Are you depressed? Maybe you are just struggling to overcome the doldrums. From mild to extreme depression, the best kratom for mood might be the uplift that you need to go from singing the blues to an upbeat dance tempo.

Picking out the Best Kratom for Mood

Are you shopping for kratom? Well, then you have probably noticed that certain types of kratom proclaim that they have a euphoric effect. Okay, well you might categorize euphoria as a ‘high’ that is like smoking a joint. However, if you are defining euphoria in such a way then you are wrong. Euphoria is simply happiness. If you are euphoric then you are experiencing extreme happiness. Therefore, if you want to improve your depressed mood and see things from a better angle then you want to pick the best kratom for the mood that gives you extreme happiness.

Euphoria and Kratom

Advocates for holistic health will proclaim that Mother Nature has provided for all your needs. Look to the plants growing across the Earth if you want to find a holistic way to improve your mindset and uplift your outlook on life. Perhaps this is a simplified viewpoint, but it’s not that far removed from the truth. A vast majority of pharmaceuticals, even the coveted opium, is obtained from plants that grow naturally under the sun. Kratom is a beautiful evergreen shrub that grows across much of South America. The vibrant green leaves sport a network of veins that appear in a variety of colors. The veins of the leaves denote the plant’s alkaloid content and act as a magic mirror into the plant’s ability to uplift your mood.

History of Kratom

For centuries, people in Asia have harvested the leaves of the kratom plant to use as a pain reliever and to uplift their moods. Faced with backbreaking labor, they would chew kratom leaves to obtain the energy they needed to get through 12 to 14-hour workdays. However, kratom was used for more than energy-boosting. In fact, it was used to even out their mood so they could face the next day, week, or month of hardship. Without a doubt, life was depressing and they needed some sort of substance to provide just a tiny bit of happiness and ease depression. The best kratom for mood was used to get through each day of life so that depression didn’t become mind-numbing.

How Does Kratom Improve Your Mood?

Are you feeling down? Having a hard time getting through the day? Maybe you are struggling with major life-changing decisions. Whatever your situation, Kratom can improve your mood. No, it’s not a magic elixir but used in moderation it can help improve your mood.

The Alkaloids of Kratom and Your Mood

The alkaloids found in kratom are known to provide the body with a physical euphoric effect. When you ingest alkaloids, they enter your bloodstream and quickly bind with your body’s opioid receptors that are found in your body’s cells. The alkaloids stimulate your sympathetic nervous system which promptly starts to send signals to your body to release its endorphins. Endorphins are classified as a type of neurotransmitter that helps the body to have a truly euphoric and analgesic sensation that lifts your mood up from the lethargies.

The Mood-Lifting Effects of Kratom

If you are wondering about the mood-lifting effects of kratom then please keep reading. You’ll be happy to learn that the plant provides you with plenty of pick-me-up benefits that might help you get through hard times in your life.

  • Increased energy: Without a doubt, kratom can boost your energy which helps you when times are hard in your life.
  • State of Mind:  A calming effect of the mind.
  • Stimulation: It offers greater stimulation for the mind.
  • Concentration: Complex tasks are made easier.
  • Stamina and Endurance: Achieve far greater stamina and endurance for work or recreation.

Best Kratom for Mood Benefits

Without a doubt, the strain of kratom that you pick has a direct effect on your mood. Other factors also include your level of tolerance. Therefore, if you are a seasoned kratom user then your tolerance level is going to be more extreme and greater, so you’ll need a more potent kratom strain then if you are newbie or novice to kratom use.

Best Kratom for Mood Enhancement

The following are the best kratom for mood enhancement:

  • White Borneo Kratom: White Borneo Kratom offers a very uplifting experience that brings serenity. Many users feel like it’s the strain for meditation and deep in-word soul searching. Those seeking an all-over euphoric effect will fall in love with this strain. In addition, it’s not extremely potent so a nice strain for newbies and moderate kratom users. Interestingly, the effects of Borneo white often last longer than Maeng Da.
  • Maeng Da: Undoubtedly, Maeng Da is the most famous strain of kratom. Its notoriety is not without merit. Users report a very quick onset when they use this strain. It offers a wonderfully extreme and intense euphoria. However, the intensity of Maeng Da makes it inappropriate for newbies and first-time users. However, if you have used kratom excessively then this is the strain for you. Without a doubt, it will provide the greatest and fastest results.
  • Green Malay: Malaysia is the home of this traditional strain of kratom. It creates a very deep euphoria that is known to last for hours. If you are seeking the best kratom for mood, then you are going to fall in love with his strain. It’s mild but intense. Therefore, with Green Malay, you will feel increased energy, some pain relief, greater motivation, better motor function, and enhanced sensory functions. Many consider Green Malay strains the best kratom for mood improvement. However, please remember that not everyone’s the same so what works for one might not for another. Ideally, you should experiment with strains to determine your favorite.

Factors That Affect Kratom

If you are a frequent kratom user then you are probably familiar with the fact that the effects of kratom are not just about the strain but also your tolerance. If you are looking for fast and effective mood-lifting perks, then try white or green strains of kratom. They provide a truly euphoric high that is unparalleled for both new and seasoned users. In addition, the red strains of kratom offer not only mood-lifting effects but they are also very calming.

What Makes the Kratom Strains Different?

The best kratom for mood is based on alkaloid content. Depending on the strain, the alkaloid content differs dramatically. In kratom, the active alkaloids are Mitragynine, mitraphylline, and 7-hydroxy mitragynine. Therefore, the higher the levels, the greater the mood uplifting benefits. As mentioned, Maeng Da has the greatest levels of active alkaloids but for a novice this quantity is unnecessary. Therefore, you might want to pick one of the other strains that have lower alkaloids but will still actively stimulate your mood, so you feel happier and more at ease. Remember, sometimes too much stimulation becomes a bad thing. However, if you are a frequent user of kratom then Maeng Da offers the greatest benefits.

Kratom for Depression

Depression is a mood-disorder that might benefit from the use of kratom. Without a doubt, depression has a negative impact on every aspect of your life and how you function. When depressed, you start to lose interest in the things that once brought you enjoyment.  Also, you can feel overcome with feelings of sadness. Many have negative and even suicidal thoughts. In extreme cases, the act of getting up to go to work, take care of your kids, shower, or even eat becomes an almost overpowering task. Therefore, many people end up feeling like hiding in their bed with the covers pulled up over their heads.

Relationships and Depression

With depression, relationships suffer and you might find yourself alone with no one to turn to when times get hard. The activities that once brought you pleasure have become more than you can handle. Without a doubt, extreme depression affects every aspect of your life. Kratom helps bring inner calm and produces a combination of happiness and peace. However, in extreme cases of depression, you should seek the assistance of a physician.

How Kratom Relieves Depression

Kratom is not an opioid but it does have many qualities that are similar. Mitragynine binds with the opioid receptors located in your brain. Many experts believe that the process acts as an antidepressant and helps relieve anxiety. Studies have shown that users tend to feel anxiety relief coupled with an enhanced mood. Kratoms’ sedative effects can bring much-needed relaxation overwhelmingly tense. Also, it helps to ease your mood problems.

Exploring the Best Kratom for Mood

When exploring the best kratom for mood, please remember that we all have favorites. You’ll need to experiment with the various strains to figure out which ones you like the best. Pick a strain and then start with the lowest dosage to see if your mood improves. You can always increase the dosage so go with the minimum amount. If you are an experienced kratom user, then you probably know exactly how much to take to reach your sweet spot and enhance your mood the way that you want.