The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports over 77 percent of adults in America are overweight. Obesity puts people at risk of developing chronic and life-threatening conditions such as heart disease, diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol, cancer, stroke, and more. Some individuals become depressed, experience low self-esteem, anxiety, and eating disorders as a direct result of weight gain. With so many individuals struggling to combat obesity, many are exploring the connection between kratom and weight loss.

What is Kratom?

Kratom is an herbal supplement obtained from the Mitragyna speciosa tree which grows throughout much of Southeast Asia. The evergreen tree’s foliage has long been heralded for its reputed therapeutic benefits. Locals have regularly chewed the leaves since the 19th century or brewed them into a tea. The alkaloids found in the tree’s foliage are believed to help suppress appetite, enhance mood, stimulate, energize, acts as an analgesic, and function as an anti-diarrheal.

Kratom and Weight Loss Strains

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Avoid unhealthy foods if you want to lose weight

Kratom is available in many strains. Each strain offers different benefits due to the varying levels of Mitragynine and 7-hydroxy Mitragynine. The strains are usually categorized by the vein colors found on the leaves. Also, where the tree was grown and harvested has a bearing on its alkaloid levels.

Clearly, when researching kratom and weight loss strains, you will find that various types of kratom are more effective for losing unwanted pounds than others. At My Kratom Club, we carry a full line of various strains HERE.

Things to Look for When Buying Kratom for Weight Loss

You will want to purchase your kratom from a reputable retailer. Many smoke shops and dispensaries sell kratom throughout the nation, but you always must worry about freshness when purchasing from such a retailer. If you decide to buy from an online vendor, always seek out who is established and offers quality brands.

Kratom and Weight Loss: The Many Benefits

As mentioned, kratom is brimming with alkaloids which many consider the active ingredient and component in weight loss. Please remember, that kratom is not designed to be a weight-loss supplement but many have used it for its reputed abilities to help you lose unwanted weight. It has many benefits that help you attain your weight loss goals.

The properties that help facilitate weight loss include:

Energy Booster

Being overweight saps your energy and makes you feel extreme fatigue. Sometimes just going for a walk or exercising is overwhelming. However, if you want to shed unwanted pounds then you must get moving. Living a sedentary lifestyle will only result in more unwanted pounds. Kratom is a well-known energy booster.

The locals in Southeast Asia are used to tolling for long hours every day. They have extensively used kratom to give them the added energy boost that they need to complete their work without feeling exhausted. In addition, many believe that kratom helps balance your metabolic process, encourages blood circulation so your body can reap the benefits of added oxygen. You will automatically feel more awake and alive.

Appetite Suppression

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With kratom you can eat less so you lose more

Those seeking to lose weight know the benefits of taking something that acts as an appetite suppression to help cope. Many kratom advocates believe that certain strains act as an appetite suppressive. It is interesting to note that the alkaloids of kratom act on the opioid receptors in the body in much the same way that opioids do, and opioids are known for their appetite control properties. Howsoever, unlike an opiate, kratom is more natural and far less harmful.


Many people turn to food binge eating any time they feel stressed or anxious. Food soothes and helps them cope with the day. Sadly, the foods they choose to binge on are usually unhealthy and loaded with sugar. The food helps to spur the release of endorphins and serotonin to create food ‘feel good’ moments.

Kratom acts as a substitute to ease food cravings. Kratom not only curds your appetite but also may help ease your anxiety. With less anxiety, you feel more positive and less likely to binge eat. When you are relaxed and calmer, you can give yourself the time that you need to make better food choices.


If you are battling obesity, then you probably know how hard it is to find the motivation that you need to live a healthier lifestyle. With proper motivation and an exercise regime, you can make healthier food and lifestyle choices. Considering kratom acts on the opioid receptors of the brain, then you will feel more optimistic and have greater motivation.

The Best Kratom Strain for Weight Loss

When learning about kratom and weight loss, you will quickly discover that the strain Maeng Da is exceptionally popular with weight loss enthusiasts. Maeng Da not only helps with weight loss but it spurs energy, so you feel more exhilarated and ready to conquer the world.

What is Maeng Da?

Maeng Da is an immensely popular kratom strain that is known for its potency. The red-colored strain thrives in the heart of Asia. It produces a great deal of energy in the user when ingested and is reputed to have many medical benefits.

Benefits of Maeng Da

Kratom and weight loss are often associated with Maeng Da because it is the most popular strain for dieters.

Benefits of Maeng Da include:

Rapid Weight Loss

When you use Maeng Da, you will usually start to experience noticeable weight loss as your body’s metabolic response is spurred to greater speed.

Energy Boost

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Kratom offers a great energy boost for many

In Asia, many locals turn to Maeng Da to get through a hard day laboring. Many users love Maeng Da because it gives them an instant energy boost. Your fatigue is wiped away and you feel an impressive energy level increase so you might feel like hitting the gym to work out.


Maeng Da is strong but it also has a great reputation or safety. If you alternate strains to avoid kratom tolerance, Maeng Da will continue to safely render results. Ideally, start out with a low dose and only increase the dosage, as necessary. If your body is responding well then there is no reason to up the dosage until you stop feeling the results.

Stress Relief

Stress can impact every avenue of your life but Maeng Da is favored as a great stress reliever. Although users enjoy an energy increase, they also benefit from a relaxed feeling. People who constantly cope with pain often have a great deal of mental stress so the benefits of Maeng Da on the mind are undeniable.

Pain Relief

Many people who are coping with obesity have a bevy of physical pain from arthritis or carrying too much weight on their feet, knees, legs, or back. Pain is a leading reason why many people do not actively exercise.  Chronic pain sufferers particularly enjoy the strain to ease their discomfort. When used properly, Maeng Da appears to offer quick pain relief and long-term physical comfort for many.

Thai Kratom and Weight Loss

If you are exploring kratom and weight loss, then you will want to take a close look at Thai kratom. It is a stimulating strain that is very energizing and rumored to help suppressive the appetite. The effects of Thai kratom is longer lasting then Maeng Da.

Three active alkaloids dominate Thai kratom: Mitragynine, mitraphylline, and 7-hydroxumitragynine. You can also purchase it in red, white, or green vein varieties. Without a doubt, you will want to buy a high-quality Thai kratom so please contact My Kratom Club to learn more.

Kratom Strains to Avoid

Bali powders are often a combination of Borneo and Indo strains. If pain is causing problems, then these can provide pain relief, but they also slow you down and relax your body. When you want to lose weight, slowing down has an adverse impact. You might feel more like a lazy person and end up gaining more weight than you lose if you extensively use such strains of kratom.

Kratom and Weight Loss: Improving the Effects

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Kratom and Weight Loss Workouts Render Results

There are ways that you can improve the effects of kratom:

  • Take kratom in the morning or early day so you can really harness its stimulating effects and you will not have problems falling asleep at night. You will feel like working out earlier in the day and then can enjoy a little downtime before attaining a restful night’s sleep.
  • Before you eat, take kratom to suppress your appetite so you might eat less at each setting.
  • Rotate between strains to avoid building a kratom tolerance.
  • Avoid using kratom daily or you might build up a tolerance.
  • Purchase kratom only from reputable retailers.
  • Start using the lowest dosage possible to achieve the desired effects and then only increase the dosage as needed to achieve your desired results.

Turning to kratom and weight loss methods to lose unwanted pounds becomes an ideal solution for many dieters. However, as with any diet plan, you will need to modify your lifestyle and exercise regime to achieve success. Kratom can act as a successful tool. If you have any questions, please contact My Kratom Club today.