The therapeutic effects of Kratom have increased the demand for it worldwide. And since many of the top Kratom brands have made their products available in various online stores, people can order them from almost any location. You no longer need to have a well-stocked smoke shop in your area to buy the Kratom brand you want. On the flip side, with so many strains of Kratom for sale, it can be somewhat bewildering for first-time buyers to make the right selection.

If you are thinking of ordering Kratom online, here are some factors to consider before placing your order:

Is Kratom legal in your area?

The U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) considers Kratom to be a drug of concern, but they may likely change that view as new studies emerge about its lack of harmful side effects. At present, six states—Alabama, Arkansas, Vermont, Indiana, Rhode Island, and Wisconsin—have banned Kratom. You can also not sell or buy it in Jerseyville in Illinois, in San Diego in California, in Sarasota County in Florida, in Union County in Mississippi, and Denver in Colorado. New Hampshire, and other parts of Illinois, you need to be over 18 or 21 to use Kratom. In Tennessee, Kratom is legal in it’s natural form but not tinctures nor any modified products.

Use of Kratom could result in fines and even incarceration. So, it is advisable to verify the legality of Kratom in your area before placing your order online. If it is not legal in your area, most Kratom vendors will not ship your purchase.

What are the available Kratom strains?

Kratom trees grow in different Southeast Asian countries and receive varying amounts of sunlight, humidity, and nutrients. The cultivators pluck the leaves when they are new, half-grown, and mature. As the leaves have different leaf vein and stem colors at differing stages of their growth, you get white, green, and red Kratom strains. A blend of these strains has produced the yellow Kratom variety.

Each strain has a different concentration of alkaloid content and, therefore, different levels of potency. You can get a different set of effects from the different varieties. It is advisable to research the strains and their effects before ordering them. Or, you could order a small sample and see how it works for you first.

What is the price of Kratom?

Generally, high-quality Kratom products will be more expensive than those with inconsistent or low potency. However, expensive doesn’t automatically mean excellent quality. You might want to check if the vendor you are buying from is importing the Kratom directly from the source or a distributor. If it is the latter, the Kratom for sale is likely to be pricier due to the extra fees for the middleman and warehouse storage. There is no guarantee that it will be fresh. Kratom that comes from the source is likely to be of better quality.

Is the vendor reliable?

To ensure that the Kratom is genuine and free of any additives, buy it from a reliable online vendor. Look for vendors like My Kratom Club that specializes in Kratom and has an informative website. They offer a quality guarantee with all the strains of Kratom for sale, so you can rest assured that you will get premium-quality Kratom products when you purchase from them. Additionally, they display customer reviews, and you can read about the experiences other people had with their products.