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Choice Botanicals Kratom Review

When looking for kratom, you’ll want to research various brands to find what works best. In this article, we will carry out a Choice Botanicals kratom review so you can decide if it is right for your needs.

A Complete Choice Botanicals Kratom Review

Choice Botanicals is common referred to as Choice Kratom. They are one of the oldest and most established kratom brands available. Their roots go back to 2010 when they made their debut. Without a doubt, the brand has withstood a look of upheaval as the kratom market has struggled under U.S. FDA and DEA pressure.

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However, despite the controversy around the herb, Choice remains on top as a leader with a solid reputation. In fact, they are one of the few brands that are not only sold online but also commonly sold in vape stores, smoke shops, dispensaries, and gas stations which stand out as quality. In this complete Choice Botanicals kratom review, we will explore what makes this decade-old brand-worthy.

The Rags to Riches Story

We cannot present a Choice Botanicals kratom review without first taking the time to tell you the interesting history of the brand. Many would label it a genuine rags to riches story. Established in 2010, two longtime friends William Cosgrove and Christopher Durbin created Choice Botanicals. They started out with extraordinarily little but a dream of creating quality botanicals that were worthy of being top-shelf. They started selling not only kratom but also CBD, Kanna, Blue Lotus, and nicotine salts.

Choice Botanicals quickly gained a reputation for their potent Maeng Da powder and have now commanded their place in the kratom shots and extract niche. Yes, it’s taken a decade for Choice Kratom to rise to the top and many would say it’s been a slow crawl, but the brand has never short-changed its customers on quality. They have always focused on providing an outstanding product that is over-the-top strong and packs a punch that any seasoned user will remember.

Choice Botanicals Kratom 

Choice Kratom Extract

The brand Choice kratom became well known for its Maeng Da powder which they initially sold to head shops. However, as the brand expanded, Choice Botanicals started to expand its product line to include capsules and extracts. They market all their products under the Choice Botanicals label. Compared to other kratom brands, they do not offer a huge assortment of products but what they do feature is well-received and appears to continue to boast a firm reputation.

In this Choice Botanical kratom review we will take a moment to look at:

  • Capsules: Green Maeng Da and Red Maeng Da. They also have a Choice blend which is a mixture of Maeng Da, Borneo, and Bali. and they offer a capsule variety known as Rising Phoenix
  • Extracts: Green Apple Maeng Da and Maeng Da
  • Powder: Green Maeng Da

As we go forward with this Choice Botanicals kratom review, one thing stands out about the brand: quality. Choice Kratom takes a great deal of pride in the superior quality of its products. They charge more for their kratom than other brands, but you get what you pay for with any herbal supplement.

Interestingly, Choice has made a point of focusing on product quality and not diversifying and enlarging its product line. So far, they have managed to flourish but the future remains uncertain as the popularity grows. Many users want variety and choices Recently, in an effort to meet the demands of the general public, Choice appears to have started to expand slowly and offer more variety which has become a pleasant surprise of many diehard enthusiasts of the brand.

Looking at Rising Phoenix Capsules

Rising Phoenix Capsules are a nice example of how much Choice Botanicals listens to its customers. They had heard that most kratom capsules are too large and hard to swallow so these are smaller and far easier to take. The vegan-friendly capsules contain no animal by-products. . Each capsule contains 500mg with a 20:1 extract mixture.

Vein Maeng Da

They offer a Malaysian strain of Maeng Da grown in Thailand. It is a red, leafy variety with red veins coloration. Users of Choice Botanicals regularly seek out this variant for its optimum potency.

Green Apple Maeng Da

This Green Apple product is made from Maeng Da harvested from genetically modified trees that grow in Thailand. They add a green apple flavor that tastes delicious and adequately masks the bitter alkaloid taste of the kratom. The high alkaloid content in this product makes it exceptionally powerful

Bali Kratom

Choice’s Bali kratom is obtained from trees grown in Thailand. It has become ne of the most popular with users. The strain is reputed to have very soothing effects on the user.

Is Choice Botanicals Kratom a Good Choice for Beginners?

Are you a newbie kratom user? If so, then Choice Botanicals might be too potent for you. Yes, Choice is premium and strong but for a beginner in the kratom world, the sheer strength might prove a downfall.

What Do Real Users Say in Their Choice Botanicals Kratom Review?

Without a doubt, users like Choice Botanicals and are remarkably dedicated to the product line. The only real complaint is the product line isn’t truly diverse.

One Choice kratom user states: “The GMD [Maeng Da] and white Sumatra are awesome. I’d recommend them for sure, especially the Sumatra. Be careful with the GMD and take a lower dose, because I’ll get eye wobbles if I take too high a dose of it.”

Another Reviewer on Choice Kratom

Choice Botanicals DOUBLE Green Apple Kratom Liquid Shot

Another user writes about their experience using Choice Kratom products, “ Red MD Liquid Extract-Very High-Quality Extract. Awesome for pain relief of any kind. I have stomach cramps, pressure & bloating & after just over 5 minutes of taking it I started to feel much better. Stomach cramps were gone by 90%. Also, after about 1 hour will make you sleepy. Pain Relief lasted about 2 hours. Not any mood lift or any uplifting effects just pain relief & sleepiness. One of the best I’ve seen for Pain in my 8 years so far.”

Maeng Da Extract Capsules (With Passionflower & Cayenne Pepper)-Excellent Extract for taking once a week when you have a bad day, some depression, some severe pain, or just want to feel happier. This Extract works very quickly in just 10 minutes & I only had to take half a gram, but I can imagine that a full gram would be almost too strong because it is that potent.

I think the Passionflower & Cayenne Pepper boost the effects for sure. I can feel it working strongly within 30 minutes it’s reached its full effects. Your Tolerance would go sky high if you took this every day. I recommend taking this once a week at the most because it is so potent. Would also be great for adding depth to some plain leaf strains or great for blending.”

”Borneo Jumbo Capsules(White MD)-Good Borneo strain that is on the milder side. You will have to take a little bit more than your normal dosage to get your normal effects because it is mild but not weak. It’s just the effects that aren’t going to overtake you with any dose. It is nice & relaxing & has some good pain relief. It is more of a background strain that has effects that you won’t really notice if you aren’t trying to feel them. Can be sedating at higher dosages but depends on the person. So, if you are looking for a good solid pain reliever without any other effects that could overwhelm you then this is your strain.”

“On the Extract Liquids, I wish there were a way to measure how much you are taking instead of just guessing. They should include a small measuring cup or spoon. 2 of their Extract Liquids were Fantastic. The best I have ever tried in the form of Liquid Kratom. They only have a few strains in their selection. They have choices of getting powders, capsules, extracts, tinctures.”

Choice Botanicals Kratom Better Business Bureau

Very few kratom brands are members of the Better Business Bureau but Choice Botanicals has been an accredited member since 2018. They hold an A+ rating which is impressive. The Houston, Texas-based brand has no negative customer reviews.

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Conclusion on Choice Botanicals Kratom Review

After reading this Choice Botanicals kratom review you can clearly see that the brand offers quality and potency which are two of the most outstanding features of any respected brand. If you are looking for a kratom brand that packs a punch, then you can’t go wrong with any of the Choice kratom products. Try one or try all the products until you determine which one works best.

If you would like to learn more about kratom or explore various kratom brands to busy, then please contact My Kratom Club.

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  1. Choice Bali Kratom is spectacular!!! My only question: Has there been any testing based on weight or age? Is there a chart somewhere that I missed?

    Anyway, even as a Newby I can attest that the arthritis in my hands responded well to Choice Botanicals Bali Kratom. I can get back to the activities I love ❤

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