OPMS is a kratom company located in Atlanta, Georgia. They are an online retailer that sells numerous strains. The company calls itself Optimized Plant Mediated Solutions, OPMS. They claim to only sell organically purified kratom (Mitragyna speciosa). However, many people might feel puzzled over exactly what organically purified means. Overall, it indicates that the trees are cultivated using natural, organic practices free of pesticides or harmful substances. Basically, the trees are grown as Mother Nature intended. The proclamation sets OPMS apart from other kratom retailers and makes it worth consideration. In this OPMS kratom review, we will explore their products and the hype surrounding the brand.

OPMS History



If you are looking for a leader in the kratom industry, then you do not have to look further then OPMS. They are a leader in the Kratom industry and have been since there early inception in the United States. They made their debut in 2010. Their cold process extractions were undoubtedly one of the main things that made them so famous. At the time, no other kratom brand was offering such impressive and innovative products. They had managed to hone the extraction process into a true art form. The brand’s focus on keeping their products top-shelf has not gone unnoticed by their dedicated users. They understand how to maintain the plant’s delicate alkaloids during extraction which is one of the main things that makes them stand apart from the competition.

Synthetic Ingredients

As with every brand that has been around for years, there are a lot of rumors about OPMS that are invalid. One of them is that they put synthetic ingredients into their products. However, this OPMS kratom review has found no merit in the circulated rumors. In fact, OPMS strongly denies the use of any synthetic ingredients and stands beside their claim that they only offer natural kratom. Without a doubt, many companies do add synthetic alkaloids to their products but OPMS does not.

A Clear OPMS Kratom Review

You will find three OPMS kratom products. You might hesitate because three items do not seem like a huge inventory but, remember, quality over quantity matters. If you want an organic, natural kratom product then you should think about a kratom brand that focuses on the superiority of its products versus having a huge inventory. OPMS offers OPMS Gold Extract (capsules), OPMS Silver (Maeng Da), OPMS OPK Kava, and OPMS Liquid. Without a doubt, OPMS Liquid is immensely popular, and what many consider the brand’s flagship or hallmark product. If you run a Google search of OPMS products, the OPMS Liquid always comes up first as one of the most researched or sought-after kratom items. Even social media posts show the popularity of OPMS Liquid as it pops up in pictures and posts shared by satisfied and happy customers.

What is OPMS Liquid?

OPMS Liquid is a kratom that is very concentrated. It is sold in an eight-milliliter bottle, but you can also purchase it in bulk. One box contains 45 bottles of OPMS Liquid. The bottles look like mini hourglasses and are very eye-catching. Remember, they do not reveal the strains used to make the liquid, but most users report that it is fast-acting and potent. You can simply drink the shot or use one or two drops in your coffee, tea, smoothie, or other beverage. Users of the OPMS Liquid kratom do not seem to suffer from nausea or vomiting. A single shot runs around $22 depending on where you buy the item.

OPMS Gold Capsules

You can purchase OPMS Gold Capsules in packets of two count, three count, and five count. The packet features a purple leaf emblem so you can quickly tell that the capsules are the product of OPMS. Their OPMS Gold Capsules are not sold in a container which many might find a drawback. However, the company now does not state on their packaging the strain of kratom used and the the vein color. However, if you are dedicated to OPMS Gold capsules then you might not care about the strain or leaf colors.

OPMS Silver

OPMS Silver ranks as a mid-grade kratom when it comes to potency. According to OPMS, they have managed to engineer their product’s own alkaloid standards. They test all their products, including OPMS Silver, before they create their batches to create consistency. Sadly, they do not go into detail on how they achieve the process. It would be nice if they had a bit more transparency.

With OPMS Silver, you have the option to choose Maeng da blends, Thai, or Malay Special Reserve. The blends are not detailed much further, so you do not know the specific vein color that went into the kratom product. When making an OPMS kratom review, it is hard to not wonder about such specifics and it would be nice if there was more information.

OPMS Silver is one of the best-selling kratom products offered by the brand and is wildly popular with users.

Maeng Da Silver

The Maeng da Silver is obtained from the Thai kratom tree. Maeng Da is brimming in alkaloids and relies on an ancient grafting technique to tailor the tree’s potency. Supposedly, it stimulates and improves cognitive enhancers. Many users claim that it helps them focus while boosting their mood. Maeng Da might not be a perfect choice if you are a newbie but for a seasoned or moderate user, it is a great choice.

Malay Silver

Have you ever had a hard time relaxing or falling asleep? Then you might be suffering from anxiety or insomnia. OPMS Malay is potent but still beginner-friendly. Also, it is very long-lasting and users report feeling the effects for up to eight hours. Those seeking pain relief also adore Malay because they feel like it takes the edge off things. Users often take Malay during the day so they can benefit from the effects for hours. It jumpstarts their activities and makes them feel more in relaxed control while undertaking their daily activities.


If you want a premium kratom product, then you will want to consider OPMS OPK Kava. Many consider it the best on the market. The product hails from the South Pacific. It undergoes a very tailored curing process and is reputed to help ease muscle pain. However, the results of the kratom seem relatively short-lived. However, Kava offers very dedicated perks. You can purchase three capsules for around $24 and five for about $36. The capsules come in amber bottles which help keep them pure and potent. OPMS also sells their OPK Kava in bulk.

Counterfeit OPMS Kratom

Sadly, there are counterfeit OPMS products, so it is imperative that you be vigilant about what you are buying so you do not fall victim to a scam. You will want to familiarize yourself with the appearance of OPMS, so you avoid purchasing a shady brand. OPMS always has a three-leaf logo. Depending on the type, the color does change on the logo. Silver always has a gold leaf emblem. Gold OPMS features a purple leaf design. OPMS liquid has a green leaf logo.

Where to Buy OPMS Kratom

After reading the OPMS Kratom review you are probably wondering where to buy the products. Unfortunately, OPMS does not sell to individuals. They only sell to authorized distributors who then sell to retailers. You can visit the OPMS website by clicking HERE to learn more about each product but to make a purchase you will need to find a retailer. At My Kratom Club, we carry OPMS products and you can find a large selection of OPMS products HERE. You can also buy from retailers like head shops, smoke shops, vape stores, or dispensaries. However, at such brick and mortar locations, you might pay more than at a trusted online retailer. If you are interested in becoming an authorized OPMS distributor then you will need to contact the company directly to learn more about their requirements.

Price of OPMS Kratom



Above, we have listed certain prices that are just around figures on the cost of OPMS kratom. As mentioned, OPMS does not sell directly to individuals but only to distributors who then sell to retailers. You will find a wide array of price differences. At My Kratom Club, our prices for OPMS kratom products are very reasonable and not overly inflated as some retailers, especially headshops.

Why OPMS Kratom?

OPMS is a leader in the American market. Without a doubt, the brand has stood the test of time by being in business for almost a decade. They provide quality kratom products and have a very loyal clientele. Nowadays, everyone is searching for organic, all-natural options that are free of synthetic ingredients. This is especially true for kratom products. With OPMS, you do not have to worry about the purity of the product or if it is natural.

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