You might be wondering what is the best kratom online? With so many brands and retailers, it is hard to know which one is the best! New brands are constantly emerging. Also, online vendors come and go with regularity.

Best Kratom Online Considerations

Kratoms’ popularity has grown nationwide and it’s hard to navigate the world of retailers to find the best kratom online. Customers have never had so many choices so you might have a hard time deciding. You will want to consider a brand’s history, testing practices, reputation, and available strains

Here are just a few things to watch for when you are looking for the best kratom online:

Additives or Pure Kratom

Kratom is an all-natural herb obtained from the leaves of the Mitragyna speciosa tree. The tropical tree grows throughout much of Southeast Asia. The foliage is harvested by locals and then cured naturally through a drying process. The plant fiber is then ground into a fine powder for use or as an additive in capsules. In some cases, the ground leaves are also used as a tea.

The best kratom online should have no additives. Always pay attention to the harvesting, processing, and packaging practices of each brand. Any high-quality kratom is fresh and robust It should be marketed as pure with absolutely no additives.

Laboratory Testing

It is especially important that the brand of kratom you choose puts all its herb products through independent third-party laboratory testing to ensure purity. Remember, kratom grows, harvesting, curing, and processing in Southeast Asian countries which lack any sort of strict quality assurances. Laboratory testing checks for contaminants such as heavy metals, additives that might appear hidden, and alkaloid content.


Clearly, reputation matters when picking the best kratom online. You can use an online search to learn about the brand and see if there are any negative reviews. Also, ask around to see what other users are saying about the various brands. Even if you plan on buying online, you can still ask about brands at the local smoke shop, vape store, or dispensary to determine favorites or top sellers.

Other things to look at when seeking the best kratom online:

  • When was the brand first launched?
  • Money-back guarantee
  • Brand history


Some brands are just larger than others. They offer more strains and product variety because of their sheer size. However, always remember that bigger is not always better. Some brands might not feature the strain diversity and instead focus on only a few strains, but they provide a premium product.

Review of the Best Kratom Strains Online

Below are a few of the leading kratom strains online:

Naturally Kratom

Naturally Kratom is a leading brand.

Naturally Kratom is widely sold in smoke shops around the nation. You can also buy it online. Back in 2018, Naturally was one of the kratom brands that was recalled by the FDA due to possible salmonella poisoning. Without a doubt, the scandal took its toll on the brand, but it appears to have emerged stronger than ever and now makes a point of laboratory testing. The brand’s motto is, “No mold. No yeast. No fillers. No metals. 100% pure Naturally Kratom.”  The facility that processes the kratom features a GMP certification. In addition, the labeling on each of their products is very transparent.

Naturally Kratom Strains

They offer kratom powder in 1 ounce and 4-ounce sizes. They also sell capsules in 90 count and 180 count bottles. Currently, you’ll find the following Naturally Kratom products:

  • White Maeng Da
  • Green Malay
  • Red Bali
  • Gold Bali

Naturally Kratom Red Bali and Naturally Kratom Bali Gold are both immensely popular strains that many users swear by.

Remarkable Herbs Kratom

Remarkable Kratom

Remarkable Herbs Kratom has longevity on its side. The brand has been around for over eight years. They established their online store in 2012 and then they added unique botanicals to their product line in 2017.

One thing that stands out about Remarkable Herbs Kratom is the fact that they have some incredibly unique products that you will not easily find anywhere else such as shamanic herbs.

Things that Stand Out About Remarkable Herbs Kratom

Without a doubt, if you are looking for the best kratom online then Remarkable Herbs Kratom is going to spring to the forefront as a true leader. The brand is known for quality and their reputation is impeccable.

All their herbs are laboratory tested and declared 100 percent safe. It is reassuring to know that Remarkable uses a third-party lab to test their products and guarantee purity to their clientele.

