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Best Kratom for Euphoria 

Does life have you down? Are you seeking the best kratom for euphoria to cope?  The year 2020 is fast becoming one for the history books as the world is gripped by the COVID-19 global pandemic and life as most people know it has started to change dramatically. Many people are under a great deal of stress and feeling bouts of fear. They are seeking natural ways to cope and relax which is why herbal supplements are becoming popular options.

The Popularity of Kratom for Euphoria

Kratom is an ancient naturopathic herb favored by many in Southeast Asia for centuries. The locals often use the plant medicinally and recreationally. They turn to kratom to cope with a long, arduous day of work, to relax with friends, or during festivals as a way to uplift the spirits. Nowadays, the kratom plant (mitragyna specioasa) is gaining worldwide notice. Many users report that they find it relaxing and soothing.

What Exactly is Euphoria?

Leaf of mitragyna speciosa korth (kratom) a drug from plant Premium Photo

Kratom for Euphoria

Euphoria is happiness, joy, and a sense of well-being. Yes, it is different for everyone. Many people see it as a mental event and some physical excitement. Everyone also attains it differently. For some, it is the anticipation of an exciting event in their life, and for others hitting the gym hard every day leaves them feeling wonderfully euphoric. Basically, it is whatever makes you feel good about your life and gives you a feeling of anticipation. Many people find euphoria from the food they eat such as a delicious chocolate bar. Some herbs such as kratom also appear to give some individuals a state of euphoria.

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Factors that Impact Euphoria

If you are a newbie kratom user then you will instantly be struck by how many strains of kratom are available and you start to wonder what is the best kratom for euphoria? Kratom is a very picky tropical tree. Environmental growing conditions can have a great impact on the potency of the plant. Factors such as climate, growth, and seasonal circumstances all work together to make the strain euphoric.

Green Vein the Most Euphoric Kratom

Kratom strains are named after their distinctive traits or the regions where they were cultivated. They are further categorized into three leaf vein color groups: white being, green vein, and red vein. So, you will encounter names like Green Malay which means that the kratom leaves have green veins and the strain was grown in Malaysia.

Out of all the strains of kratom, green vein kratom is rumored to possess the greatest euphoric capabilities. Red and White are known to energize and relax. All strains of kratom can elevate a person’s mood. In many ways, green kratom contains the best of both red and white kratom with a few of its own qualities so you find real harmony and balance.

The Best Kratom for Euphoria

Picking the best kratom for euphoria is difficult with so many to choose between.

Below is a breakdown of the best kratom for euphoria. Please remember, at My Kratom Club, we carry all of the leading strains of kratom HERE!  However, My Kratom Club does not endorse using kratom recreationally.

Green Malay

If you are seeking exceptional strength, then you will want to explore Green Malay kratom. When sourced from the Kapuas Hula region which runs along Malaysia’s borders, the kratom strains are exceptionally potent and rumored to have very uplifting qualities. Most users immediately understand why the strain has earned such praise by kratom enthusiasts.

It has genuinely nice mood-elevating properties that are a bit energizing. Overall, it is hard to feel ‘down’ when using Malay Green. The aroma of the herb is even pleasant and many reports that they instantly feel relaxed just from the plant’s fragrance.

White Borneo

From the rainforests and jungles of Borneo emerge the White Borneo. It is often referred to as a highly euphoric strain. Within the Borneo region are several white strains that are sourced locally. All are reputed to offer mood-elevating qualities that are both energizing and very relaxing. Some users consider it the perfect ‘weekend’ strain when you want to achieve a great deal while also enjoying a little relaxation on the side. White Borneo provides a genuinely great balance. It also boosts the user’s mood with a very well-rounded aroma.

Red Malay

You might hesitate over purchasing Red Malay if you are already using Green Malay for its euphoric qualities. After all, you don’t’ want to rock the boat by trying two dramatically different strains. However, Red Malay is very uplifting while also being energetic in character. Many users report that it soothes them more than other red strains. Red Malay is not your typical red vein strain. However, its key differences are what makes it so appealing.

Maeng Da

Without a doubt, Maeng Da is one of the most popular and famous kratom strains around the world. Most people swear by it as one of the ultimate herbal supplements. It is highly energizing and will instantly lift most users out of the doldrums. Energy lovers regularly pick Maeng Da as a ‘must-have’ kratom strain in their arsenal. The fragrance is even invigorating.

However, please remember that even though Maeng Da does boost your euphoria it is also going to energize most users so avoid taking it before bed. Maeng Da is a great strain if you want to get some things done quickly and effectively.

