Is there anything more soothing than a hot cup of tea after a long day? How about an ice-cold glass of tea on a hot summer afternoon with a wedge of lemon to cool off? Tea is a versatile beverage that is enjoyed around the world. Its history spans thousands of years and across many cultures. In this article, we are going to explore kratom tea, which has been favored in SE Asia for centuries.

What Exactly is Kratom Tea?

You’re probably familiar with black tea, green tea, chamomile, oolong, hibiscus, and a bevy of other herbal concoctions. In many parts of the world, residents start the day out with a piping hot cup of Earl Grey. In America’s deep South, good old-fashioned sweet tea has become the beverage of choice and an iconic symbol of the region. All of these are famous teas and readily available on store shelves and at local restaurants. However, there is a new kid on the block that many herbal tea enthusiasts have started to rave about: kratom tea.

What exactly is kratom tea? Basically, kratom tea is made from the foliage of the tropical tree the Mitragynine speciosa. A member of the coffee family, the tree grows in the rainforests of SE Asia and has been used for hundreds of years by naturopathic practitioners to treat a bevy of physical ailments.

The Herbal Supplement Kratom

In recent years, kratom has captured the headlines as a legal herbal supplement favored by people seeking to cope with chronic pain, overcome opioid addiction, improve cognitive function, obtain better sleep, and boost energy.

Don’t feel bad if you are unsure of what kratom tea is. Even diehard users of the herbal remedy are sometimes surprised to learn it can be fashioned into a delightful beverage. In fact, even though you don’t have access to the actual foliage of the kratom tree in America, you can still make a delightful tea from kratom powder and combine it with other favored tea leaves.

Kratom and Tea for Energy!

You’ll be shocked how much kratom powder and old-fashioned tea choices complement each other to create a very enjoyable experience. Especially as a pick-me-up in the morning or during a mid-day slump.

The alkaloids in kratom spur energy in the user when ingested in low doses. If you combine the kratom with a caffeine-laden tea choice, then you’ll have double the pick-up-and-go. Without a doubt, kratom tea can book the varoom back in your gait so you can take just about anything the day throws at you.

Is Kratom Tea Real?

Okay, it’s true that in America and other parts of the Western Hemisphere, the term kratom tea is a slight misnomer Yes, in SE Asia, the residents brew real, authentic kratom tea using the leaves of the tree – just as nature intended However, in most parts of the world people don’t have that luxury because kratom trees are rare outside their indigenous home. In fact, the growth of kratom trees has been banned in the United States because, in tropical regions such as the American South, kratom trees can become very invasive and choke out local plants, shrubs, and tree life.

Kratom Powder and Tea

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Sweeten the brew with honey.

Since you cannot obtain authentic, cured/dried kratom leaves to pulverize into tea and stuff in bags then you have to improve. Luckily kratom powder is the perfect option. It is fashioned from pure kratom leaves that have undergone curing and grinding to form powder However, it is still just as potent and can easily be added to warm water to create a wonderfully delightful tea You can also mix the kratom powder with real tea leaves or other herbal beverages to enjoy.

Honestly, kratom powder is not that much different than kratom leaves. The powder is just far finer than the kratom loose leaf but still just as potent with the same bittersweet alkaloid flavor that is the hallmark of all kratom strains.

Brewing Kratom Tea with a Tea Base

To successfully brew a cup of kratom tea at home, you will want to use a tea base and combine it with your favorite kratom powder strain. Pick from green, white, black, herbal, rooibos, or some other tea that you favor. Make the tea just like you normally would by adding kratom powder too right alongside your tea leaves. Be sure to measure out the correct dose of kratom powder to obtain the results you seek. Honestly, kratom powder coupled with a tea base compliments each other beautifully and are a definite ‘must try’ for anyone who enjoys both kratom and tea.

Combining Tea with Kratom Extract

One of the cool things about making kratom tea is your choices. You can really mix things up and have fun with the process. If you are a moderate to heavy kratom user then you’re probably awfully familiar with kratom extracts.

New Kid on the Block: Kratom Extracts

Kratom extracts are relatively new in the kratom marketplace but they have definitely caught hold and have a huge following of diehard kratom users who swear by them. Basically, a kratom extract is a potent form of kratom where the alkaloids of the Mitragynine speciosa tree are extracted from the tree’s foliage using various extraction processes.

Kratom Extract Shots

One of the most popular ways that people are using kratom extracts is in the form of shots. They are like small energy shots that a user can down quickly to gain a potent kick from the kratom. Sure, you can always mix one of the shots directly in your cup of tea for a rapid kickstart of energy coupled with euphoria.

Kratom Tinctures

Kratom extracts are also available in tincture form. A tincture is a liquid that you place directly under your tongue for sublingual ingestion, or you simply swallow a few drops of the tincture to reap the benefits.

