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Netflix Kratom Documentary: A Leaf of Faith 

Netflix Kratom Documentary: A Leaf of Faith

You are probably familiar with kratom.

The herb’s burgeoning nationwide popularity is undeniable.

You can now find the supplement in grocery stores, vape stores, smoke shops, marijuana dispensaries, head shops, gas stations, naturopathic retailers, and online vendors.

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Everyone is talking about it and your friends are probably even using kratom or have at least tried it.

Netflix has moved to jump on the kratom bandwagon by releasing their new documentary on the plant.

In the short flick, they examine the reputed healing powers of kratom and take a close look at how it has helped to defeat opioid addiction.

In addition, they also struggle to explain exactly why the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is pushing hard to make the natural substance illegal nationwide.

A Leaf of Faith: The Netflix Kratom Documentary

First Trailer for 'A Leaf of Faith' Doc About a Natural Opioid Alternative |

Exploring the groundbreaking documentary, A Leaf of Faith – Netflix Kratom Documentary

Filmmaker Chris Bell brings the Netflix kratom documentary A Leaf of Faith to life with excellent reporting.

Spurred by the startling statistics of drug overdoses in the U.S, Bell set out to lift the veil. His goal- to reveal the truth surrounding kratom.

In 2017, over 72,000 people died because of drug overdoses.

Out of those deaths, 30,000 occurred as a result of the deadly prescription narcotic painkiller fentanyl.

Kratom to Overcome the Opioid Crisis

In Chris Bell’s opinion, the United States does not have a drug problem but it’s a pain epidemic.

The way to overcome the problem is the use of kratom, a natural herbal supplement that can ease pain and has helped innumerable opioid addicts kick their addiction.

Bell himself used kratom to overcome a pharmaceutical opioid problem.

Sadly, he believes that the FDA is focused on criminalizing the very solution to the opioid crisis by outlawing kratom.

What is Kratom: Taking an In-depth Look

Bell, who is a professional powerlifter who also specializes in filmmaking, has recently released his new documentary on Netflix – A Leaf of Faith.

In the in-depth film expose, he explores the ins and outs of kratom so that the viewer learns all the properties of the natural herb.

In addition, the filmmaker does a phenomenal job of explaining how kratom is a leaf obtained from the Mitragyna speciosa tree.

The tree, a relative of the coffee family and related closely to the gardenia, grows throughout much of Southeast Asia.

Forms of Kratom

The Netflix kratom documentary, which is currently out, examines the various ingestion methods that kratom users commonly utilize to obtain the plant’s benefits.

Therefore, many use kratom as an alternative to opioids and some even turn to the herbal supplement to wean themselves off the habit-forming opioid class of drugs and other addictions.

Controversy and Kratom

Chris Bell Uncovers the Holy Grail of Pain Relief in A Leaf of Faith Exclusive Clip

Chris Bell, the Filmmaker – Netflix Kratom Documentary

Currently, scientific research is relatively scant.

Many misconceptions surround the dietary supplement herb.

The lack of information can lead to controversies.

In the Netflix kratom documentary, they look at a case that involves a Florida mother, Mary Tabar, who is suing a kratom tea bar because she believes that the herb caused permanent brain damage to her 19-year-old daughter.

Also, the lawsuit claims that kratom is “a dangerous product that has certainly caused injury to people, and it has certainly caused injury to our client.”

The lawsuit goes on to claim that Tabar’s daughter was a regular customer at Bula on the Beach, Bula Kafe, and Mad Hatter’s Ethnobotanical Tea Bar, which are all located in Florida’s Pinellas County.

According to Taber, her daughter often drank kratom tea from the locations over a four-year time span.

The establishments all failed to issue warnings concerning the dangerous side effects of kratom which makes them responsible for “bodily injury and resulting pain and suffering, aggravation of a pre-existing condition, mental anguish, loss of capacity for the enjoyment of life, past and future medical and nursing care expenses and treatment,” according to the lawsuit.

FDA and Kratom

As controversies erupt, the FDA has stepped forward.

FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb has made it public that he intends to make sure that kratom is classified as a Schedule 1 drug. Clearly, many believe that he is not looking at the science and rushing to make a rash decision.

In 2016, the FDA and DEA tried to ban kratom, but the public protest was extreme and led to its last-minute defeat.

Also, the FDA maintains that kratom’s potential for abuse is a significant factor and cause for concern.

A Leaf of Faith and Critics

In the Netflix kratom documentary, Bell interviews many who criticize kratom.

He also talks to diehard advocates of the herb to arrive at conclusions about the plant.

Therefore, Bell believes that the FDA is wrong about kratom.

He explores ways that people can help to ensure that kratom remains legal.

In an interview with Merry Jane,

Bell states the following about kratom addiction, “ That it’s as addictive as opioids.

And I think that we need to be honest in our discussion of addiction and what that means at different levels.

So coffee is very addictive; sugar is highly, highly addictive — eight times as addictive as cocaine.

We don’t see people knocking over liquor stores to get a candy bar.

And we don’t see the kind of erratic behavior out of kratom users that we see out of opioid users.”

Keeping Kratom Legal

Indiana's kratom law is weird for one specific reason

Kratom in Capsule and Powder Form – Netflix Kratom Documentary

Bell feels strongly that kratom needs to remain legal and available for use.

He encourages others who feel the way he does to make their voices heard, “Twitter is a powerful tool, and it’s evidenced by our president.

You know if you can tweet and you can compose these little 140 or 280-character pieces of dynamite, that’s all people have time for now.

You can call your congressman and say, “I want to keep this plant legal, it’s very effective for me.” You can ask for meetings with them.”

He goes on to state, “I would be the first person to say, “Take it off the shelves if it actually killed someone.” And you also gotta put that into perspective about actually killing somebody — how many people die every single day from opioids and nobody says anything about it?

So, when Scott Gottlieb tweets about kratom deaths, I just tweet him back, “72,000 people died on your watch last year from drug overdoses. What are you doing about that?”

He’s ignoring the real problem over and over and over, and that’s what we need to discuss.”

A Kratom Journey

Is 'A Leaf of Faith' on Netflix in Canada? Where to Watch the Documentary - New On Netflix Canada

A Look at the Impact of Kratom and the Opioid Crisis – Netflix Kratom Documentary

The Netflix kratom documentary takes the viewer on a journey as Bell heads to Malaysia.

The viewer explores the home of kratom where the herb has been used for centuries by the locals.

Bell’s goal is to show that the hysteria surrounding kratom.

He wants to prove that the fears of the U.S. government officials in the FDA and DEA are unfounded.

In Southeast Asia, kratom has been favored as a holistic medication, for use in festivals, by laborers, and as a social tea without any reputed problems of addiction to the plant.

Also, the documentary reveals that no one in SE Asia has ever overdosed on kratom.

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In a Leaf of Faith, Bell addresses his concerns about the purity of kratom.

In addition, he looks at the importance of the various kratom brands conducting laboratory tests to ensure that the products are safe.

Without a doubt, he takes an interesting look at the possible dangers of impurities while pushing one brand vs. others.

However, he does back the purity statements for Urban Ice Organics.

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We always keep purity, safety, and potency in mind when picking which products we offer.

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