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5 Ways Kratom Has Changed the Lives of Millions of People

Throughout history, humans have turned to plants provided by Mother Nature to enhance their abilities, cure illness, and relieve suffering. The SE Asian herb referred to as kratom is one such plant favored for centuries for its naturopathic abilities. Today, in a return to the basics, many people are looking for herbal supplements to better their lives. Kratom has changed the lives of millions of people and is being coveted around the world as a powerful influencer.

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Ways Kratom Has Changed the Lives of Millions of People

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All-natural Kratom

Using a substance to quickly enhance your abilities is a cross-cultural occurrence and is a part of human evolution. In the old days, people would go out into the forest to gather medicinal herbs when needed. Nowadays, we are no longer gatherers but instead, we head to the local grocery store to buy our herbal supplements or we shop on the internet when needed. The ease of purchasing things from around the world has never been easier.

The Many Uses of Kratom

One of the herbs that have risen in popularity is obtained from the SE Asian tree Mitragynine speciosa tree. A member of the coffee family. The tropical tree’s foliage has been used for decades by the locals for its energy-boosting capabilities. Workers in the region would chew the tree’s leaves when needed to make it through a long arduous day of labor. In addition, it was favored for use during festivals or as a soothing herbal tea. Many have used it in place of opioids to cope with chronic pain. No matter what the reasons, kratom has changed the lives of millions of people around the globe.

1. In Place of Prescription Painkillers

Prescription painkillers are highly addictive and dangerous. Many people are turning to kratom to naturally hope with their pain and discomfort. With the help of the herb, they can effectively say no to narcotics. This is just one of the main ways that kratom has changed the lives of millions of people.

One person explains how kratom helped her end a 17-year addiction to prescription pain medication, “ I was addicted to prescription narcotic painkillers from the ages of 17-34. They were always prescribed by a doctor. I have bad fibromyalgia and a little over two years ago the pain was unbearable. When I quit the hardcore prescriptions in 2013 but kept having pain. I didn’t get my medical marijuana card until 2019 but it’s too expensive.”

“So, I heard about Kratom, and some workers in the mental health center I went to was all against it. But I did my research. I felt how great it helped and it still helps me. there are days that it doesn’t help as well because of the pain. But I don’t ever crave anything like Norco, Dilaudid, morphine, Percocet fentanyl patches. I don’t need those as long as I have my Kratom. It’s been a miracle for me in so many ways”

2. Overcoming Street Drugs

Bobby DiBernardo cleaned up his life six years ago with the help of kratom. He was able to get clean from a life-threatening daily cocktail of heroin, oxycodone, and alcohol. He states, “It saved my life. I could have died any day from a heroin overdose and kratom gave me a new lease. It helped take away the pain of withdrawal.”

Even after so many years, he still mixes a dose of the herb in water every day and takes it twice a day.

3. To Cope with Withdrawals

The American Kratom Association (AKA) believes that about 15 million Americans use kratom for a variety of health benefits and to stay clean from street drugs. One of the most common uses and ways that kratom has changed the lives of millions is by opening a door they thought was locked shut. That door is the entrance to freedom from addictive drugs.

Typically, the horrific withdrawal symptoms make it almost impossible for any drug addict to clean up without professional help. Sadly, the wait to get into inpatient rehab is long and frustrating. Outpatient rehabs seldom work. To conquer their addiction, many are turning to kratom to overcome serious withdrawals.

4. Much-Needed Energy Boost

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You’ll Feel a Flood of Energy

Do you wake up in the morning feeling exhausted? Maybe you are having problems sleeping or just not achieving a restful night’s slumber. Depending on the strain, kratom use before bed and can help you fall asleep and stay asleep, so you wake up refreshed and energized.

In today’s fast-paced work, the first stop you probably make in the morning is to head for the kitchen and brew a cup of black coffee to kickstart your day. The caffeine buzz kicks in and you feel energized. However, caffeine is not without side effects. It makes your heart race, your hands shake, and you feel jittery. Also, it’s not an all-day solution. About mid-afternoon, you’ll probably start to feel sleepy and in need of a nap to renew yourself.

Imagine a way you can feel energized throughout the day without experiencing any shakiness or mid-day slump. Kratom offers just such a pick-me-up. Nowadays, many people are turning to the supplement in place of coffee.

5. Relief of Anxiety, Depression, and PTSD

Mental health disorders are common. Many people struggle to cope with anxiety, depression, or post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Kratom appears to offer some relief. Studies have shown that it can enhance mood and ease anxiety in users.

A Veteran’s Opinion on How Kratom Has Changed the Lives of Millions of People

One veteran named Andrew talked about his kratom use and its benefits in an interview with The Cut,

“I saw a psychologist who specializes in combat stress. She said I was showing every sign of PTSD. They had me on an SSRI, but I was having a lot of weird side effects. I think I had about seven actual, full-on, proper panic attacks. I probably took eight different types of medication in a year. My blood pressure would spike — change it up. Anxiety? Try this. That makes me stay awake all night — okay, try that. When I finally started sleeping, my nightmares were so severe I was ruined for the whole next day.”

Experiments with Kratom

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Exploring How Kratom Has Changed the Lives of Millions of People

He went on to say, “I experimented with toss and wash — you know, throw it and some juice in your mouth — and that’s when it started working. Apparently, if it’s diluted too much, it doesn’t break down very well. It was a lot of trial and error. I reached out to forums and got tips, and I would take notes and I kept a journal.

I began to feel a little better. It took a few weeks. Each morning, I would mix some into juice and drink the foul-tasting brew — like when you make green tea and don’t mix the powder properly, but 100 times worse. Sometimes I puked it back up. But once it kicked in, it was, like, night-and-day difference.”

“I take it 26 days out of the month, and then I have a four-day break to cleanse, because one of the things I learned is that the opioid receptors in your body are not just in your brain — they’re also in your digestive tract. So, to get them to bind properly, you need to have an extremely healthy, clean digestive tract. I changed my diet a lot. A kratom is a tool in my toolbox. I get therapy, I go to PTSD groups, I do a lot of things to work on my well-being. And there are days where I wake up and I am not having any type of pain at all so that I may skip it.”

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Conclusion: Kratom Has Changed the Lives of Millions of People

Clearly, kratom has changed the lives of millions of people throughout the years. If you would like to explore the different brands and types of kratom, please visit My Kratom Club. We carry a full line of kratom products HERE.

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