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Kratom and Tennessee – Is It Legal Or Not…

Tennessee, The Volunteer State Cutout

This article focuses on Kratom and Tennessee.

If I buy Kratom online can I legally have it shipped to Tennessee?

There are so many questions surrounding Kratom, especially in Tennessee.

The DEA has been pushing to ban Kratom on and off for years now.

It just depends on the latest news story and to see how the DEA will react.

Currently Kratom in its natural form is legal in Tennessee.

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What is Kratom In Its All-Natural Form?

That means Kratom that has been unaltered in any form or fashion.

What types of Kratom are sold in a pure form?

Capsules and powder should always be 100% Mitragyna Speciosa.

Kratom Powder In A Scoop

Why So much Confusion about Kratom and Tennessee?

There has been a lot of legislation and a constant battle for the millions of people that Kratom helps across the country.

The question has been posed to us many times here at My Kratom Club.

Synthetic versions of Kratom have been banned in Tennessee for years now.

Those include:

  • Kratom Extracts
  • Liquid Kratom
  • Coffee Kratom Mixtures
  • Vape-able Kratom
  • Kratom Beverages
  • All Forms of Kratom That Are Not Pure Powder

This is due to the fact the synthetic versions of Kratom can be more difficult to monitor.

As far as legislation in Tennessee decided.

What Does the Attorney General Say About Kratom?


December 2017 Opinion No. 17-55 Legality of Possessing the Kratom Plant in Tennessee Question.

Does possession of the Kratom plant in its natural botanical form subject a person to potential criminal prosecution under Tennessee law.

It’s a crime to possess mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine in a synthetic form?


Possession of the Kratom plant in its natural botanical form should not subject a person to potential criminal prosecution under Tennessee law.

The Kratom plant in its natural botanical form is not a prohibited controlled substance.

There are additional Requirements for Manufacturers Selling Kratom.

Tennessee Attorney General Herbert Slatery III
Kratom and Tennessee

What does house bill 1832 say about Kratom?

Take a look at the bill HERE.

To summarize what the house bill signed 05/21/2018 covers is pretty much what the attorney general stated above.

It’s just a long-winded version of that.

Here are the exact details for those living in Tennessee to take a deeper dive into the legislation.

It is amazing to see how the public can truly help save this amazing plant.

Fighting for their right to use an all-natural supplement that changes their day to day lives. 

Final Thoughts about The Tennessee And Kratom…

The American Kratom Association continues to fight the good fight.

Providing educational materials to educate the public.

An organization sharing correct information about these powdered leaves called Kratom.

Please take a look at their website HERE for more information.

Become an informed member of the Kratom community.

Kratom and Tennessee  have come together.

An understanding this supplement improves the lives of people.

Improved American is making the world a better place.

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If you would like more information about the effects of Kratom and the specific the products available.

Please take a peek at our available name brand quality control tested products HERE.

We would love to here your story of how Kratom has helped change your life.

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49 Responses

  1. Kratom has saved my life. As a person with major surgery done in the past I stay in pain. Had doctors load me with pain pills such as oxymorphone and oxycodone for years. Which got worse. I no longer have pain from a glass of tea. I no longer face depression as well due to be a doctors lab rat.Its a miracle the way its changed my life.

    1. Hi W. Bennett,

      So happy you found our site and left this comment. These types of comments are not as common as they should be but the result is as countless people have been able to live better lives because of kratom.

      Thanks again for taking the time to leave this comment.

      If you would like us to spotlight your story please just send us your story in about 300-500 and we can place it in our Life-Changing Kratom Stories section.

      We once again appreciate your taking the time to leave the comment.

      – MKC

  2. Although I do not live in Tennessee, you article about the controversy over Kratom started me thinking about the stance of California about this botanical.  I have heard a great deal about the qualities of Kratom in terms of pain management.  As it turns out, as of last year, only the city of San Diego had banned the use of any form of Kratom.  There is a ground swell of people in California wanting the ban lifted even in San Diego because of the benefits of the plant.  I am checking to see if there are any restrictions on e purchases of Kratom in California.  I appreciate your article.  It got me thinking about if I can access this botanical and how to do it.

