if you alternate strains to avoid building a kratom tolerance.

If you use the same strain every day then you are going to build a tolerance and, eventually, need to increase the dosage to gain the same impact. However, if you alternate the strains from day to day then you can stay in at the midway point for a long time. Also, you can take breaks from kratom to give your body a rest and avoid building the dreaded tolerance.

  1. High Dosage

When you reach the high dosage milestone of using kratom then you have probably been using it for a while. Chances are you are using anywhere from five to ten grams per day and, in extreme cases, up to twelve grams every day. Most people who enter the realm of high kratom usage have been using the herb to cope with chronic conditions such as pain management or to overcome opioid addiction. Sadly, tolerance is not far behind high dosage use.

Once you hit tolerance, you will no longer feel the effects of kratom no matter what the dose. Your body has officially adapted to the alkaloids. The only way to overcome this hump and reboot your system is to stop using kratom for a specific time. Then you can slowly start to use the herb again but avoid using the same strain every day. Instead, use a different strain each day to keep your system guessing.

  1. Pick a Kratom Form

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Types of Kratom

Historically, kratom was only available to the public as a fine powder. You would have to measure out the correct dosage before ingesting it. Today, kratom powder is still the favored way to ingest the herb because it is convenient, readily available, and affordable. However, you do have other kratom form options for dosage.

Capsules are ideal if you are tired of trying to figure out grams with kratom powder. The capsule contains a pre-measured amount of kratom, so you know you are receiving the right dose every time you use the herb. You simply take the correct number of capsules to achieve the dose you seek.

Extracts typically come in little-shot beverage bottles or as a tincture. Each one is pre-measured, so you’ll follow the directions when using them. You know the exact dose every time. However, space yourself with extracts because they have been formulated for maximum potency so they pack a punch and might throw you for a loop if you overindulge.

  1. Using Your First Dose of Kratom: Finding the Perfect Kratom Dosage

Is it your first time using kratom? Then you’ll want to start out with a low dose. Take only half a gram and then wait to see how your body reacts. You might not even like the effects. A low dose will wear off in a subtle way and it’s a great way to dip your toe in the water without taking the plunge. However, if after thirty minutes or an hour you do not experience the relief you seek then you can increase the dosage in half-gram increments until you find your body’s unique needs. As mentioned, everyone is different. A small person who weighs only 100 pounds might be perfectly happy with half a gram but a large person who weighs 300 pounds could end up needing a gram or two to truly start feeling the herb’s effects.

Taking things slow and steady when finding the perfect kratom dosage is your best bet.

  1. Measuring Kratom

Typically, kratom is sold in powders, but if this is your first time using kratom, then you might be worried about how to correctly measure it.

Measure the kratom powder using a teaspoon or tablespoon. Yes, this is far from precise.

  1. How to Measure Kratom with a Spoon

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Using a Spoon

One teaspoon of kratom is usually two to two and a half grams. A tablespoon of kratom is usually six to seven grams of kratom powder. These measurements are when you level the powder on the spoon and not heap it.

  • Scoop the kratom powder using a spoon.
  • Compress the powder using a knife into the spoon’s bowl.
  • You can drag the knife across the kratom to remove some of the powder to lower the dose

Please remember, this method is just a guess every time, but it is an acceptable way to monitor your kratom powder intake.

  1. How to Measure Kratom With a Digital Scale

The most precise way to measure kratom is using a digital scale. This way you know the exact dose every time and you don’t have to worry about deviating. You can buy a digital scale for an affordable price. Just make sure it measures grams down to the decimal point.

  • Make sure the scale is zeroed before measuring your kratom powder. Most of the scales have a reset button so you can make sure that the measurement is always accurate every time you use it.
  • Measure the weight of the cup or bowl that you are using to weigh the kratom. You will deduct the container’s weight from the kratom powder to get an accurate reading.

The digital scale will give you a 100 percent accurate reading and is a great way to measure out your kratom dose before ingestion.

Many kratom users buy powder and empty gel caps. They can then accurately measure the powder to stuff in the easy-to-swallow capsules. This DIY method is highly affordable and a great way to save valuable dollars.

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