Kratom and Paypal are the equivalent of electricity and water. It looks by their genetic makeup they just weren’t meant to go together…

What is so extremely frustrating is the vague and convoluted Paypal Acceptable Use Policy. Please see their “acceptable use” terms below.

Paypal Acceptable Use Policy

It does not state anywhere that Kratom is a violation of their policies. I dug deeper to see if Kratom is defined anywhere under a high risk product. I could not find this information anywhere.

Let’s get right to the chase. Paypal shut down our account. They are currently holding our funds in limbo for 6 months and have provided zero explanation explaining their Acceptable Use Policy.

When asking them to the reasons why our account has been closed they just referred us back to the their Acceptable Use Policy.

I hope that Paypal states specifically that Kratom is banned in their terms of service. After years of being a Paypal customer they will shut you down without any warning. There wasn’t even an appeals process.

Is Buying Kratom With Paypal A Crime?

Based on our experience it sure does feel like it. Kratom is not an illegal substance in 43 states and should not have a criminal mentality from Paypal or any payment processors. There are 3-5 million users of this natural supplement.

Kratom changes lives if used properly and has saved the lives of Many. Please take a look at our Kratom stories section.

It is clear that Paypal is going to do what they want. They have the right to refuse service to anyone.

Will Paypal Change In The Future?

Paypal Consumer Affairs Satisfaction rating

Kratom and Paypal seems to be a losing battle. This article is for the amazing Kratom community. Please check out these Consumer Affairs Paypal reviews HERE. It is clear that we are not the only ones who have had a negative experience with Paypal.

2387 people have taken the time to voice their opinions as of today 2/8/19. The result of those 2387 people is an overall 1 star rating.

We do not see changes in the future for Kratom and Paypal.

What We Learned?

There are large companies that make decisions that do not seem fair. It is unfortunate what has happened and will happen to others in the future.

I have written this short article to warn others of what can happen if you purchase Kratom with Paypal or decide to offer Kratom accepting Paypal payments.

Would love for the people in the Paypal corporate office to take a look at the amazing life changing benefits of this supplement. Take a look for yourself HERE.

Let’s not give the power to this company to take advantage of our businesses nor decide what legal substances we can and cannot purchase.

In the coming weeks please check back with us for merchants that will accept payments for Kratom.

If you have had a similar experience we would like to hear about it in the comments.

I would really appreciate any information you can add to this article regarding Kratom and PayPal.