Some Maeng Da users feel that the strains energizing potential outweigh the euphoria and this is true to some extent. However, if you are feeling down then you probably already lack spunk and don’t feel like doing much so a strain that provides both energy and some mood enhancements might be the perfect pick-me-up that you have been seeking to add a bit of zest to your day and put the spring back in your steps.

Red Bali

Red Bali comes out of the deep jungles of Indonesia. It is widely exported around the world. Many recommend Red Bali as the perfect strain for new kratom users to try to see if the herbal supplement is the right choice for their unique needs. It features wonderful simple euphoric effects that are not in the least bit overwhelming.

In fact, you will feel Red Bali coming on slow and smooth. It is not a hard hitter which is perfect for most. Many have likened Red Bali’s effects to those of an opiate. However, it also appears to make many users feel more confident and social which makes it a good choice before an event that you are feeling reserved or fearful about.

One important thing to note about Red Bali is that the strains are very variable. You should always buy Red Bali from a reputable kratom retailer and pick a brand that is respected. Some subpar strains have been known to leave the users feeling anxious which is a serious drawback if you are exploring the best kratom for euphoria.

Red Maeng Da

As mentioned earlier in the article, euphoria is different for everyone. If you like to relax and feel instantly at ease, then Red Maeng Da’s high alkaloid content might be just the ticket to what you seek. For others, it sedative-like effects might have the opposite impact and leave them feeling more withdrawn, lacking any get-up-and-go which results in creating a feeling of depression.

Overall, it depends on your outlook and what you are seeking. If you have been working long hours at a stressful job and you feel like you just can’t relax then to attain a euphoric state you will want something to soothe you and let you spend some much-needed downtime to rejuvenate. In such a situation, Red Maeng Da is perfect.

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Dosage of Kratom for Euphoria

Many users will tell you that it is all about dosage when you pick the best kratom for euphoria. However, new users require far less kratom than a seasoned kratom enthusiast. Ideally, first-time kratom users should start out with a low dose and then see what happens before increasing. You will achieve a good baseline for future use.

Here is a loose guideline

  • One to three grams for mild euphoria
  • Four to six grams for a more powerful euphoric feeling and relaxation
  • Seven to ten grams for sedating effects with far less euphoria (you will probably just want to go to sleep)

Please remember that people who use kratom frequently quickly build up a tolerance. They must alternate strains to keep things fresh and continue to enjoy the herb.

The best kratom for euphoria is different for everyone and so are the effects. If you would like to learn more about kratom, please contact My Kratom Club.

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  1. Hello. I’m glad I came across an article like this. I’ve heard of Kratom a long time ago, but I’ve never had a chance to try it. A friend recommended it to me, however in my country even though it is legal it is not available. Cula sam for White Borneo, and its beautiful aroma. I would like the availability of the product to be changed so that it is accessible to everyone, knowing that it has a very good effect on mood and energy.

  2. Thank you so much for presenting this wonderful and fascinating article about Kratom. Kratom is really very good for human health and it works like magic especially for those who suffer from depression. My younger brother is also using this for the first time for Euphoria which has helped him to recover faster. So I would like to share your article on my social media group about how effective it is for Euphoria if you allow me. Finally, I have read and enjoyed your article so thank you again for sharing this wonderful article with us.

  3. I have read about using some of this stuff for mild euphoria. And I appreciate the doses because they are so, so low and the results are definitely positive for the majority of what I’ve read. This year has been so odd and not very pleasant for all of us and having things like this is very useful. Thank you for giving us this complete intro to kratom and it’s benefits. Very useful information.

  4. This is really nice. I didn’t know that kratom works for euphoria.but I have gotten one fr the vendors you recommended by yourself. I really like it and I like that you are able to give us this on how kratom works for it as well. I’m astound by how it works and I like it. Thank you so much for this.

  5. Hello there,thank you for posting this artile on best kratom for euphoria.This article is enlightening and informative.I have come across aLot of articles about this herbal supplement.This particular kratom could be helpful for people that are depressed. I will be sharing this article acrosss various platforms to friends and families to those who might find it useful

  6. Hello there! Thanks for dropping this very wonderful article. It looks like I have a lot to research about Kratom generally and its different functions and strains. So far I have learned that it is the best herb for euphoria, depression anxiety and other ailments. I need to go deeper on this subject . I  am hoping to find some scientific info on what it is and how it works.Thanks again

  7. Kratom is very essential to us humans. I believe it has been used throughout the ancient times to elate our minds and body, and make us happy. But now, it’s sad to see that this generation may know little of the importance of this herb. I’m happy to see that you have a niche in this field as I’m a fan of Kratom. I’ll be coming back for more of this.

