Cannabis tinctures have been extremely popular, but only recently have kratom tinctures emerged as a key player.

Many users are turning to the potent and convenient herbal option as a way to quickly ingest the alkaloids of the Mitragyna speciosa.

Portable and convenient, many foresee tinctures overtaking powders and capsules in popularity and becoming the star attraction for the best form of the herbal supplement.

A Full Spectrum Kratom Tincture

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A Full Spectrum Kratom Tincture

How do they make a kratom tincture?

This is a common question and it is a feat of manufacturing.

Basically, fresh kratom powder undergoes further processing to create a robust and fulfilling liquid extract.

Sound easy?

Well, it’s actually quite complicated and not all tinctures are created equal.

In fact, a wide diversity exists so it pays to learn as much as you can about tinctures prior to making a purchase so you make sure that you buy the best kratom tincture instead of a subpar substitute.

The Processing of a Kratom Tincture

Sadly, if not carried out properly, the transition from powder to liquid can impact the plant’s naturally occurring compounds.

May components become lost or destroyed with the process.

The alkaloids that make the herb famous are also altered and become weaker instead of more enhanced (the goal of all tinctures is to increase potency).

However, a respectable brand will use specialized manufacturing techniques to ensure that they produce a quality kratom tincture that retains all of its potent alkaloids.

What’s in a Name?

When shopping for kratom tinctures, you’ll notice that many are labeled (full spectrum).

The term is often emblazoned across not only tinctures but other liquid kratom products.

Basically, full-spectrum simply means that the product contains all of the plant’s natural alkaloids and nothing has been lost in processing.

Kratom users are typically familiar with Mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine but there are over 40 different alkaloids found in the Mitragyna speciosa tree’s plant fibers.

Each distinctive alkaloid successfully synergizes with each other to create a bevy of physical reactions when ingested.

If the processing takes away these minor alkaloids then the product loses much of its potency and quality.

Typically, a full spectrum kratom tincture will produce the physical experience intended by nature.

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Potency: Packing a Punch

Kratom tinctures pack a punch when it comes to potency.

The highly concentrated formulas contain a hugely impressive quantity of alkaloids in a single milliliter.

It takes far less tincture to gain an impact than if you use kratom powders or capsules.

In addition, the kratom tincture acts quickly when ingested.

The body takes time to break down kratom powder or capsules.

Most of the alkaloids are passed out through the digestive tract without ever being absorbed by the body’s vascular system.

This is especially true if you have recently consumed food prior to ingesting a powder or capsule because it mixes with the digesting food and passes through your system.

However, with a tincture, you can place a few drops under your tongue for fast sublingual ingestion.

The membrane area under your tongue contains a wealth of blood vessels that the tincture quickly sinks into.

The impact of the herb is quick, strong, and effective when ingested in this way.

If you do not wish to sublingually ingest the kratom tincture then you can rest assured that your body will rapidly absorb the drops if you swallow them.

This is due to the liquid base that suspends the alkaloids.

With no plant matter to break down, your body can make quick use of the alkaloids.

Pain sufferers seem to prefer kratom tinctures over powders or capsules because the form gives them the relief they need quickly.

The fast absorption renders fantastic results at a rapid pace within the body.

Freshness in a Bottle

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Making Your Own Tincture

Powders and capsules quickly start to degrade and lose potency when not stored properly.

They are also susceptible to humidity and other storage problems which can impact their freshness.

Storage is always a problem, especially if you are in a humid location.

However, with tinctures, storage is far easier and you don’t have to worry about the loss of potency because the tincture’s shelf life is longer than that of powder or capsules.

With a one year or greater shelf life, you don’t have to worry about a kratom tincture losing potency.

Residue-Free and Pure

The extraction process used to manufacture kratom often uses solvents such as pentane or hexane and can leave behind residual amounts.

Clearly, when you opt to purchase a kratom tincture you must pay close attention to the brand’s extraction process and avoid any that use solvents.

You want a residue-free and pure tincture obtained with a chemical-free extraction process.

Yes, you’ll pay more for a premium grade tincture but the quality truly matters.

Benefits of a Kratom Tincture

The following are just a few benefits of the herbal supplement:

Greater Effects

The effects of kratom tinctures outdo other forms of the herb.

The intense effects take hold quickly and last a long time – typically eight to ten hours.

You can use a small amount in the morning and reap the benefits all day long.

Not to mention, it only takes a tiny amount of tincture to prove effective.

Reduced Dose

Usually, two drops of a kratom tincture render amazingly strong effects.

You do not want to ever take too much of a tincture or underestimate its strength.

Yes, kratom tinctures cost more but you use extraordinarily little which can actually make a tincture a budget-conscious choice and a great way to save money.

Improved Portability

Kratom powder has portability problems.

The messy nature of the powder also makes it less than ideal.

However, tinctures are wonderfully portable and rivaled only by capsules for ease of use.

You don’t have to worry about the mess as you do with powder.

Making a Kratom Tincture

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DIY Kratom Tinctures

If you are a DIY kind of person then why not try making your own kratom tincture?

Basically, creating a kratom tincture requires only a few easy steps once you have all of the necessary ingredients.


  • Ethanol
  • Bottle
  • 1 pound of citric acid
  • Strainer
  • Sealable container (glass)
  • PH tinctures
  • Kratom powder

Follow these steps to make your own DIY kratom tincture:

  1. For every four ounces of kratom, use one liter of ethyl alcohol.  Put the kratom powder into a glass jar and add the ethyl alcohol.
  2. Add citric acid to the kratom powder/alcohol mixture until it reaches a pH level of four. Use the pH test strips to check the pH level as you add the citric acid.
  3. Seal the glass container closed and store it in a dark, cool location for a week. Do not expose the jar to direct sunlight.
  4. Open the glass container and strain the mixture after one week. Use cheesecloth to effectively strain. Remove all of the powder so that all that remains is the liquid.
  5. Place the cheesecloth over the open jar and allow the liquid to evaporate. As the liquid evaporates the tincture becomes potent. At some point, pour the tincture into a tincture bottle. It is now ready for use.
  6. Store your kratom tincture in your fridge to maintain freshness.

If you would like to learn more about kratom tinctures or anything kratom, please contact My Kratom Club.