Kratom (Mitragyna speciosa) is a natural herbal supplement that is obtained from a tropical tree that grows throughout much of Southeast Asia. It is reputed to have strong medicinal and psychoactive effects. However, is kratom and libido a thing? Mostly, kratom is used to relieve pain, reduce anxiety, increase focus, boost energy, and help with relaxation. Users frequently turn to kratom as a replacement for alcohol or prescription pain medications However, many believe and theorize that it can also help enhance the user’s sex life.

All About Kratom and Libido

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Always Discuss Kratom Use With Your Partner

Throughout Thailand, Indonesia, and Malaysia, locals regularly chew kratom leaves or brew the leaves into a bitter tea. For centuries it has been favored by laborers to give them the energy boost they need to get through a hard day of work. Also, kratom is used during festivals. Kratom tea is often enjoyed at the end of a long day or as a social beverage.

Kratom’s Effects on Users

Historically, kratom is a lot like coffee. In fact, the Mitragyna speciosa tree is a member of the coffee family. In low doses, the leaves act as a stimulant when ingested. They provide a pick-me-up that is terribly like a pot of strong java. However, at high doses kratom acts like a sedative that is remarkably like an opioid.

The Alkaloids of Kratom

Kratom contains very potent alkaloids. The two most prominent are Mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine. The alkaloids effectively bind with the opioid receptors in the body. They also trigger serotonin and norepinephrine. The unusual mix appears to excite the motor area of the brain which is why many hypotheses the substance works so well for both pain relief and sedation in some users.

Ways to Ingest Kratom

In the West, users don’t chew kratom leaves. Instead, they usually use kratom in the form of dried powder or capsules. Some users still make it into a tea or add the kratom powder to smoothies and other edibles. When ingesting kratom as a powder, they will use a toss and wash method which entails taking a mouth full of the dried kratom powder and then washing it down with a glass of water.

The effects of kratom usually take about half an hour to an hour before the user starts to experience any physical or mental changes. Depending on the strain of kratom used, the effects can often last up to six hours. Clearly, some forms of kratom are far more potent than others if they contain higher ratios of alkaloids.

In the United States, users favor kratom to treat pain, improve focus, increase energy, or overcome the often debilitating side effects of opioid withdrawal. However, recently many are exploring kratom and libido benefits. Basically, they report that using kratom enhances their sex lives.

Kratom and Libido: Bedroom Confidence

Many men suffer from performance anxiety. IF it is your first time with your partner then getting between the sheets naked is often embarrassing – especially the first time – for men or women. With men, anxiety and fear can cause erectile dysfunction. With women, it can curb their enjoyment, so they are unable to achieve an orgasm. Basically, it’s hard to relax in the bedroom and have confidence with a new partner. Sometimes the anxiety is overpowering and causes the entire experience to become a disaster that involves turning off the lights and a lot of fumbling.

The use of kratom takes the edge of sex and helps the user relax a little bit so they can enjoy themselves. Men will feel less fear and be better able to achieve and keep an erection. Women might forget about whether they have a few extra pounds and finally let down their inhibitions. It becomes a win/win for everyone involved.

Improved Sexual Endurance: Kratom and Libido Tricks

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Kratom May Improve Sexual Endurance

Men feel a lot of pressure in the bedroom. They not only have to achieve an erection but keep one during the entire sexual act. In addition, they must exhibit a bit of lasting power or they feel like a so-called ‘ two-pump chump’. The pressure for endurance is often overwhelming. However, some kratom users have reported improved sexual endurance when using the herb.

Lasting Power

Will kratom make you last for hours? Everyone is unique and there is no magic pill. Even the little blue pill of Viagra is not foolproof. It is unique for every user. However, some men like to take kratom thirty to sixty minutes before having sex because they genuinely believe that it increases their endurance. However, one thing should also be noted and that is that when it comes to kratom and libido things are unpredictable. Some men can go like the Energizer Bunny when using kratom, but they will never achieve orgasm which is a serious drawback for many. However, others might not care if they climax if their partner enjoys the experience.

Lower Inhibitions

Before you decide to combine kratom and libido needs you should discuss the situation with your partner. Kratom might lower your inhibitions and make you more prone towards transgressions so you should always remember that its effects might be comparable to alcohol for some individuals. Ideally, both you and your partner should be on the same page about sharing intimacies while using kratom.

Kratom and Your Sex Drive

Nowadays, with the legalization of marijuana for recreational purposes, many people are turning to cannabis to relax on the weekend. However, weed can often lower your sex drive or, in some cases, increase it. Everyone is different. This is terribly like kratom. Many people feel that kratom in lower doses increases their sex drive and stimulates them. In fact, they boast that it enhances their physical stimulation and titillates. However, others who use it at higher doses appear to lack a great deal of interest in sex. In such cases, kratom and libido would appear to have an opposite impact and reduce the user’s sex drive. Basically, it takes experimentation to find your own unique ‘sweet spot’.

Kratom and Blood Flow

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Kratom Could Increase Blood Flow

Male kratom users feel that kratom use appears to increase their blood flow which gives them a harder erection. Not only is their erection firm to the touch but they also report that it takes them far less time to achieve a full-blown erect phallus. As mentioned, some men then have a problem achieving an orgasm and their erection persists for a long time which is often a benefit if they plan on having an extended lovemaking session but for other men, it’s a drawback.

Kratom and Libido: Will it Enhance Your Sex Life?

You’ll need to experiment with kratom to discover if it will enhance your sex life. Everyone is different. Here is a breakdown of a few things that we know about kratom and libido:

  • When taken in low doses, kratom can improve some peoples’ sex lives
  • Reduces anxiety which can help with performance
  • Relaxes the users so they feel freer and more able to enjoy the experience
  • Eases inhibitions
  • Extends the endurance of many male users
  • Increases the strength and firmness of some men’s erections
  • Often makes it difficult to attain an orgasm

Is Kratom Safe for Sex?

Kratom used in moderation is considered a safe herbal supplement. Currently, in the United States, kratom is legal nationwide (although some cities and counties have curtailed the sale of the herb). If you want to try kratom for sex, then you should discuss it with your partner.

How to Take Kratom for Sex?

Kratom Powder for Sex

Basically, you take kratom for sex the same way that you take kratom any other time. If you are new to kratom dose, then it is usually recommended that you start out low at only two grams. With capsules, you might want to start out taking only one or two, depending on the dosage of the capsules. Remember, the more you use kratom, the more you will develop a tolerance so your dosage will fluctuate and increase. You’ll need to explore your body’s needs and reactions to figure out what works best for your unique situation.

Kratom and Libido Timing

One of the keys to exploring kratom and libido reactions is to take kratom plenty of time before you plan on having sexual relations. Ideally, you should take the herb about an hour before you plan on having sex.

Avoid Chronic Use

Okay, let’s say that you use kratom and you have an amazing sexual experience. The temptation to use it repeatedly becomes tantalizing. Who doesn’t want to have phenomenal sex every time? However, with kratom, you can build up a tolerance. Just because it was great one time doesn’t mean it will be every time. Also, strains have an impact on how kratom and your body react. Some strains might improve your sex life better than others. You’ll need to experiment and use kratom on occasion but not every time you want to enjoy lovemaking. It’s like anything, a little bit of a good thing is ideal, but a lot might not be perfect.

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