    1. Hello Anastazja.

      Please be aware kratom is banned in the following areas:

      Only San Diego Califonia



      Only Jerseyville Illinois

      Sarasota County In Florida


      Mississippi- A handful of counties

      Hope that information helps.

      – MKC

  3. Although I do not live in Tennessee, your post has clarified many things about Kratom. I am pleased to know that Kratom, in its natural botanical form, is not a prohibited controlled substance. I know of a few people with this supplement that improve their lives and find it difficult to explain that Kratom is no opiate or drug.

  4. What an enlightening article!

    You have taken what could be difficult legislation to understand and given every person in Tennessee a complete understanding that Kratom in it’s natural state is legal in that state.

    Well Done!

    The rest of the site is equally interesting. The sections are easy to find and the information is thorough.

    Any medical research is footnoted properly and is legitimate.

    I was also glad to see that you offered different forms of this natural medicine for different needs and conditions, and have made this solution to so many issues widely available.

    Thanks for the article and the website that offers the product.

    Have a great day!


  5. Unfortunately, as I don’t live in Tennessee, or even in the USA, I’m not able to try Kratom, which is a shame because I’d like to find out whether it could be of benefit to me. Do you know if there is an organisation like the American Kratom Association operating in Europe which lobbies for a change to the law here?

    1. Great question.

      That would be great to see in the future.

      Not aware of anything like that available at the moment.

      Check out the AKA site HERE to reach out to them to see if that is something they are planning on doing and/or plant that seed with them.

      – MKC

  6. Thank you for giving so much clarifications as to what the law truly states and the various governing bodies. I was shocked when I wanted to send some packs of the kratom to my sister living in Tennessee and she blatantly refused. Though I was shocked at first but I decided to read more on her reasons and you have done enough justice to it here as I can visibly understand her reasons now. Thanks for this though.
    personally, I feel the all natural form of kratom should be permitted because it is really helpful and I have used it personally though. Thanks

    1. Please understand that Kratom is completely legal in its natural powder form.

      That includes capsules as well.

      – MKC

  7. To be honest, I’d never even heard of Kratom so it was interesting to read your review about it’s legalities in Tennessee it probably doesn’t help having saw many different laws for the same thing in different States.

    Once I’d read your review I don’t understand why it can’t be legalised in its purest uncut form. This is the state its in before it’s cut with other potentially harmful synthetic ingredient.

    It amounts to the same as the legal arguments surrounding the use of cannabis oil for medicinal purposes. 

    If it’s a natural pain reliever, then why shouldn’t you be able to legally use it?

    1. That is a great question.

      Hopefully Kratom will soon be legal and available in every state and county in America and throughout the world.

      – MKC

  8. Hi my kratom club, thank you for your article on my kratom and Tennesse. This is new for me , I never heard of kratom before.

    It is so sad that people are still fighting to make it legal in certain places. Know that you have my support and I will help you spread information about kratom by sharing with friends. With many people suffering why not give it a try, a natural remedy.

    many thanks for sharing!  

    1. Thank you Eva.

      Spread the word.

      We have a Facebook Fan page and a Facebook Kratom Movement!

      You can see our Face book Fan Page HERE.

      Our Facebook group is HERE.

      Thanks for stopping by.

      – MKC

  9. Awesome post. I thoroughly enjoyed reading about Kratom club and their works. You have detailed all the information in a concise and complete manner. 

    I wonder if it is relevant only in America, and not in other parts of the world? It is definitely legal! I also found this as an educational post. 

    Thanks a lot for sharing this useful post. 

  10. It’s good to know that the State of Tennessee is okay with Kratom. Although there’s a similarity between Kratom and other opioid drugs like Marijuana, I believe in its power as a medicinal plant. It can help you feel more energetic and resistant to illnesses. I hope it’s not only Tennessee that will allow trade of Kratom, but other states as well.