Combining Tinctures with Beverages

Some people also add kratom extract tinctures to beverages like a smoothie, cup of coffee, or tea. The potent drops of tincture are loaded with the alkaloids of the Mitragynine speciosa. You can barely taste the tincture when mixed with a tea base, but it does have a slightly bitter taste that some people adore, and others hate.

Making a Pot of Kratom Tea

Are you excited to try your first cup of kratom tea? If the answer is ‘yes, then let’s get down to the basics of how to make kratom tea. This is going to be a  fast and easy-to-follow lesson. Once you have it down then we will branch out with other helpful tips on making kratom tea.

Pick Your Kratom Powder

The first step to making a delicious cup of kratom tea is to pick your kratom powder. Choose from a wide array of strains. Any of them will work well. Just always factor in the benefits of each strain. If you are seeking pain relief then choose one that is known to help alleviate discomfort. If you want to have added energy, then opt for a strain that is known to energize.

Do Not Boil the Kratom Powder

This part of the process of making kratom tea is especially important – do not boil the kratom powder! Honestly, you might be tempted to add the kratom powder directly to the hot water like it is hot chocolate or some other powder that you want to dissolve while brewing but don’t do this because the alkaloids in kratom powder lack stability. You can actually harm the alkaloids by exposing them to boiling water for an excessive amount of time. Instead of boiling the kratom powder in the water, add the powder as you would sugar to the beverage. This limits the exposure of the alkaloids to boiling water and will help preserve their potency.

The Fine Balance of Steeping the Tea

Any tea connoisseur will tell you that standard teas over and under steeping can significantly impact and ruin your cup of tea. Steeping in a balancing act that you hone with experience and skill. In the opinion of many tea drinkers (myself included), you should never boil any pot of tea. Instead, bring the water to a boil and then turn it down.

Keep the temperature right below boiling on that fine cusp that takes years of boiling experience to achieve. If you keep the tea steeping process to right under the boiling point then the tea leaves flavor is substantially enhanced and, best of all, you do not sacrifice the potency of the alkaloid of the Mitragynine speciosa.

The Basic Steps of Making Kratom Tea Perfectly

Let’s look at the basic steps required to make kratom tea perfectly. They are remarkably easy to follow:

  • Bring the water to a boil and then allow it to cool before brewing the tea.
  • Add 5 grams of kratom powder for every hot water. If the taste of the kratom is too strong bitter, then you can always add additional water to lighten the strength and flavor. In time, you’ll figure out how much kratom you need to gain both the taste and the effects you seek.
  • Stir the kratom in the hot water until it is completely dissolved.
  • Add your tea base such as black tea, white tea, green tea, or oolong tea if you desire. However, remember that this step is optional. You can just kratom and warm water for a kratom-only cup of tea or you can mix the kratom with a base. It is your choice. Either way is perfectly acceptable or makes a robust cut of kratom tea.
  • Use a sweetener like sugar, stevia, or honey if you have a sweet tooth. Many people find the bitter alkaloids of the Mitragyna speciosa distasteful so you can sweeten them considerably and even mask the taste with the correct amount of sweetener.
  • Allow the tea to cool to an appropriate temperature before you start sipping the beverage. You don’t want to burn yourself.

Kratom Potentiators

Before we start exploring tea recipes, let’s talk a little bit about kratom potentiators. Kratom acts as a powerful botanical that has been provided by Mother Nature. As with so many things that occur naturally in the world, sometimes combining the bounty of the earth actually accentuates the physical reaction to the herb. That is the case with kratom. You can use potentiators to enhance the effects of the herbal supplement on your body in a very pleasant way. Not only does it accentuate the effects, but it also prolongs them.

A potentiator makes kratom far more potent. Just remember, if you use a potentiator in your tea, then you can reduce your dosage of kratom because the effects are enhanced and prolonged from the potentiator.

All strains of kratom can be successfully potentiated. One of the best potentiators is citrus such as lemon, grapefruit, and orange. Apple cider vinegar is another potentiator.

Additional potentiators include:

  • Cayenne pepper
  • Turmeric
  • Chamomile
  • Watercress
  • Cat’s Claw

One of the best things about the above potentiators is that you can use them in tea to create yummy recipes and enhance the kratom’s impact on your body.

Kratom Tea Recipes

Okay, now that we have outlined the basics of how to make a cup of kratom tea, let’s take things a step further by looking at your tea options. You can actually follow one of these quick and easy recipes to step things up and prepare a really exceptional cup of hot tea.

Honey and Lemon Kratom Tea

As mentioned above, lemon is an exceptional potentiator that substantially enhances the kratom’s impact on your body. Adding it to your tea to create a yummy recipe is a win/win situation. You can enjoy a refreshing drink while reaping the benefits of strong effects.

Lemon has been a favored additive to tea for centuries. In fact, historically it was a luxury because citrus was rare in many parts of the world so having a slice of lemon in your tea was something to be treasured. In Europe, only the wealthy and royalty could afford lemon in their tea.

