In some parts of the world, such as the U.S., kratom might seem like a relatively new herbal supplement but it is a holistic plant that has been used for centuries. Kratom leaves are obtained from an evergreen tree known as the Mitragyna speciosa. The tropical tree belongs to the coffee family (rubiaceae) and grows naturally throughout much of Thailand and many parts of East Asia. Life-changing kratom benefits have been coveted by the locals for centuries who chew the leaves or brew them into tea. Depending on the strain, the plant’s leaves act as a stimulant or depressant comparable to a neurological narcotic.

Life-Changing Kratom Effects

You might be wondering about the rumored life-changing kratom effects. Kratom triggers and effects the narcotic receptors found within the brain which help to relieve pain.

The plant’s alkaloids have a remarkably similar effect on the body as prescribed opiates.

However, the holistic supplement has few – if any- side effects when used properly.

The Power of Kratom Alkaloids

Unlike controlled substances, kratom depends on alkaloids for potency. However, the effects are remarkably similar. Many people turn to it for potential pain-relieving qualities which many consider similar to morphine, oxycodone, or hydrocodone.

Traditionally, most considered Mitragynine the active alkaloid found in the plant but further research in 2002 revealed that there were additional active alkaloid ingredients that all complement each other.

Although Mitragynine leads in sheer volume within the plant’s vascular system and fibers, other alkaloids also exist and vary in quantity depending on the strain.

The leaves contain over twenty-five known alkaloids and forty compounds with Mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine standing out as the lead players.

Mitragynine in Kratom

In the 1970s, the pharmaceutical industry researched the medical benefits of the alkaloid Mitragyna.

The scientific study was unable to find a viable use for kratom which spurred the controversy around the plant.

However, despite the decades-old study – millions around the world extensively use kratom and have for centuries. In fact, three to five million Americans use kratom every year as an herbal supplement.

Additional Research Surrounding Kratom

In 2002, researchers in Japan tested the active organic compound  7-hydroxymitragynine found in kratom. They were so impressed that they filed a patent for medical derivatives of Mitragynine. The newer research models have spurred renewed interest in kratom as a viable supplement that has the potential to help many ailments.

Discovering Kratom

Kratom as Powder

Kratom as Powder

The tropical tree has risen to fame as a holistic herb used for centuries. In recent decades East Asian students, workers, and professionals have started to widely use kratom to improve their focus and concentration. Also, white, and green strains are reputed to enhance endurance. The possibilities seem endless. Chronic pain sufferers, drug addicts, and those looking improve their overall health are now exploring the often life-changing benefits of kratom.

Opioid Addiction and Kratom

In recent years, especially in the United States, an opioid problem has become a serious health issue. In most cases, over-prescribed opioids have spurred the addictions. Sadly, many are seeking ways to kick the habit, but the withdrawals experienced from narcotic addiction are often overwhelming and the addict returns to again abusing the drugs. In recent years, many are turning to kratom as a possible coping supplement to get them through the rough times of withdrawal.

Students and Kratom

Students Often Use Kratom

Students Often Use Kratom

The scientific jury remains out on whether kratom can improve a person’s cognitive abilities. However, some students will swear that when they use kratom their concentration is better, and they can more easily retain information for future tests and exams.

The Use of Kratom in America

In America, kratom remains relatively new compared to other herbs like cannabis which are more widely used. However, in its native homeland of East Asia within countries like Thailand, Malaysia, and Siam, kratom has been used for centuries. Workers would regularly chew the leaves because of the believed increase in energy and stimulation. Also, during social events, it is not uncommon to brew a pot of kratom tea for everyone to sip together. Depending on the location, locals often use kratom in meaningful festivals.

Kratom Strains Vary

Nowadays, in the U.S. kratom has become a popular herb sold by online retailers, at smoke shops, and dispensaries.

Holistic health professionals hunt out the herbal supplement because it is rumored to not only ease the pain but also for fever, polytechnic disease, and diarrhea. Please remember, depending on the strain, there will be varying degrees of the alkaloids so one strain might work well for some things and another strain for something else. Also, the effects of the strains vary among users. What works great for one person might not for another.

Building up a tolerance is often a problem so users will alternate strains to always keep their bodies guessing and to avoid kratom tolerance.

Health Advantages of Kratom

Kratom is a misunderstood herbal supplement. Many people claim that it performs a wide array of physical benefits but the health advantages of kratom remain only a rumor and not fact. Some users might fall in love with kratom and others can take it or leave it. Everyone’s body chemistry is different. Also, please remember that strains vary greatly. You will want to only purchase premium kratom too and avoid any inferior products to maximize the effects of the herb.

Life-Changing Kratom Benefits and Pain Relief

The alkaloids in kratom could act as an analgesic. They trigger the same narcotic receptors located in your central nervous system as opioids. When stimulated, the narcotic receptors discharge endorphins and enkephalins that numb your pain receptors to dull your perception of discomfort. Sufferers of joint pain, degenerative joint diseases, and other chronic painful conditions often try kratom in the hopes of gaining relief. The most potent strains to experiment with are Maeng Da, Red, and Bali strains.

Using Kratom for Addictions

As mentioned, kratom works on the body’s narcotic receptors just like opioids. Addicts trying to cope with the withdrawals brought on from chronic opioid use to the herbal compound. Kratom can activate the supraspinal letter and the delta narcotic receptors located in the brain. Such receptors are reputed to curb cravings that occur during detox. Also, the symptoms of narcotic withdrawal such as vomiting, cramps, nausea, mood upheaval, anxiety, and wakefulness may respond to the herb to help create a smoother transition through the narcotic withdrawal stages.