    By the way, I’d like to ask, is Kratom okay for people with heart problems?

    1. Hi Gomer,

      Thanks for the comment.

      Just wanted to clarify that Kratom is not like marijuana nor is it an opiate.

      Kratom can effect the same receptors in the brain and have an opiate like effect but it is not a drug.

      As far as Kratom and heart problems.

      That is a question best suited for your physician.

      Hope this information has been helpful.

      – MKC

  11. Hey, Thank you for writing on Kratom and Tennessee – Is Kratom Legal in Tennessee?. I enjoy your article while reading and find it useful for me. Possession of the Kratom plant in its natural botanical form should not subject a person to potential criminal prosecution under Tennessee law.

    The Kratom plant in its natural botanical form is not a prohibited controlled substance. Thank you for sharing such useful info.


  12. I didn’t even know what Kratom was until I read about it here and I had to hunt for the info.  I think you might want to make that  “What is Kratom”  link more prominent for people like me who are new to the topic.  Not to mention what it means to Tennessee or California for that matter where Marijuana is legal. 

    Interesting that it is a Pine derivative.  I use Pine Pollen regularly and it has a long list of health benefits.  So my question when I read this was how does Kratom relate to Pine Pollen, if at all?

    1. That is an interesting question.

      There might be someone reading this article that can answer that.

      We do not believe there is a correlation between Pine Pollen and Kratom.

      – MKC

  13. Thanks or this informative post. I’ve never heard of this plant. Nature has indeed provided for all our needs. Nice to find out that is in the coffee family. Is this only available in the US?
    What are the side effects? What are the contraindications? How does this compare to Moringa, I wonder. That has pain relieving qualities too?

    1. Great questions Kavinah.

      Nature is responsible for some amazing things. 

      Or maybe a lot of amazing things.

      Kratom is no doubt one of them.

      There can be side effects and you can take a look at some more information about that HERE.

      If taken in the proper dosage side effects are very rare.

      Check out our dosage guide HERE.

      It is important to not mix Kratom with any other supplements, medications, and controlled substances.

  14. I am fairly new to Kratom. I haven’t heard that much about it. Overall, it is very informative and relevant to what people need to relieve their pain. The site will definitely help people along the way and provide information about Kratom and its legalities. Is there any news or updates as of August 2019? Is this the recent news? 

  15. I think that Kratom is very beneficial! I’ve had tried it for pain relief, however, my best friend has major back problems and he swears by it! He is the one who has educated me on Kratom and the value in it. I think it can be over-used by people just like the use of alcohol. Yet, in history that was once banned too. It really isn’t surprising that there are battles to ban Kratom as well. 

    1. Randi I am very happy that Kratom has changed the life of your best friend.

      These stories always make our day better.

      Thanks for sharing.

      – MKC

  16. Greetings – I have to admit, I am not familiar with kratom.  However, I do believe that if it has medicinal qualities it should be legal.  Recreational use is another story because it appears that this is a fairly potent supplement.  Therefore, in my opinion, it should be regulated to avoid abuse and not permitted as a recreational substance. 

    Thanks for the opportunity and the knowledge.

  17. Good job. I like how you fight for your right to get Kratom. I love how you put everything together with lots of information about Kratom. The videos are great to show others whats happening in the news about Kratom was a good idea as well. All in all You did an excellent job or putting everything together including menus. Great Job!

  18. This is the first time I have heard of the plant Kratom.  It sounds like it is almost a miracle plant in its untouched natural form.  It is helping people with various health issues.  That is fine.  You never know however what a minority of people will do to make more money out of something good.  They can add other substances to it to make what they have on hand into a bigger volume or create a cheaper version of the plant.  You have to be sure you are getting the plant in its natural form with no tampering what so ever.  I can see why people would get confused as to whether Kratom is legal or not.

