• Guaranteed Fresh Kratom Metrix Maeng Da Kratom Powder is a new company we are working with and grateful to be a part of their rapid growth. Their products are manufactured in the USA. We make sure all of our products available in our store are manufactured in the USA using strict lab testing When you want to feel more energized, reduce chronic pain, or lose weight this product might very well be a good fit for you. A very potent strain from an up an coming consistent reliable company Metrix Kratom. You can learn more information about the preserved alkaloids found naturally in the Mitragyna Speciosa plant by clicking the scientific name in this sentence. Receive pain relief, stimulation, and give yourself a more confident mood. Our customers tell us this strain gives them an energy boost and helps with focus.
    Metrix Kratom is making its mark on the Kratom community as an up and coming rising star. There quality and consistency has made the grade with My Kratom Club. We promise this product 100% pure Kratom and we back it with our MKC 100% Guarantee. Mitragyna Speciosa is truly the magical plant that makes all of our 100% pure Kratom products so special. We love our customers! Providing the best service for and making sure My Kratom Club offers a safe place to purchase your supplements is one of our top priorities. Don't forget to read our Terms of Service HERE.
  • Earth Kratom Red Hulu Kapuas Kratom Powder, 250g  

    A Rare & Potent Blend — From Deep within the Forests of Hulu

    Earth Kratom boasts an extensive range of premium-quality strains, some of which are highly rare and potent. Their Red Hulu Kapuas Powder is a prime example. Found only along the Kapuas River, this remarkable Kratom blend will have your mind and body under some sensational calming effects!

    An Effective Pain Reliever — Never Go Back to Painkillers

    This exquisite powder combines the best qualities of both White and Red Vein Kratom strains. So, you can expect it to handle all your body aches in the most effective way possible. Not only that, but it also improves concentration, allowing you to prioritize what truly matters!

    Boosts Your Energy — Absolutely No Restlessness

    If you seek a strong boost to get you going in the morning, then this strain will do you wonders! It serves as a sensational pick-me-up to help you kickstart your day without any restlessness or upset stomach. You'll find yourself swapping your morning coffee in no time!

    Why Red Hulu Kapuas Is a Good Choice

    • Gives a sensational energy boost (no jitters)
    • Improves focus
    • Keeps the mind and body calm
    • Offers strong physical relief
    • Uplifts mood
    Grab a pack of Earth Kratom’s Red Hulu Kapuas and witness powerful uplifting effects like never before!
  • Sale!

    Club 13 Connoisseur Blend Kratom Powder, 90g

    All-Natural Formula — An Exquisite Blend for Refined Tastes 

    Incorporating a rich blend of 100% PURE Kratom extract, Club 13's Connoisseur Blend is undoubtedly a fine choice. This exceptional kratom powder has been thoroughly tested for purity to offer you an unparalleled Kratom experience. Prepare for a sensational ride that harmonizes the combined effects of all of Club 13's finest Kratom powders. 

    Strong Physical & Mental Relief — Give Yourself a Much-Needed Break

    The Connoisseur Blend offers substantial mental and physical relief to effortlessly keep you more upbeat throughout your day. Whether you're up for a hectic day at work or you're looking to take the edge off, this powder is all there with you! 

    Experience True Euphoria Like Never Before — Your Go-To Mood Booster!

    For a true Kratom aficionado, this exquisite blend is nothing short of perfection. It delivers a lasting sensation of euphoria that you'll always keep coming back for. So, go ahead and give Club 13's Connoisseur Blend Kratom Powder a try — memorable moments of bliss await you. 

    Why Choose Club 13's Connoisseur Blend Kratom Powder?

    • Relieves mental stress
    • Delivers a sensational euphoric feeling
    • Offers substantial relief from physical pain
    • Boosts mood
    • Keeps you energized
    Try our Club 13 Connoisseur Blend Kratom Powder 90g pack — you'll keep coming back for more!


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