Rich in Vitamin C

lemon | Definition, Nutrition, Uses, & Facts | Britannica

Try a Lemon in Your Tea

As a rich source of vitamin C, lemon also has strong antibacterial properties which are known to help the body combat infections. Similar to oranges, lemons also bolster the body’s immune system response substantially and balances out the pH leaves. If you like the tart flavor of lemon, then you’ll love adding it to your kratom brew. If the citrus twist is too tart, then sweeten the beverage with honey.

Steps to Creating the Beverage

When making honey and lemon kratom tea, you’ll want to give yourself plenty of time because the process is slow to allow the flavors to meld. Use half a lemon and as much honey as you need for flavor.

Once you bring the water to a boil and let it sit for a while, then you can add the kratom powder. Stir the powder until it completely dissolves. Now squeeze the lemon juice into the beverage and add honey. Let the lemon and honey kratom tea sit for at least fifteen minutes and the flavors mix marvelously. Simmer the combo again until it is wonderfully warm and drinkable. Now it’s time to enjoy.

Mint Tea with Kratom

Care of Peppermint - How To Grow Peppermint Plants

Refreshing Mint

Many people enjoy drinking mint tea because of its many health benefits. It can balance your cholesterol levels and aid in digestion. If you have ever had an upset tummy then you might know that drinking mint tea can instantly soothe. Many women use it during pregnancy to control nausea and vomiting during the first and second trimester.

Mint also eases gas pains and regulates blood sugar levels. It regulates hormonal levels too which is beneficial during premenstrual syndrome and menopause.

Whether you go with peppermint or spearmint or a combo of both, it will definitely taste yummy.

The mint also appears to enhance mood and create an uplifting, relaxing experience. Coupled with kratom the euphoric benefits are very pleasant for most people.

When making mint kratom tea, use whole mint leaves instead of tea bags to truly create a wholesome preparation.

Mix a teaspoon of mint leaves with boiling water. You might want to strain out the leaves if you are using loose leaves to brew the tea. Allow to cool and stir in the kratom powder. You can then add honey or sugar for added flavor. Adding lemon can create a delightful citrus twist that will make you pucker but if you don’t enjoy tartness then you might want to forego the citrus. However, please remember that citrus acts as a potentiator so if you want outstanding results then you will want to just accept the tartness or adjust the level of sweetness accordingly.

Chamomile and Kratom

As you probably noticed above, chamomile is not only a soothing tea that is enjoyed around the world by young and old alike, but the daisy-like plant also couples well with kratom and is a substantial potentiator.

Many people turn to chamomile to help with sleeping disorders and assist with digestion. It also regulates blood sugar which is highly beneficial for prediabetes and diabetic sufferers. Without a doubt, its greatest property is its ability to relax both mentally and physically.

Creating Chamomile and Kratom Tea

5 Ways Chamomile Tea Benefits Your Health

Chamomile to Relax

The best way to enjoy chamomile is by brewing a teaspoon of dried chamomile flowers with kratom powder but you can also use widely available chamomile tea bags. If you don’t have problems with diabetes, then use sugar or honey to further sweeten the brew. Ideally, you should simmer the chamomile with the kratom on low heat for at least 20 minutes to successfully potentate the tea. If it is too weak then add more chamomile flowers and even additional kratom powder. Allow the tea to steep for seven minutes.

The Many Benefits

Enjoy a pot of chamomile tea mixed with your favorite herbal strain at the end of a long day. You can relax and gain a restful night’s sleep. Undoubtedly the herbal supplements enhanced alkaloid content mixed with the soothing qualities of the chamomile creates a powerful hot beverage that should be sipped and slowly enjoyed. Don’t be surprised if you start to feel a warming effect followed by full-body relaxation. You can just feel every tight muscle relax and your worries start to lift away. Enjoy a cup while taking a long bath or enjoy it as you read a book or watch the sunset. Your mind and body will instantly feel soothed and rejuvenated.

Yerba and Kratom Combo as a Coffee Replacement

Most people consider yerba a replacement for coffee. It has about a third less caffeine than regular coffee, but lovers appreciate the way it enhances their focus and physical performance substantially.

When making yerba mate tea with kratom, use only half a cup of yerba mate mixed with your desired dose of kratom. Run both through a French press. Then add a little water to moisten the yerba leaves. Bring the water to a boil and then add it to the French press mixture. Let it sit undisturbed for about five minutes. Now take the time to strain the tea. Ideally, you should add a twist of lime (also a kratom potentiator) and whatever sweetener you enjoy.

Iced Tea

You might be surprised to learn that one of the best ways to successfully potentiate rate is through freezing. On a hot day, who doesn’t enjoy a cold beverage? Make your kratom tea however you enjoy it and then stick it in the freezer for at least thirty minutes to successfully potentiate the beverage. The freezing process helps break down the plant fibers’ cellular walls so they successfully release the alkaloids, and your body can rapidly absorb them after ingestion.

Enjoying kratom tea is a great way to reap the many benefits of the exotic herb just as people have for centuries. Sip a cup alone or with a friend.

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