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    K Shot Kratom Extract Liquid

    K Shot Kratom Extract guaranteed authentic product sold by My Kratom Club

    What is the K Shot Kratom Extract?

    The Kratom K Shot is one of the most popular ways to consume Kratom today. A Kratom extract is derived from an all-natural Kratom extraction method that preserves the alkaloids throughout this delicate process. This product is extracted from a Maeng Da Kratom. A strain that has shown to provide an amazing relaxed energizing experience. Please see Mitragyna Speciosa for more information about the kratom plant.

    Why try the K Shot Kratom Extract?

    The K Shot is extremely convenient on the go and much easier than using powder if you are not an experienced user. It takes 9 grams of top quality high alkaloid count Kratom to make one 0.5 oz bottle. This liquid has a nice taste but of course, that is up to the user to decide. It certainly does not have a bitter taste like normal Kratom powder.

    What are our customers saying?

    You do not need the entire bottle to get that relaxing energy feeling. From our customer's experience, 1/3 to half the bottle will get you the feeling you desire. It's convenient, fits in your pocket, and you can take it when you need it. It works well and it works fast.

    My Kratom Club only sells authentic name-brand products. 

    We are dedicated to providing the most well-known and highest quality products in the industry. Our products are guaranteed authentic and priced fairly. All of the products we make available are 100% pure Kratom and come with our MKC 100% Guarantee. All of our supplements are factory-sealed fresh. We will ship your product the same day you order with tracking if placed by 2:00 PM PST. Our terms of service can be found HERE. It’s our job to make sure that all the supplements purchased from My Kratom Club are used responsibly
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    K Blast Shot Experience

    K Blast Shot Experience Facts:

    • 100mg of Mitragynine into one bottle sealed with the power of the unique VESSL cap.
    • One of kind experience
    • A blast of Energy in each bottle
    • Large 2 oz size

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    You can also learn how a kratom extract is made HERE In our Kratom Extract section, you'll find several extract products that include: Capsules Gummies Tinctures and shots Caramels A safe place to buy kratom and only lab-tested name-brand products is important to us here at My Kratom Club.

K Shot Kratom Extracts


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