Medicinal uses for kratom are not well known by many and have shown to provide help to those in desperate need for help with a multitude of ailments.

United States of America Opiate Use

It’s mind-boggling to know that in the original writing of this article that the USA is just 4.6% of the planet’s inhabitants.

At the exact same time, the USA uses 80 percent of the pharmaceutical opiates manufactured.

There are 131 million Americans using opiates as per a consulting firm IQVIA Health.

As of 2014, the equivalent of approximately 125 Americans passed away by an overdose of prescription pain relievers.

The Kratom Plant: Medicinal Uses for Kratom 

There is a much better approach to opiate use and an herb that has been used for nearly 200 years.

There’s an astonishing and still relatively unknown plant named Kratom.

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Kratom is a very large plant and part of the Rubiaceae family, native to Southeast Asia.

There are over 25 alkaloids which include the most prevalent mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine which are both found in the kratom leaves.

Kratom leaves are chewed and used by the natives as a stimulant.

When taken in lower doses it acts as a stimulant but with larger doses can act as a sedative.

A variety of tests have revealed that kratom impacts the human brain similar to an opiate.

Six Kinds of Kratom Leaves

Red Vein Kratom: The Mightiest of Kratom Strains | Paid Content | San Antonio | San Antonio Current

Leaves from the Mitragynine specosa

  • Thai (Thailand)
  • Indo (Indonesia)
  • Malay (Malaysia)
  • Borneo (Indonesia)
  • Maeng Da (Enhanced Thai)
  • Bali (Sumatra and Borneo Combination) Each kind has its own flavor, durability, and colour. Have a peek at the many choices we have available HERE. Let us discuss the general advantages of this Kratom leaves and we could get into more detail regarding the breeds.

Advantages of Medicinal Uses For Kratom 

There are various advantages to Kratom beyond what’s recorded here however under are what we are the most notable. These leaves have shown to help improve your immune system, lower glucose levels, foster energy, recover from dependence, reduce stress and mood swings, and enhancing cardiovascular health. Also, kratom has shown to boost fertility. Below we will go into a bit more detail about the many uses of Kratom.

Kratom For Anxiety Relief

By changing the hormonal system the leaves can relieve pain through the body quite quickly. The leaves increase the amount of dopamine released throughout your body.

Immune System Booster

The alkaloids present in the kratom leaves are a significant factor in aiding the strength and resiliency of their immune system. Users have reported recovering from sickness faster and maintaining an overall healthier sense of well-being.


Blood glucose levels have demonstrated in clinical studies to have an overall positive effect on blood sugar.

The alkaloids that live in the leaves may alter the glucose and insulin in the blood.

This helps decrease the down and up blood glucose levels of diabetics.

Energy Booster

Has shown to have the ability to boost metabolic functions in the body and increase hormone levels.

Data has shown an increased supply and flow of oxygenated blood in important areas of the human body.

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome sufferers have been very grateful to find a solution to their lack of energy with these natural leaves.

Medicinal Uses For Kratom: Recovering From Addiction

For the last 20 years, kratom plants have aided with opium withdrawals.

There’s a similar feeling felt when using the various types of Kratom as to taking opium.

Fortunately without the exact same side effects and comedowns.

Many opium-dependent people have often taken advantage of this plant to stop out-of-control addictions to opiates, barbiturates, and even nicotine.

Stress & Disposition

Suffering from chronic anxiety is very common now. Use kratom as an anxiolytic to change hormones and level out chemical imbalances.

Assisting with anxiety along with depression, mood swings, and your typical everyday stress.

Cardiovascular Health

A fall in blood pressure was found when using these leaves.

A significant drop from users also demonstrated a decrease in inflammation.

This relief of stress on the cardiovascular system can help avoid atherosclerosis, heart attack, and stroke.

Fertility Boosting

By upping cardiovascular health overall kratom generates more blood circulation and an extra boost of energy.

The additional blood circulation has shown to help with fertility and even aid in improving conception.

Our Final Thoughts on Medicinal Uses For Kratom 

It’s amazing what a completely all-natural organic plant could do for your body.

All of the different types of medicinal uses for Kratom are eye-opening.

The tree has and continues to help a lot of men and women.

The recorded benefits here are only a handful of what Kratom has shown to help with.

We have testimonials from people of all walks of life who are utilizing Kratom and you’ll be able to view their testimonials before congress HERE.

Medicinal Uses For Kratom

Please note that kratom has not been tested by the FDA.

Any claims made in this article are based on independent clinical studies and customer feedback.

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