Are you anxious to try the herbal supplement kratom to reap the benefits? Without a doubt, some of the strains offer exceptional holistic health advantages. However, it’s hard to know which is the best kratom to buy. In fact, you might feel a little overwhelmed with the many choices. In this article, we will explore the various types of  this herb, how they work, and the proper dosage.

Strains: Picking the Best Kratom to Buy

In Southeast Asia, the most common way to consume kratom is to chew on the leaves to pull out the alkaloids from the plant’s fiber. The juice is then swallowed, and the leaf pulp spat out. Many locals also use kratom to make a special tea that they enjoy at the end of the day, when entertaining, or during certain festivals. However, in the USA and other parts of the world, kratom is commonly available in the form of capsules or powder. You can take kratom as an easy-to-swallow capsule or mix the powder with water or some other beverage.

The Strength of Kratom

You might believe that the stronger the strain the higher the price tag. However, this is not necessarily true. Even if the strain is stronger, it may only cost a small amount more than the weaker choices. Also, remember when exploring the best kratom to buy you should not pay attention to the alkaloid content if you are a newbie or even moderate user. There is no reason to splurge and buy a strain with high alkaloids if you don’t need the extra push.

Choosing the Best Kratom to Buy

Remember when choosing the best kratom to buy, what works well for one person might not be the perfect match for your system. Below we will explore the various leading kratom strains so you can decide. Remember, one of the best things that you can do is not to use the same strain every day. Instead, mix to avoid developing a kratom tolerance.

Maeng Da: Best Kratom to Buy

Strains of Maeng Da

Maeng Da Kratom – Best Kratom to Buy

Without a doubt, Maeng Da is one of the most popular types of kratom available. Its popularity stems from its potency. The strain has a reputation for being one of the strongest kratom strains. Users who want to achieve higher energy levels with a great deal of stimulation won’t be disappointed with this leader.

If you are looking for a fast hitter then this might not be a perfect strain. It takes time to truly feel the effects because they gradually come on. However, most would agree that the wait is worth it because once you start feeling the effects, they are powerful. The sheer strength of the kratom strain means that you don’t have to take very much at a time to feel the punch.

Maeng Da bolsters your confidence and gives most users a feeling of bliss and happiness. For the best effects try to use a low to moderate dose to increase your mental functions, activity level, and energy boost. Also, it is best not to regularly use Maeng Da, so you don’t build up a tolerance. If you need to frequently use kratom then alternate strains.

When shopping for Maeng Da, remember that there are three subtypes of the strain. You’ll encounter red vein, white vein, and green vein but red is the strongest of the trio.

Maeng Da Dosage

With Maeng Da, you can pick either capsules or powder. Capsules are easier to ensure that you receive the correct dosage. Typically, you should take one to two grams to obtain the results you want. However, always start out using the smallest dosage available.


Bali Kratom

Choosing Bali Kratom – Best Kratom to Buy

Although this strain is dubbed ‘Bali’ it does not just grow in Bali. In fact, you’ll find it in Thailand, Indonesia, and Malaysia. One of the nice things about Bali is that it’s relatively cheap and affordable. However, even with a low-price tag, it is still a good strain and you are not sacrificing quality for money.

Bali is well known for its effects which are long-lasting. You’ll feel a full-body relaxation along with a dramatic reduction in your stress level. Bali is great to relieve anxiety. Plus, it is non-sedative. You’ll enjoy carefree thinking. Many turn to Bali for pain relief and it is a great alternative to opioids.

If you want to lose weight, then you might want to consider Bali as the strain of choice because if you are looking for the best kratom to buy for weight loss then you won’t’ be disappointed. It is well known that Bali improves your energy while suppressing your appetite. After taking a dose, you might feel like going for a jog!

Bali comes in red, green, and white strains. Without a doubt, white Bali remains the most popular with users because it produces very balanced and harmonious effects.

Dosage for Bali

You can take from one to three grams of Bali. If you are a newbie then always start out with one gram.

Sumatra Kratom

Sumatra Kratom is grown on an island by Indonesia known as Sumatra. It is considered a high-quality, premium strain that has recently become very popular. You’ll find it in white, red, and green. White is widely chosen because it is highly effective, but the effects are often short-lived. With green vein, you’ll have moderate effects, but it will last longer. Red vein Sumatra provides long effects.

People enjoy Sumatra Kratom because it acts slow and is very relaxing. Many compare it to Maeng Da and will use it as an acceptable substitute. Without a doubt, it’s great at relieving stress and it also improves your mood which is a blessing if you are in the doldrums. Sumatra appears to calm nerves and regulate your blood pressure which is a huge benefit if you are feeling stressed out.

Dosage for Sumatra

With Sumatra kratom, you’ll want to choose a low or moderate dose. However, please do not exceed 5.0 grams to obtain greater or faster results.

Kapuas Kratom

Kapuas Kratom is a modified strain that is not all-natural. It is somewhat rare, but you can find it at very select and upscale kratom retailers. It is great for stimulation of the mind and motivation. Most people turn to it to enhance and improve their emotions and outlook on life. Many users compare Kapuas effects to that of a strong cup of coffee. It’s definitely a great way to kickstart your day.

You’ll find three sub-types of Kapuas: white, red, and green. Red Kapuas contains the greatest number of alkaloids. White acts as a great analgesic and green have very moderate effects. Users regularly pick Kapuas to improve their studying abilities or to perform laborious jobs.

Dosage for Kapuas

Ideally, you should take one to four grams of Kapuas. Always start out with the lowest dose possible.

Thai Kratom

As the name reveals, Thai kratom comes from Thailand. Many love the harmony and balance of Thai. It is a great combination of stimulating and sedating. The strain is respected for its analgesia abilities which are favored by users seeking pain relief.

Thai kratom is available in red, green, and white. Although, you might think that red Thai would be the most popular it’s not. Green and white are more favored by users.

When using Thai kratom, you’ll feel very relaxed. Most consider it soothing, but it can also promote productivity.

Thai Dosage

Always use the minimum dose of Thai. Ideally, take only 0.5 to two grams. If you regularly use the strain, then you can up the dosage. Always avoid taking Thai daily or you will build up a kratom tolerance. 

Malay Kratom

If you are seeking the best kratom to buy, then go with Malay. It is exceptionally robust and will instantly improve your mood while offering stimulation along with euphoria. This is a strain of kratom that depends on the dosage. If you take a low dose, then you’ll feel very relaxed and balanced, but a higher dose makes you extremely calm and slightly sedated.

The most popular subtype of Malay is green. Sometimes you’ll come across it as Super Green Malay. Without a doubt, it is a favorite with users.

Malay Dosage

Use one to two grams of Malay. If you are a seasoned kratom user then you can increase it to three to four grams to feel the full effects.

Borneo Kratom

Borneo kratom offers great stimulation and energy-boosting. You’ll find it in green vein, white vein, and red vein varieties. Most people consider the energy offered by the Borneo strain more potent than other strains. It also works well for pain relief. It makes you far more focused which is great if you are studying and need to concentrate. You can quickly tune out the outside noise and just put your focus on the task at hand.

Borneo Dosage

Take only one to two grams of Borneo kratom. If you regularly use kratom then you can slowly increase the dosage.

If you are looking for the best kratom to buy, then any of the top strains are a perfect choice.