Nowadays there is a return to the basics for many people. Everyone is looking for a holistic way to handle health problems so they can abstain from often harmful prescription medications. Kratom, obtained from the tropical Mitragynine speciosa tree, is a favored herbal supplement. Cultivated in SE Asia, the alkaloid-laden plant substance has been favored for centuries for its reputed holistic benefits. Many leading brands have emerged to provide premium products for the growing needs of consumers. Krave kratom is one of those leaders with favored products like their K80 kratom shots.

The Krave Kratom Brand

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The Krave K80 Kratom Extract has now been upgraded to a more potent K100x Extract.

Krave has a valued reputation in the world of kratom.

The company belongs to the Ashlynn Marketing Group, Inc. A California-based company, you’ll find the Krave Kratom brand and its popular products such as the K80 available online and in brick and mortar vendors. Krave often sells as a wholesaler to a variety of outlets. You’ll encounter Krave powders, capsules, and their K80 shots.

Krave K80 and Now K100 Kratom Liquid Shot by Krave

Krave markets a liquid shot in 10ml bottles. An innovative product, you can quickly throwback a kratom shot to receive a precise dose of highly concentrated alkaloids. If you are looking for a highly concentrated dose of kratom to act as a pick-me-up then the Krave K80 might fit your need perfectly. Each shot combines and balances the ingredients and alkaloids of the Mitragynine speciosa in a very precise fashion.

K80 Shot by MIT 45

Not to confuse but to educate.

There is another K80 shot available and manufactured by a Los Angeles-based company named MIT 45.

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This product has been toted of being one of the strongest liquid extracts in the industry.

This product comes in a black box and is a GMP-certified product.

How Long to Feel the Effects of the K80 Shot?

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You’ll typically start to feel the effects of a K80 shot within about 15 minutes of ingestion. Many users reported a heightened awareness coupled with a surge of energy. The body feels more alert and ready to spring to action. The mind also kicks into overdrive with greater mental awareness. Despite a tailored energy burst, you’ll feel a heightened sense of hearing and mental prowess. Many people like to ingest a k80 liquid shot in the morning to kick start their day. It also works well as a mid-day wake-up potion.

What Sets K80 Apart from Other Kratom Products?

There are many variations of kratom, but the extracts stand out as the most potent. It is stronger than powders or capsules. A small quantity goes a long way towards leaving a memorable impact which is why extracts are favored by moderate to seasoned kratom users.

In most situations, extracts are made from the most potent forms of kratom such as the Maeng Da or other versatile strains. However, Krave stays quiet about the strains they use in their K80 shots. Clearly, they want to keep the user guessing and aren’t willing to give away all of their secrets at once.

Powders or leaves are typically the substance of choice used to create extracts. Basically, the goal of extraction is to extrapolate the plant’s most essential alkaloids and create a highly concentrated solution. You’ll only need a small amount to gain the same results that a large amount of kratom powder or capsules take.

K80 Kratom Potency

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Discover the K80 Difference in Kratom

Many would concur that the K80 kratom shot is one of the strongest on the market. With an enormous concentration of alkaloids, the product packs an impressive punch. Krave relies on state-of-the-art extraction processes that involve a combination of water and pressure. All of the alkaloids within the kratom are extracted to produce a wonderfully unique product that contains all of the flavors (even the telltale bitterness) of the plant’s natural fibers.

All of the kratom that goes into the K80 shot is sourced from Mitragynine speciosa cultivated, harvested, and cured in SE Asia.

The K80 Kratom Experience

Users of Krave’s K80 have varied experiences with the K80 kratom shots but most report the following:

  • Upon ingestion and in less than five minutes they experience a warm feeling and slight intoxication.
  • After five minutes, the full effects of the robust extract start to kick in.
  • Users experience greater focus and more energy.

The thing that stands out about the K80 kratom experience is the length of time it takes to feel the effects of the herb. They are significantly reduced compared to other kratom products such as powders and capsules which take a lot longer to take hold of the body. Anyone who wants a quick reaction will definitely want to turn to an extract like the K80.

Who is the K80 Kratom Best For?

Kratom should not be used by anyone under the age of 18. The K80 is designed for strength so should not be used by anyone seeking only mild results. You can expect the extracted product to render impressive results that are favored by moderate to seasoned kratom users. When using a k80 shot, you should not take more than one.

It should be noted that there is no set dosage. Most people only use kratom shots when they feel a special need and not every day. They use them when they are lagging or extremely worn out.

K80 Dosage

The thing about the dosage of the K80 is that what works for one person might not work for another. You can take a few sips or down the whole shot. If you are a new user, try only a small sip but someone who is familiar with kratom can take more of the substance. You’ll ultimately need to experiment to find your perfect dosage. You don’t want to overwhelm your system, or you might start to feel nauseous. If you frequently use kratom then you’ll need to adjust your dosage accordingly and increase it as needed. It is not recommended that you use kratom every day or you’ll build up a tolerance to the herb.

Options for Consumption

If you don’t like the bitter flavor of the Krave Kratom K80 shot, then you can mix it with other beverages to make it more palatable. Use juices, coffee, tea, or soft drinks. Always remember that the K80 is designed for optimum bioavailability when it is directly consumed. Unlike some extracts which you can place under your tongue for sublingual absorption, the K80 works best when it passes through your digestive tract for rapid absorption into your system.

When shopping for kratom extracts, you’ll find other brands and formulas but, in our opinion, the K80 kratom shot by Krave is one of the best on the market. It is both affordable and potent.

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