    1. Thank you for the insight. Appreciate you taking the time to write a very valid point.

      Kratom in its all natural form promotes better lives if used responsibly.

      – MKC

  19. Thank you for your post. It is a timely article for me. I know someone suffering from stroke, live abscess, severe teeth pain, and other chronic illness. I saw her in the hospital yesterday and could see that she had serious pain in her face.

    She lives in New York. I wonder if she could use Kratom for her illness, since the opioid seems failure to control her pain.

    It is kind of you sharing this useful information with us. An understanding this supplement is likely to improve the lives of people and to make the world a better place.

    1. It definitely might be something for her to look into. 

      We always recommend speaking with your physician prior to use.

      Everyone is so different from each other and the supplement can affect people very differently.

      Happy you found us.

      – MKC

  20. When I came across your website, I was very curious, as I had never heard the term “Kratom” before. So I clicked on your page to find out what this is all about, but to be honest, I’m still not 100% sure what this is. 

    A good speculation is that we’re talking about cannabis? If so, I sure wish governments weren’t so afraid of it and would the public have free and full access and rights to use it to cure their ailments. After all – it’s one of the oldest 100% natural remedies on the planet!

    Maybe time will change this all around, but until then, thanks for going to battle for us!


  21. Truly this is the first time I’ve heard of this herb.  Great you put out this article to educate all of us.  Is this to replace the synthetic drugs the doctors have been giving their patients to perhaps avoid the opioids crisis in you region of the country?  Is this herb only popular in your region of the country and if so why? Given this is rather new and interesting in nature, I shall be paying much more attention to it on your site to get an in depth knowledge and new findings.

  22. Thank you for such an informative article on Kratom! To be honest, I wasn’t familiar with Kratom when I came across your site, and so pleased to see a natural alternative to pain management. The opioid crisis is a national disgrace and thank goodness there is something to help people without introducing them to such highly addictive substances. I appreciate the variety of brands that you have evaluated and will definitely check them out.  

    1. Thank you Anne. We really appreciate you taking the time to comment, especially when you are brand new to learning about Kratom.

      Happy you found this article helpful and excited this supplement can potentially help you and maybe even your friends and loved ones.

  23. Welcome!
    Living with pain isn’t easy. If you live with depression, you may already be all too familiar with the profound effect it can have on your quality of life. In many cases, kratom is used to treat chronic pain that is associated with conditions such as arthritis and fibromyalgia. Additionally, Kratom is a natural antibacterial. This means that Kratom-based bath products could help with moisturization, exfoliation, and keeping infections at bay. My cute Wife applies to itchy skin. And effective!
    I can recommend it to everyone.
    Thank you for sharing this excellent blog post with us.
    Ps: kratom powder is a naturally great exfoliant and cleaning microbial agent.
    Thanks.. Peter

    1. Wow Peter!

      We just learned something new with your comment and so happy you took the time to share this information.

      Your comment will hopefully help many people with these ailments and open there eyes to a more natural approach.

      – MKC

  24. Kratom is new to me. your post is the first I have herd of it. from your post I assume it is fairly new in the US. I see from your post is used for pain. Does it work well for chronic pain? what should I be expected to pay on average?

    Although I have not heard of it I do suffer from chronic pain and I hurt all the time! can it be purchased legally or is it entirely black market? more specifically is it legal in the state of Georgia? I certainly find out and if it legal in any form I will use It. 

    oh! are there any negative side effects?

    1. Hi Robert!

      Great questions and happy you have now learned about this amazing supplement!

      Kratom in Tennessee is as the article reads is not banned and legal to use.

      In Georgia Kratom is legal and in most states in the USA.

      As far as side effects there are a few. Check out the link HERE to the Web MD website that explains more of the potential side effects.

      There are many strains and brands that customers have reported to be effective for chronic pain.

      Those include the Red strains and the Bali strains.

      You can get a much better idea of how each strain has shown to help various ailments by reading the product descriptions in our store HERE.