Strains Offered by Remarkable Kratom

You will be happy to note that you can choose from a wide array of kratom strains offered by Remarkable Herbs. They sell Maeng da kratom green vein, Malaysian kratom Vietnam kratom, Thai kratom, Bali kratom, Indo kratom, and Maeng da kratom red vein.

Packaging of Remarkable Herbs Kratom

Kratom packaging does matter because you want a fresh kratom product. Ideally, the fresher the better. Remarkable Herbs Kratom features sleek and efficient packaging that helps ensure freshness.

All the Remarkable Herbs Kratom products are guaranteed 100 percent organic, so they are free of pesticides and other harmful substances.

Club 13 Kratom

Club 13 Kratom

Club 13 Kratom was a founder within the kratom industry in the United States. The brand’s history dates to 1999. At that time, they focused on selling herbs and then kratom.

The brand partnered with local farmers in Southeast Asia to obtain quality kratom. Without a doubt, their kratom does stand out as being superior which explains their loyal customers who regularly seek out the products when looking for the best kratom online.

Sadly, in 2018 Cub 13 Kratom became caught up in the scandal of salmonella poisoning just like Naturally Kratom. They opted to recall some of their products which they believed might pose a risk to their users. Despite the scandal, Club 13 Kratom has emerged stronger than ever and completely committed.

Nowadays, third party laboratory testing to ensure optimum purity regularly performed on all Club 13 Kratom products.

Club 13 Kratom Products

Club 13 Kratom’s biggest seller is their Maeng Da Red which is exceptionally strong. They also offer a Green Maeng Da wish is affordable but potent. Currently, Club 13 offers 15 kratom products. You will find Green Malay, Indo White, Bali, Maeng Da White, the Connoisseur blend, and more. The brand also sells items like Shaka Kava, Akuamma, KVAPE, and Formula 13.

Phoenix Herb Company

Phoenix Herb Company

The Phoenix Herb Company has offered quality herbal preparations since 2015. They carry not only top-shelf kratom but also hundreds of medicinal herbs, teas, and spices. Ethically sourced and domestically processed are two other boasts made by the brand.  They also import from around the world.

If you are looking for a reputable kratom company then the Phoenix Herb Company is an ideal choice. You can even choose from kratom teas and powders. All their products feature a purity guaranteed.

Their products feature factory seals for optimum freshness.

Queen Bee Kratom

Queen Bee Kratom

Queen Bee Kratom is an impressive brand that carries a wide assortment of kratom capsules and powders They offer a 100 percent purity guarantee.

The kratom products by Queen Bee are all incredibly unique. The brand’s White Maeng DA is obtained from six districts located in the West Kalimantan region. The leaves are hand-harvesting and then indoor drying along with a unique sunlight drying process. They just crush the dried leaves into an exceptionally smooth powder that is brimming with alkaloids.

Without a doubt, Queen Bee Kratom has emerged as a leader when ranking the best kratom online. All the kratom undergoes sealing for quality and freshness.

Queen Bee Kratom remains somewhat unknown by kratom users who purchase from smoke shops. But if you are seeking the best kratom brands online then you will quickly become familiar with the brand as a new leader and worth trying.

Finding the Best Kratom Brands Online

Finding the best kratom is never easy. What works for one person well might not work as good for another. Most kratom users have their favorites and try to alternate the strains to prevent possible kratom tolerance. When picking the best online kratom brand, you will want to order a few to alternate and try so you can pick your favorite and which ones render the best results.

As always, you should start out with the lowest possible dose to achieve the results that you desire. You can always increase the dose as needed.

At My Kratom Club, we are proud to carry a wide array of strains from the best kratom brands online. We have put a great deal of research into each kratom brand that we carry. We always strive to offer only premium products that we feel confident will fit the needs of our clients. Our team has researched the kratom brands that we feature of quality, freshness, potency, and reputation.

If you want to try the best kratom brands online, then please contact us today to learn more about our many featured brands. Our knowledgeable staff is ready to answer your questions.