The kratom market is being inundated with brands and strains. It’s hard to know what to buy and what brand to purchase. There are so many variables to consider. You want fresh kratom and not something that has sat on the shelf for months or years. In this article, we will look at all aspects of fresh kratom such as making sure the powders or capsules you purchase are fresh and also fresh kratom leaves that have undergone extensive curing.

Guaranteeing Kratom Freshness

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Kratom Storage Facility

When you buy a gallon of milk, you always check the date on the jug to make sure the milk is fresh.  It’s the same thing when you shop for kratom products such as capsules or powder. Always check the date prior to purchase.

Ordering Fresh Kratom Online

Kratom is grown and imported from countries in SE Asia. Some vendors import remarkably fresh kratom but other times the herb is stored in a warehouse for a month or more. At the storage facilities, the conditions are not ideal so the herb starts to break down quickly and loses its fresh appeal. When kratom degrades, the alkaloids also lose their potency, and the concentration decreases.

Sadly, when ordering fresh kratom, your options are limited because you cannot always purchase the herb fresh in the United States so it has to be imported from farms in Asia. If you are running an online search for fresh kratom then you’ll encounter several options. Just remember, fresh does not always mean that it comes straight from the farm to you. Usually, it goes from the farm to a storage facility prior to reaching you.

Searching Online


Buying Fresh Kratom

You’ll want to run a search for the herbal supplement that you want such as Borneo, Malay, or Maeng Da. When running the online search, be sure to specify that you want fresh kratom. Once you find the fresh kratom online, you’ll need to take the time to look over the shipping. Fast shipping nowadays is difficult due to regulations. Shipping and delivery can range from several days to multiple weeks so always factor the shipping time into your decision because it will definitely impact the product’s freshness.

Kratom is a complicated product in much of the world. It is either banned or regulated in a vast majority of countries. The legal complications make it hard to get the herb through customs which can delay the process by several days. Always factor in such intricacies when ordering fresh kratom. You don’t want to end up waiting forever for the order of the products.

The Quality of Fresh Kratom

When you receive your order of fresh kratom, you’ll want to make sure it is of good quality. Yes, you can taste it and try it to determine if it’s potent. Be sure to look at the particles. Do they feel gritty?  Gritty kratom indicates that the product has been ground using subpar machinery. It probably was not turned into powder by hand using a pestle and mortar.

You’ll want to examine the color of the fresh kratom. It should be similar to the leaf and not seem dried out. Usually, if the kratom turns dark brown or tan then the product is older and stale.

Take the time to smell the kratom. A good quality fresh kratom product has a robust and full volume smell. It should have a natural aroma. Remember, even grinding up the kratom does not curb the smell if it is fresh. If you detect any artificial smell then the herb has clearly had an addictive mix into the formula to provide a more pleasing aroma. Different strains of kratom all have varying smells. An experienced user might be familiar with the aroma and be able to decipher its freshness.

Kratom Leaves in SE Florida

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Dried Kratom Leaves

In Asia, the indigenous laborers always use fresh kratom. They will pluck a leaf and chew it straight from the kratom tree to ingest the alkaloids. After a short while of chewing the leaf, they will spit out the plant fiber because they have managed to ingest the alkaloids. The plant’s compounds provide them with an instant energy boost which they use to work long hours. Also, many in the region take the fresh kratom leaves to brew into a robust tea.

In the United States, kratom does not grow in most of the region. Also, the tree is considered invasive. However, in SE Florida, some commercial growers have started to cultivate Mitgragyna speciosa. The leaves are plucked from the tree while they are still green. Within several days, they start to turn brown if they are not refrigerated. However, even when refrigerated they can lose freshness within seven to ten days. The rapid loss of freshness is why it’s difficult to buy fresh kratom leaves. The foliage is typically cured and ground into a powder instead of being maintained in leaf form.

Fresh Kratom Tea

Shoppers in South Florida do have the option to purchase fresh kratom leaves on occasion from the growers. You can chew the leaves to extract the alkaloids or you can use them to brew a strong tea. Add sugar or honey to reduce the bitter flavor of the alkaloids if you opt to brew fresh kratom leaves as tea.

Many users prefer chewing the natural leaves because the mucus membranes in your mouth will rapidly absorb the alkaloids sublingually so you will experience a faster impact and it will last longer. In addition, they feel that chewing leaves is a natural way to use the herb.

Tips for Buying Fresh Kratom

Whether you buy leaves or other kratom products, you’ll want to make sure they are fresh so you get a quality product.

Here are a few tips on buying fresh kratom:

  • Only purchase the herbal supplement from sellers who have a legitimate website and who have numerous positive reviews. You want to check their website’s FAQ and About page to make sure they check the quality of the product and test it.
  • A great way to save when buying fresh kratom is to make a bulk purchase. Many vendors will waive shipping and handling charges if you buy a large supply.
  • Only buy a small amount at a time just in case the product is not fresh enough
  • Some online vendors offer a beginner’s package of kratom which is small and won’t break the bank. Such items are a great way to try various stages
  • Follow kratom forums, Reddit threads, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram to stay on top of the various kratom brands so you know what ones a good reputation and which ones have been lacking.
  • Take the time to ask about laboratory testing. Ideally, whatever brand you choose should provide third party final testing on all of their products to ensure quality.

Buying quality kratom takes a basic knowledge of the herb. You’ll always want to buy the best product that you can purchase to ensure freshness. Ideally, it should be well within the expiration date. If you opt to buy leaves then look for green leaves that have not started to show any signs of drying, yellowing, or discoloring.

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