      As far as what states and counties have specific regulations or have banned Kratom all together are below:

      Alabama: As of May 10, 2016, kratom is a Schedule 1 controlled substance in Alabama.

      Arkansas: Kratom was added to the controlled substance list in Arkansas in February 2016.

      California: Kratom is legal in California, except in San Diego, because of the passing of a local ordinance.

      Florida: The use of kratom is legal in Florida, except in Sarasota County.

      Illinois: Kratom is legal in Illinois, except in Jerseyville, and the sale of kratom to minors under the age of 18 is banned.

      Indiana: This is a state that defines kratom as a synthetic drug and it is banned.

      New Hampshire: Kratom use is legal in New Hampshire for people who are 18 and above.

      Wisconsin: In Wisconsin the primary alkaloids present in kratom are classified as Schedule I and as a result are banned.

      Thanks again for taking time to leave a comment and your desire to learn more about Kratom.

      – MKC

  25. I don’t know much about Kratom and the over all use of it. I know that it can be a controversial topic. It is legal in Oregon where I live. You have educated me and I am sure many others by writing this article about Kratom. I didn’t know it came from a tropical evergreen tree in the coffee family. I love that it is from a natural herbal source.

    I do know that when using anything for medicinal reasons, one has to be careful in not overusing any product. I think natural products over chemical based pharmaceuticals are a better choice if it is useful for a person and works on the condition of the person taking the medication. Many of our natural and herbal resources are often better for us verses pharmaceutical medicines When appropriate to our medical conditions.

  26. Hi, MKC.
    Kratom has been very popular and find its place in Indian scriptures of mythology and medicine. Refer these keywords for more information – flowers of India/kaim.
    Why there should be so much cry in legalities once this herb is so useful to mankind.
    It is a noble cause to bring this issue on a platform. Best wishes to the Kratom Club.
    Warm Regards,
    Gaurav Gaur

  27. Knowing that Kratom offers relief from pain, why would it be banned. Even scientists say that it can offer relief, so it isn’t only based on hearsay of people using kratom. It’s been used for so many years by many people, now I feel since there seems to be a financial gain in this, the government feels the need to step in.

    Any time a supplement which offers relief for any kind of distress in the body, there is always going to be some kind of prevention from getting it to the general public. Thanks for writing about this to bring more awareness.

  28. It’s good to see that there is a fight to make kratom legal in Tennessee. I have seen some news over here about how the people complain about the ban. This product is of help to specific people and it needs to be properly distributed to this people. I guess the government usually have a reason for their actions at the end of the day. Hopefully, things will be turned around. It’s a very good one you have written here and I’ll be sure to follow the club on their social media platforms to follow the development

  29. Wow! Interesting article. I never knew Kratom is legal in Tennessee in it natural form. Kudos to America Kratom Association for the awareness put in to educate the public on it. In my own opinion, I will suggest that the legislative should still revisit the bill for further review. Thanks

  30. Hi very interesting thank you. I heard about kratom on a YouTube video when I was looking for help with my restless legs. The guy said that it was the only thing that ever helps him to be free of restless legs. In general I believe that things like this could remain legal. If you make it illegal then people will only go to it on the black market where there is less chance to regulate and quality test the supply. Thanks for your website and I will forward it to whoever is interested. Kratom definitely helped me you changed my life.

  31. Crafty topic here, and something that is on the tip of everyones lips at the moment.

    It is critical that all aspects are considered as there is potential for criminal charges to be laid depending upon the specifics.

    The legislation can be hard to understand and grasp at first glance, but your article has certainly made it clearer for me.

    The all-natural ingredients which form this product, have helped so many people, why does it need to be made so difficult.

    1. Thanks Shane for the kind words. it is definitely a continued fight. The difficulty really comes from the lack of proper regulation and the potentially addictive properties of this substance.

      It helps millions of people but if taken in too high of a dose or irresponsibly can be harmful.

      We look forward to more states regulating 100% pure Kratom and age restrictions.

      – MKC

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