Kratom is a natural herb that starts to work in the human body about 30 minutes after consumption. It can relax, cause euphoria, and stimulate depending on the strain used and the dosage. Unfortunately, after prolonged use, many users start building a kratom tolerance and the herb stops working. This is not a kratom addiction but simply the body’s natural ability to develop a familiarity with a substance. It is similar to someone who drinks coffee. Initially, one cup gives you an energy boost but in time you might need two cups to obtain the same results.

Learning Ways to Avoid Building a Kratom Tolerance

You can take steps to avoid building a kratom tolerance.

1. Take a Break

Many people use kratom to cope with chronic pain and avoid more harmful narcotics to control the discomfort. However, building a kratom tolerance can throw a wrench in the process and make it harder to figure out the correct kratom dosage to continue controlling the discomfort. Sadly, one of the best ways to avoid building a kratom tolerance is to take a break.

When your normal dose of kratom no longer works, it is time to give your body a reboot. Abstain from using kratom for a few days. After a few days, your body will again adapt to the herb and you can start using it again with great success. Once you take a break, your tolerance will lower so you won’t need as high of a dose to achieve relief.

2. Strain Rotation to Avoid Building a Kratom Tolerance

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Try Strain Rotation

Switching strains is a good way to avoid any form of kratom addiction. Try to use different variations of white, red, and green. The varying degrees of alkaloids and a variety of natural compounds are enough to keep your body guessing.

Depending on the strain, the kratom strength might be reduced but it will still have a powerful impact on your system because your body isn’t used to its level of compounds. Draft a day-to-day plan that outlines the various strains such as on Sunday use White Vein Bali but on Monday try Green Vein Thai. Take a complete break on Tuesday and then on Wednesday use a Red Vein Indo and Thursday go with a Maeng Da. When Friday arrives, give your body a break from the kratom dosage and do not return to the schedule until Saturday. Every week change the days by using strains to avoid kratom withdrawal and tolerance.

Many people develop a preference for strains that they feel work best for their unique needs. There is nothing wrong with changing the rotation while still using your favorites but if you notice a decrease in kratom potency then you’ll need to try something different to prevent tolerance. You can try experimenting a little bit to find a few additional strains that you like just as much as your tried and true varieties.

If you would like to explore different strains, please check out our assortment of kratom HERE.

3. Try Magnesium

A magnesium supplement can reduce your potential kratom tolerance. It appears to help your body process and digest the herb which lowers your body’s tolerance. Basically, magnesium works as a natural kratom potentiator. You take the supplement about 30 minutes before you use your herb, so your body reacts strongly. The body’s reaction lets you use a lower dose of kratom.

Many researchers believe that a magnesium deficiency lowers the effects of kratom in many users. Without a doubt, magnesium is needed by the body for many biological processes and it appears to impact how your buddy reacts and absorbs kratom. With a dose of magnesium, your body will be able to better absorb the kratom and you’ll reduce your likelihood of tolerance. You can maintain a low kratom dosage while still reaping the herb’s benefits.

If you combine magnesium with strain rotation and periodic breaks, your odds of experiencing diminished kratom effects lowers and you probably will be less likely to develop any form of tolerance.

4. Achieve the Sweet Spot

Everyone’s metabolism is different, the impact of the alkaloids from the plant has a lot to do with your body weight and how quickly your body metabolizes the compounds. If you find your ‘sweet spot’ which is the perfect kratom dosage, then your odds of building a kratom tolerance are significantly reduced. Do not increase or decrease but keep the dosage consistent and on schedule.

5. Pay Attention to Diet

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Eat a Healthy Diet

Diet can have an impact on how your body handles the herb. If your diet takes a nosedive, then your ability to process the supplement can change. Stress and unhealthy food choices seem to have the potential to alter the effects of the herb. Soon a low dose just doesn’t cut it anymore and you must increase the grams. However, if you eat a healthy diet that contains adequate nutrients, fiber, vitamins, and minerals then tolerance is less likely to occur. The healthier food actively recalibrates your body in a positive way.

6. Exercise to Cleanse the System

Exercise is a strong potentiator for a variety of herbs and kratom is no different. If you are active, then your serotonin is better equipped to truly use the herb’s chemical compounds unlike if you live a sedentary lifestyle. Go for a walk, hit the gym, or simply get off the couch to clean the house. Exercising is one of the best ways to avoid building a kratom tolerance.

7. Try Something New

In this list on avoiding kratom tolerance, we covered changing strains on a weekly basis, but another trick involves just trying something new. Invest in a rare strain of kratom like Yellow Vietnam to ‘surprise’ your body. It’s a great way to kickstart a reaction from your system and leave your body guessing. You’ll be surprised at how it makes you feel like you hit the reset switch and you are now primed and ready for a lower dose of kratom.

8. Avoid Taking the Herb at Bedtime

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Get a Good Night’s Sleep

It’s easy to get into the habit of using kratom all day if you have chronic pain but your body needs a break. Sometimes, if you stop taking kratom for eight hours while you sleep then your body will cleanse itself so you can again resume your usage without experiencing a tolerance. Only use kratom when you need it. Do not use it at night when you are trying to sleep. If you are suffering from pain, then try an over-the-counter pain reliever or discuss the possibility of using something stronger when the sun sets so you can avoid using kratom twenty-four hours a day.

9. Eliminate Kratom Potentiators

Frequent users of kratom quickly learn that there are certain natural potentiators such as grapefruit juice and other citric acids that act as potentiators. They increase the efficiency of the herb’s alkaloids. Sadly, they also push the body closer to tolerance. It is in your best interests to avoid potentiators on most occasions. Instead, only take your kratom with water. Let your body naturally handle the herb and bypass enhancing it in any way.

These are just a few ways to avoid building a kratom tolerance. Everyone’s body chemistry is different and what works for one person might not for another so try to mix things up a bit.