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At My Kratom Club, you’ll have no trouble locating your absolute favorite Kratom products. We carry all the best names that are hot on the market. As a testament to our promise of providing safe Kratom solutions, we only deal with lab-tested, pure Kratom.

You might’ve thought about trying “loose Kratom” to save some bucks, but it’s important to know how dangerous it is. We can tell you at least 9 reasons to only buy name brand Kratom. This way, you can shop without a single worry about what you’re consuming!


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Shop By Brand With Our Curated Collection of Industry-Leading Kratom Products

What do you expect from your Kratom experience? Is it joy, pleasure, a good night’s sleep, or a boost of energy? Well, no matter your need, MKC is here to deliver! We’ve got a host of brands and their leading products on our platform. Here’s a short overview of what we offer.

Let’s start with perhaps the most well-established

Shop By Brand OPMS Kratom

and widely-loved brand; OPMS. Optimized Plant Mediated Solutions was founded over a decade ago in 2009 in Atlanta, Georgia. The brand has a loyal customer base and prides itself on providing consistent quality. Their potent Black and Gold Extract Capsules are among their best sellers. The brand also offers exclusive Black and Gold Liquid Shots that pack quite the punch. But shots aren’t for everyone. If you’re an experienced user, we can tell you 9 reasons to use Kratom shots! But if you prefer to keep things simple, you’ll find their excellent quality powders in many rich strains available as well.

Shop By Brand Remarkable Herbs Kratom

Remarkable Herbs only deals with powdered Kratom, and they’re great at it! The brand has been in operation since 2001 and since then has brought quite the change in many people’s lives. If you’re looking for some exclusive, rare strains with 100% purity, Remarkable Herbs is the one to turn to! They stock Maeng Da, Thai, Malay, Vietnam, you name it!

Shop By Brand Whole Herbs Kratom

Whole Herbs pride themselves on providing 100% organic, non-GMO solutions to their customers. You can find their sensational, strong powders and capsules in seven rich strains. But their Red Bali and Maeng Da can’t be beat!

Shop By Brand Krave Botanicals Kratom

Don’t forget to use Krave Kratom to boost your energy levels and kickstart your day!

Shop By Brand MIT 45 Kratom Liquid Extract Shots

If you’re into potent Kratom extract shots, you’ll want to mess with MIT 45. They also offer raw leaf powders and capsules, but their Gold Extract Liquid is by far the most popular product. It goes by the name of “Rocket Fuel” among shot lovers everywhere. It’s very potent, with 45% Mitragynine extract so you’ll want to be careful with it. If you’re curious, here’s all about buying the MIT 45 Kratom shot — dosage and experience.

Shop By Brand Blue Magic Kratom

Blue Magic is a project of Hundreds Premium, the makers of the first flavored e-cigarette in the world. If you’re a Kratom connoisseur, you’d certainly appreciate this brand’s striking collection of pure Kratom products. They’ve got it all; exotic liquid gold extracts, rich powdered strains, and powerful Kratom capsules! You’re bound to have an unforgettable Kratom experience with Blue Magic — truly a mystical brand for the high-level user!

Shop By Brand Club 13 Kratom

When it comes to proprietary Kratom blends, Club 13 takes the lead! Their Bliss and Executive Blends have been widely received by Kratom lovers everywhere. With Bliss, you’re in for the perfect combo of euphoria and relief while Executive promises a joyous, energy-filled experience. But that’s just scratching the surface; they also offer extract shots, pure powders, and jumbo capsules!

Shop By Brand Earth Kratom

Earth Kratom started its operations back in 2017. They’re well-known in the Kratom industry for providing quality capsules, powders, and even extract shots. Their Maeng Da Extract Oil is a magnificent formula to help boost your energy. If you’re unsure about this brand, we can tell you 8 reasons to use Earth Kratom!

Shop By Brand Hush Kratom

Hush Kratom is all about what the people want! They have a diverse product range, including gummies, coffee shots, gold/silver/platinum caps, you name it! But their Ultra Shot Extract is in a league of its own! This sensational lemon-lime flavored, full-spectrum shot is all you need to get a kick at the start of your day!

Shop By Brand K Shot Kratom Extract Liquid Shots

K Shot is a must-try for liquid Kratom enthusiasts! The brand only sells one thing; Premium Maeng Da K Shots. And they’ve pretty much hit a home run with the product. You’ll find yourself instantly energized and motivated with this powerful strain!

Shop By Brand Phoenix Herbals Kratom

When it comes to relaxing herbal solutions, Phoenix doesn’t disappoint. Their select tea capsules, particularly Red and Purple Label, have received wide praise. If you need to unwind, this brand won’t leave you hanging!

Shop By Brand King Kratom

If Maeng Da is your go-to, King Kratom does it exquisitely! They offer Mixed Vein, Full-Spectrum Maeng Da in the form of capsules and powders. These are designed to serve as a great pick-me-up with euphoric and energizing effects. The brand prides itself in practicing safety and purity to make quality Kratom!

Shop By BrandKlarity Kratom

Klarity Kratom’s exquisite strains are quite popular but there’s one that stands out; Trainwreck. It’s an exclusive combination of 11 different strains that can give you all the effects that you need! They offer capsules and powders in different strains.

Shop By Brand K80 Liquid Shots

K80 is yet another brand that’s exclusively known for its potent shots. Each bottle contains roughly 7 to 8 g of natural Kratom leaf powder, serving as a sensational pain reliever and pick-me-up! But these might be far too strong for some people. So, it’s important to familiarize yourself with our K80 Shots review and dosage guide.

Shop By Brand Bumble Bee Kratom

This Los Angeles-based company is growing at a fast pace with its exceptional kratom products while making sure you shop by brand name Kratom products. When it comes to premium Kratom capsules and rich powders, this brand never disappoints!

You’ll find a host of strains offered by Bumble Bee, including Hello Vietnam, Green Indo, Red Malay, Bali Gold, White Thai, Premium Maeng Da and even more! What more could you possibly need?

Shop By Brand Queen Bee Kratom by Bumble Bee Kratom

Queen Bee is the sister brand of Bumble Bee, so if you’re a fan of the latter, you’re bound to love this one too! They offer some rich strains in both powders and capsules, including all veins of Borneo, Premium Maeng Da, and Bali Gold.

Shop By Brand Naturally Kratom

You won’t find much about Naturally Kratom on their website since they solely deal with businesses. But we can tell you that they produce 100% pure, unadulterated Kratom strains as powders and capsules. Green Malay, Bali Gold, and Red Maeng Da are among their most popular options!

Shop By Brand Nodzilla Kratom Extract Liquid Shots

Many brands have joined the Kratom-shot popularity wave by putting out their versions. Nodzilla offers premium strains in powders and capsules, but their Kratom Extract Tincture stands out! It promises relaxing, analgesic, and euphoric effects — a great feel-good combo!

Shop By Brand Halo Kratom

There isn’t a lot of information about Halo Kratom online but many seasoned Kratom users are fond of their capsules. They offer 100% pure Kratom strains, including White Thai, Red Borneo, Maeng Da, Green Malay, and of course Bali Gold. They’ve got a strain for every need!

Shop by Brand and Why Choose Name Brand Products

So, are you still asking yourself why you should choose My Kratom Club? We hope this concoction allows you to understand the importance to Shop By Brand at My Kratom Club. Not only do we provide quality Kratom products, but we also pride ourselves on making your shopping experience as hassle-free and well-informed as possible! Don’t forget to visit our repository of detailed blogs to catch up on everything Kratom!