  8. Hey there , I really enjoyed reading this amazing article, its just what I have  been searching for sometime because I have been seeking ways to cope and relax and I believe that’s the reason why herbals are becoming the most popular option, and I think with kratom and euphoria, it could be the perfect option for people with anxiety and depression or even just the regular stress, I’m really glad I came across this great article.

  9. Kratom has been gaining in popularity for quite some time now and that is a very wonderful thing because it has got a lot of effective benefits it has for the human health, Most at times, when we get to find a new thing about a certain product, many lives are relatively saved by it, it’s very great to learn that kratom can also be used for euphoria.

  10. I’ve come across kratom but haven’t tried it yet. I would like to try it but don’t know where to start, as they all seem to be good to boost energy and cause euphoria. I’ll probably go for the Red Bali strain, as you recommend, would be the best. I don’t have any health issues at all and my immunity is quite good. I also don’t suffer from depression but with the autumn weather with less sun, I think something that would make me euphoric would be nice. 

  11. This is the first time I have ever heard of kratom. It sounds really interesting. How long do the effects last? Are there any long term side effects of using kratom? I haven’t suffered with depression myself, so I’ve never actively looked for a cure for it. This sounds like it could help a lot of people with depression. 

    1. Hi Melinda,

      Happy you have now discovered Kratom. 🙂

      It typically takes about 30 minutes for most to feel the effects.

      Most of our customers report the feeling lasting for hours.

      Please read the below articles to answer your questions.

      Learn about Kratom Withdrawal HERE if not taken in the proper dosage.

      Our Dosage Guide is HERE.

      Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment.

      – MKC 

  12. The author really knows her stuffs and the information was laid out in a comprehensive fashion. It answered a lot of my questions and I really appreciated her style of writing that relayed her experiences to this product. I feel better informed about kratom now. Thanks for putting through. Nice one.

  13. Thank you so much for this you really opened my eyes with this article, and you are right 2020 has really come with so many challenges, I never had an idea what  kratom was until a friend of mine from asia mentioned it to me the other day, I fell in love with the medicinal value it has, and since then i have trying to do my research on it. The good thing is i came across your article and it has really enlightened me. I will definitely share this with my friend 

  14. I never realised there are so many different strands of Kratom. Your article was very informative, and explained very clearly the differences.

    Despite the fact that herbs can possibly make you feel euphoric, I don’t think that it is a good idea to try and self medicate with any kind of herb if you are experiencing anxiety and depression. These medical conditions cover a whole range of issues, and therefore require specialised medical attention. As far as I’m aware there isn’t enough research that would confirm any possible benefits to mental health.

     I also think using this product recreationally for the purpose of experiencing a high could be a mistake. I have read somewhere that there are concerns over Kratom being addictive, what are your views on this?

  15. this is literally like learning medicine only in another world. When I was finishing the medicine, we only had one or two subjects related to plants and healing options from nature, but they never even mentioned it to us. A really intriguing topic that I would like to study deeply, you have great texts that are very instructive. Neuropathic plants are of great importance because stress is too great and every day.

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  17. This was an interesting read. It looks like I have a lot to research about Kratom generally and its different functions and strains. So far I have learned that it is the best herb for euphoria, depression anxiety and other ailments. I need to go deeper on this subject . I  am hoping to find some scientific info on what it is and how it works.

  18. Oh, this is such useful information. I lived in South East Asia, but this is actually the first time I heard the term Kratom. I agree that the way people live in this year has changed so much, including me. I tend to be more stressed due to working from home, so I might want to try one. Where can I usually buy Kratom, if I may ask? Thank you 

  19. I didn’t know people use Kratom for euphoria. I mean, wouldn’t that be using it like a drug?

    Maybe it does have healing properties and does give a sense of well being and is therefore used as an anti-depressant. The uses of kratom are known worldwide and its value is unquestionable. I have also heard that the Kratom available in Bali is one of the best around the world. Is that true? 

    I have an Uncle who suffers from severe depression and maybe I could recommend him to try this out. I sure hope it works for him as he has been suffering for a long time. And he has tried all the possible medicines available. I am sending him a link to The Kratom Club. 



  20. Hello,

    Thanks for introducing Kratom to us. This is something new for me. I did read about the story of the woman which saved her life and that she had problems and pain and going to hospitals etc., however I would like to know more in details about the benefits. If you could possibly add a video or a bit more in detail as to what benefit it could give to which systems within the body?

    Thank you and good luck with your future endeavours! 

  21. It is good that you shared this, there are lot of benefits that you can get from kratom and this is why it is of great demands. I’ve read a lot about it and I know it can be used as many things. I like the idea of using kratom for euphoria, it makes it safe and this is because it is natural.

