Oasis Kratom Reviewed: Is The Brand Worth A Try?

Oasis Kratom Reviewed: Is The Brand Worth A Try?

Picking a kratom brand is always a big decision whether you are a newbie user or a seasoned kratom fan. In this article, we will explore the Oasis kratom brand to determine if it is a must-try. As the popularity of kratom grows, the number of brands available only increases. It’s hard to know which ones are the best and which ones you should avoid. Not all kratom brands are created equal so carrying out a little research can help you decide which ones are worth the cost.

About Oasis Kratom

Oasis Kratom has made a name for themselves as a retailer of kratom but they are also a wholesale seller with their own Oasis kratom brand. They specialize in kratom powders and capsules. The kratom that goes into their products is obtained from farms in Southeast Asia. Unlike many brands, they do perform laboratory testing on their products to guarantee purity.

Good Manufacturing Practice Participant

GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) certification shows that Oasis kratom participates in the GMP Standards program which shows their dedication to the highest level of manufacturing processes. All kratom brands that possess a GMP certification have been produced under the greatest quality standards

The GMP system helps to minimize risks that are often involved in the pharmaceutical production of certain products. Risks such as contamination of products, incorrect labels, and insufficient or excessive ingredients are reduced. GMP focuses on all aspects of the manufacturing process, including the facility and equipment used. Even the personal hygiene of the staff carrying out the functions is factored into the process. Precise details that outline the procedures for each process from start to finish are followed every time the kratom product is manufactured.

Origin of Oasis Kratom

The world is a big place and many areas with suitable growing environments are getting in on the kratom game. Also, kratom cultivation is springing up in places like South America and Vietnam. Clearly, the origin of the kratom powder being marketed by various brands is important. You want to know where your kratom was grown and cured. All of Oasis kratom is obtained from farms located in Bali and Indonesia. The farms are all vetted to ensure that they are reputable and dedicated to eco-friendly farming techniques. With environmentally conscious farming practices, the kratom obtained is fresh, clean, and free of potential toxins.

Dangers of Kratom Contamination

The kratom market is a bit rogue which is both good and bad. From a health perspective, it’s not good to adhere to strict health standards such as laboratory testing. Many kratom brands, even leading ones, still do not test their products beyond the basics.

Anyone who has used kratom for several years remembers 2018 when the herb was blamed for a widespread salmonella outbreak that left 199 people sick across 41 states. Thirty-eight percent required hospitalization according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). The enormity of the situation was a wake-up call to many in the kratom community and drove home the fact that manufacturers need to have their products tested and remain vigilant to keep their users safe.

Heavy Metal Contamination

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Testing for Heavy Metals

In addition to salmonella, another danger is heavy metal contamination. The United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) tested 30 kratom products for heavy metals. Their tests revealed, “significant levels of lead and nickel at concentrations that exceed safe exposure for oral daily drug intake.” The report was alarming enough that the agency went on to work that long-term exposure to lead and nickel found in the herb could lead to heavy metal poisoning which could cause damage to the nervous system, increased risk of certain carcinomas, and high blood pressure.

Dr. Rais Vohra, the medical director of the Fresno/Madera division of the California Poison Control System stated “We’ve already been telling people that kratom is dangerous. There are acute effects, withdrawal effects, salmonella, and now here’s evidence that there are heavy metals as well. This is just one more reason to avoid kratom products.”

The possible exposure to lead in kratom is especially concerning. The World Health Organization (WHO) clearly states that there is absolutely no safe level of exposure when it comes to lead. The heavy metal can quickly attack many systems in the body such as the kidneys, bones, liver, and brain.

The potential of a child inadvertently being exposed to lead via kratom is especially worrisome. “Small children have an exceedingly high risk of lead-related complications because they’re still growing. Their brains and bones are still developing, and lead exposure at younger ages can lead to damage that’s been well-documented,” Vohra said.

