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MIT 45 Kratom Shots

Pros and Cons of MIT 45 Kratom Shots, the Facts, and Everything You Should Know

A liquid kratom shot is a hassle-free way to consume the herb and experience its complete set of effects. Many kratom vendors have entered the competition and come up with their signature mixtures, but one brand has been deemed an unparalleled force — MIT 45. How much do you know about the brand and its signature shots? Let’s find out!

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What Is the MIT 45 Kratom Shot?

A kratom shot is a liquid extract that’s a highly condensed form of kratom. It’s considered miles ahead of powders and capsules in terms of potency and convenience.

MIT 45 Kratom shots are made from a unique extraction process where the leaves or raw powder are boiled, strained, and further heated to form a thick, potent paste. This is further mixed with water/alcohol and refreshing natural flavors to give you an on-the-go kratom marvel!

The brand mentions a special Triple Purification Process™ that’s designed to give the user the full spectrum of effects and exceptional quality formulas.

Facts About MIT 45 Kratom Shots

MIT 45 means 45% Mitragyna speciosa, indicative of the concentration of kratom’s active alkaloid (mitragynine) used in the products. The company started its operations in 2012 as a South Sea Ventures product in America.

The brand isn’t all about liquid extracts — MIT 45 also carries raw leaf powders and capsules. But its kratom shots are undoubtedly what has set it apart from other brands. The company is considered the gold standard of full-spectrum Kratom. Its products are prepared in a CGMP facility, promising safety and purity.

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Pros and Cons of MIT 45 Kratom Shots

Here are the pros and cons of MIT 45 Shots to keep in mind if you’re considering buying them:


  1. AKA/GMP certified and readily available both online and locally

  2. Unparalleled in the kratom industry and valued for their potency

  3. Rigorously tested at third-party, accredited labs

  4. Proprietary Triple Purification Process that yields 100% pure, quality extracts

  5. Perfect for an on-the-go energy boost and increasing productivity

  6. Raging positive reviews by kratom lovers across the nation


  1. Too overpowering for new users

  2. The effects don’t last for a long time

Popular MIT 45 Kratom Shots

MIT 45 uses verified techniques to isolate the most powerful alkaloids, delivering unparalleled formulas. These shots mainly contain mitragyna speciosa (45% mitragynine), vegetable glycerin, malic acid, natural and artificial stabilizers, trace amounts of alcohol, and distilled water.

There are five different MIT 45 Shots available depending on your needs:

  1. MIT 45 Boost

MIT 45 Boost is often called lightning in a bottle for its powerful dose of energy. It adds caffeine to the classic MIT 45 recipe and packs 152 mg of mitragynine extract, giving you a strong, energizing, pick-me-up for the daytime!

  1. MIT 45 Go

The Go Extra-Strength Shot comes in an on-the-go pouch and has a delicious citrus flavor. It includes 150 mg of kratom extract and packs a punch! The shot is enhanced with cinnamon, honey, black pepper extract, and tapioca syrup.

  1. MIT 45 Gold

The “Gold Standard” of extract shots, MIT 45 Gold is packed with 250 mg of full-spectrum kratom extract. It’s made with pure Maeng Da strain to energize and refresh!

  1. MIT 45 Super K

If you think it can’t get any better than Gold, you’re probably not considering the MIT 45 Super K Extract Shot. Each bottle contains 600 mg of mitragynine, giving you a unique, potent blend.

  1. MIT 45 Super K Extra Strong

MIT 45 Super K Extra Strong is marketed as the most potent product on the market. It contains an astounding 1300mg of mitragynine extract that’s exclusively for seasoned users!

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The MIT 45 Kratom Shots are undoubtedly among the best kratom extract options on the market. The brand has quickly earned its place in the kratom industry with its transparent marketing and reliable formulas. If you want to witness the limits of kratom as a seasoned user, you can check out the MIT 45 Kratom Shots available at!

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