It additionally helps scale back the symptoms of narcotic withdrawal-like cramps, vomiting, nausea, wakefulness, and pain, along with elevating the users’ mood with its anti-anxiety action. Studies have shown kratom could prove beneficial in addicts overcoming their dependence on diacetylmorphine.

Learning to Reduce Stress, Anxiety, and Depression

Do you have a lot of stress in your life? Perhaps you suffer from anxiety or depression. Many who are looking for ways to improve their mental and emotional help turn to kratom to try to facilitate calm. Also, kratom acts as a psycho-stimulant that releases endorphins and 5-hydroxytryptamine which have been shown to enhance mood.

Anxious thoughts send your mind racing so the goal is always to create calm in the storm by curtailing the response and easing tension. Kratom appears to provide a confident feeling and might even make you more sociable which are perks to your mental health.

Anxiety and hysteria are difficult to live with. You could have muscle cramps, sleep disorders, heart palpitations, sweating, hyperventilation, and more. Also, mood swings, feelings of chronic stress, and panic attacks all make life difficult. To ease such responses, many are turning to kratom for relaxation of both the mind and body. However, the results always vary and depend on the strain used and the quality of the herb. In addition, kratom users should factor in dosage when trying to gain crucial results.

Productivity and Kratom

To unleash your productivity and creativity, you might want to explore kratom. Many users believe that the alkaloids and  7-hydroxy Mitragynine are a benefit in helping to promote their focus so they can work for long periods of time. They feel a certain calming of the mind which lets them better focus on certain things. Perhaps, it is the feel-good chemicals released by the kratom that render such a pleasurable response in many. Without a doubt, calming down, focusing, and feeling more relaxed are all perks for most, especially if you lack motivation and your mind wanders. Life-changing kratom benefits are different for everyone but worth a try if you want to increase your productivity.

Kratom and Motivation

As mentioned, many believe that kratom jumpstarts their motivation levels. They feel like they are more capable of getting things done and many have called the effects an ‘adrenaline rush.’ Kratom appears to activate the sympathetic nerves through a process of cathartic adrenaline combined with a vasoconstrictor. In addition, the herb appears to discharge monoamine neurotransmitters, 5-hydroxytryptamine, which are two necessary chemicals associated with reinforcing motivation.

Heart Health

Many users turn to kratom to find balance in the body’s hormones which have been rumored to improve the function of the body’s blood vessels and arteries. If your cardiovascular system is working in tip-top shape, then your less likely to suffer from heart disease. Also, you are physically in a better position to defend against having a heart attack, stroke, or some other form of coronary artery problem.

Greater Drive

Imagine getting a good night’s sleep and having greater sexual drive.  Men suffering from erectile dysfunction (ED) are always looking for holistic ways to improve their body’s response during sex. Researchers believe that kratom might help regulate the sleep-wake cycle which helps to overcome sleep disorders, night terrors, and parasomnia.  Sleep is exceptional restorative so any nudge that you can get to sleep better is a benefit.

Inflammation in the Body

Naturopathic passionately believes that kratom scales back inflammation. Furthermore, they think it helps reduce swelling and pain that result from inflammation. Sufferers of autoimmune disorders and degenerative joint disease might want to further investigate the potential of kratom.

Additional Kratom Effects and Benefits

Loose Bowels

The body’s alimentary canal is directly influenced by the parasympathetic system. Healers and herbal advocates think that kratom may ease loose bowels by controlling the parasympathetic system and retarding vermiculation.

Antioxidants and Kratom

Many researchers claim that antioxidants help defend against cancer by stopping the formation of free radicals. It appears that kratom is brimming with antioxidants which could prove beneficial to the user’s future health.

Weight Loss

Who does not want to lose a few pounds? If you feel calmer and enjoy mood balance, then you will have an easier time digesting. Kratom also appears to help regulate the satiation center in the brain’s neural structure so you might feel greater satisfaction and less hunger.

Battling Fatigue

In Asia, workers use kratom to boost their energy so they can perform often back-breaking labor seven days a week. However, sufferers of chronic fatigue syndrome might experience a pick-me-up with certain strains. In most cases, the energy burst created from kratom will last from two to six hours.

How to Take Kratom

In Southeast Asia, workers chew the leaves or brew them into tea. However, you can purchase kratom powder and capsules from a wide array of retailers. With a powder, you can dissolve the substance in juice or water. Some people even use it to flavor teas or create smoothies. Kratom capsules are great to take right alongside your other daily vitamin and mineral regime.

Is Kratom Addictive?

You should not overuse kratom nor stick to one single strain or you could build up a kratom tolerance. To avoid kratom tolerance, you can alternate strains daily. Also, you should always take the lowest dose to achieve results to avoid building a resistance to the herb. Remember, you should never use a high dose of kratom, or you could experience hangover-like effects which could last days.

My Kratom Experience

If you are wondering how the My Kratom Club became a reality, then let me give you the background.

As a sufferer of inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), I wanted kratom to gently impact my life in a physical and emotional way so that my enjoyment of life increased.

I used two grams of kratom to start out and I personally experienced positive results.

My digestion improved and I stopped having loose stools.

I also felt like my stress was lower, I enjoyed a good night’s sleep, and I gained a great feeling of overall well-being.

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