With kratom, the potential for nickel exposure is also very real and can be every bit as dangerous as lead. Exposure to nickel often causes a skin rash. When ingested it can cause chronic bronchitis, lung cancer, and other carcinomas such as sinus and nasal cavities.

Oasis Kratom Laboratory Testing

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Lab Testing Kratom

Luckily, Oasis kratom takes the potential for heavy metal or other contamination very seriously. All their products undergo laboratory testing to ensure purity. Furthermore, each batch of kratom undergoes independent third party laboratory testing to ensure purity. Oasis kratom tests for the presence of heavy metals, pesticides, microbial, and MIT count (Mitragynine count). Their lab results help to assure you of purity and potency. There is no guessing if you are receiving an adequate dose of the promised alkaloids.

Interestingly, Oasis kratom has all its products undergo eight tests for salmonella, E. coli staph, mold, and yeast. Their dedication to testing clearly makes their products stand out from the rest. Their testing is in complete accordance with GMP regulations which specify a square root of the lot size (n) + 1 to guarantee true purity and safety of each batch.

Oasis kratom has every single lot (1000) undergoes nine tests to make sure the Mitragyna speciosa is pure and free of potential microbes such as e-Coli, staphylococcus aureus, listeria, and salmonella. Furthermore, the lab looks for yeast and mold. Oasis kratom products test at or right around 1.5 percent MIT and 0.15 percent 7-OH. The products when blended in small batches helps guarantee consistency.

Oasis Kratom Powders

For centuries, residents of Southeast Asia have used kratom in powder form. Ingesting kratom powder usually involves placing a spoonful of the powder directly in your mouth. You can then take a swallow of water to wash it down. The process is referred to as a toss and wash method. It’s surprisingly effective but most people feel it’s extremely uncomfortable and unpleasant.

Kratom powder is very bitter because of the alkaloid content. It leaves a nasty taste in the user’s mouth. Also, just holding the dry powder in your mouth can automatically activate your gag reflex and cause you to start coughing. You certainly don’t want to cough with a mouth full of powder because you’ll end up wasting your costly powder when you spit it out. Luckily, in recent years, kratom has been released as capsules and Oasis kratom has embraced the capsule revolution with open arms. They now offer their kratom strains in easy-to-swallow capsules that are quick and efficient, and they also still provide their kratom powders.

Oasis Kratom Capsules


Kratom Capsules

All the kratom that goes into kratom capsules is remarkably pure. They have removed all veins and stems from the product and only grind up the leaf fiber, so it becomes an exceptionally fine and flowery texture. Capsules offer easy digestibility and quickness.

Oasis kratom offers the following capsules:

  • Green, White, or Red Borneo Capsules
  • Red or Yellow Vietnam Capsules
  • White Elephant Capsules
  • Red, White, or Green Bali Capsules
  • Green, White, Yellow or Red Maeng da Capsules
  • Red Dragon Capsules
  • Red or White Thai Capsules
  • White Indo
  • Green Malay Capsules
  • Green or White Sumatra Capsules

Benefits of Oasis Kratom Capsules

There are many benefits to taking kratom capsules. Basically, swallowing a capsule is easy and efficient. You can take the herb right alongside your daily supplements. You can also discreetly pack capsules in a bottle or your pocket to use during the day. They are easy to swallow and remarkably efficient. Each capsule contains an accurate dose so there is no guessing about how much kratom you are taking. You can easily get the same dose.

Oasis Kratom Review – Conclusion


The Oasis Label

The variety of kratom offered by the Oasis kratom brand is impressive. There is something for everyone. You’ll find your favorite strains. Newbies and frequent kratom users won’t be disappointed with this brand. If you want a heavy hitter then you can go with Oasis Maeng Da or if you want something more mellow than opting for one of the other strains.

The main thing that stands out about Oasis kratom in this review is its dedication to purity. It’s something that you don’t encounter in every kratom brand and it is refreshing. Stringent laboratory testing protocols provide peace of mind.

If you would like to learn more about other kratom brands and strains, please contact My Kratom Club.

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