  22. People are usually ignoring Kratom because it is not as heavily marketed as marijuana. In my opinion, Kratom is just as safe and not as heavily processed. I am from Thailand and I am familiar with Kratom however the use of it is still illegal in Thailand. I do not know that kratom can help with the sense of euphoria, we usually take it for energy and concentration, truck drivers love kratom and they mix it with a coca cola. Lol 😝 thanks for the informative on all of them, i think i tried mangda before and I loved it. Will give red mangda a try to see the difference. Thanks.

  23. This post is really a good one that I think you have really written very well. I like.yhe way you have mentioned how kratom is able to help deal with euphoria. I didn’t know so much about this before but your post has even made me understand what euphoria is and how kratom is able to deal with this issue too.

  24. I first learn about kratom when I came across one of your other posts and find your articles very informative. Wow, I did not realize that there are so many different strains and varieties of kratom, so this is awesome to see. And to find that the different strains all have slightly different applications, are ver educational. 

    It seems kratom has a good role to play when it comes to natural herbal supplements.  

  25. I have attempted a wide range of various strains of Kratom. I needed to locate the best strain for elation too. I did a great deal of examination and testing to locate the one that works best for me. I for one, like the green vein kratom. I have discovered that this sort has invigorated my mind-sets. I propose doing some examination all alone to see which one works best for you. Surely, everyone is different.

  26. I was amazed by the figure given by World Health Organization (WHO) on how people around the world cope with depression. Kratom has proven to be helpful to people who are depressed but still have need of medical attention since Kratom is not a total cure for depression. Such a beautiful article. Please more of this to educate the society.

  27. Hello there, I really enjoyed reading and learning a lot from your article ‘Best Kratom For Euphoria’. This is my first time hearing of Kratom but it sounds like a really great product I’m surprised I have never heard of or seen it till now. While it may not be a magical cure – all like you said, I still think it’s very impressive the number of things it can be used for. 

  28. Wow! So many new discoveries coming to me. I never knew kratom can help reduce the inhibitions and all and give the euphoria special to highness. This is rather good though because I couldn’t know due to descriptions following how I use it. Well, this can really make a lot of difference in the long run and I think this  Green Malay is not for beginner users

  29. Hello Alisson, I really didn’t know there was kranton that serves various purposes and I feel really good about it and so I have to say that I am happy because we all will not just go out there to get anything else that may cause health issues for us but rather this product, knowing that it will work. Cheers

  30. Extremely interesting… I have never heard of this herb??? But then again that is why i’m doing some research into herbal medicines. 

    I’m just blown away by the wealth of knowledge in the article! I have to read it again to get take it all in! Not that is hard to read. But there is sooo much great information here I have to go back for seconds!

  31. There’s a large number or rather countless numbers of health conditions that affects humans and this has given the  need for us to be able to find a medication for each. Kratom is a good product and it’s been confirmed to be very effective too, it’ll be a good one to use for euphoria, I’ll check it out.

  32. I have read about using one gram for mild euphoria. And I appreciate the doses is so low and the results are well spoken about. Yes, this year has been so different from all of us expected. And thanks for giving us this complete intro to kratom and it’s benefits. Very useful indeed.

  33. Never knew that this one was a good buy for those who have euphoria. I think it would have been I’ve if I knew this earlier because I knew someone who has it and it would have been nice to recommend kratom but to think of it. It seems like this kratom is a good product for a whole host of products really which in my opinion is really good stuff.

  34. What a great deal of information that you have given out in this awesome and interesting article I must give you a big thumbs up… I encountered an article like this on the internet and it changed my knowledge about Best Kratom for Euphoria and gave me a new system to approach it…When I suffer from depression when love fails, the doctor advises me to take it so that my depression goes away in a few days.So for those who are suffering from depression or have various problems, I must tell them to take kratom, especially for good health..thanks a lot for sharing.

  35. Kratom has been growing In popularity for quite a while now and that is a very good thing because it has a lot of benefits it is doing to human health, many times, when we discover a new thing about a product, many lives are relatively saved by it, it’s good that kratom can be used for euphoria.

  36. I had no idea something like Kratom existed until now!

    From what you’ve described, this could be a fantastic resource for people with anxiety and depression, or even just stress. As you’ve said, 2020 is full of change and with that, even people not prone to anxiety or depression normally are having their own issues, such as health fears, job losses or changes. Even shopping has become a thing of change and sometimes stress in this new, strange world!

    I don’t take medication myself, and I’ve never taken drugs of any kind unless you count coffee and some alcohol. However, I will be sharing this far and wide with family and friends who may find this helpful!

    Do you know how it affects people on other medications such as diabetics and other underlying health conditions?

    Thanks for such an interesting article!


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