White Maeng Da 101

When you think, “energizing and mentally stimulating” there’s one name that comes to mind; White Maeng Da. It’s regarded as the premium Kratom strain to knock you off your socks! But what is it about this blend that many Kratom lovers prefer it to other varieties? Here’s all you need to know about White Maeng Da — how it’s made, who uses it, and where to score the best products.

What Is White Maeng Da?

White Maeng Da is the Holy Grail of energizing Kratom strains. The term “Maeng Da” translates to “pimp grade” in Thai, meaning it’s a high-quality Kratom variety. The “White” indicates the vein color of the Kratom plant’s leaves when it is in its youngest stage.

White Kratom, in general, is recognized as being very potent with powerful energizing effects. It also does wonders to improve your confidence levels. In fact, we can come up with at least 6 reasons Kratom and confidence go hand in hand. And when you’re dealing with White Maeng Da in specific, these effects are further amplified. So, this blend is definitely not recommended for newbies looking to experience Kratom for the first time.

How Is White Maeng Da Manufactured?

Maeng Da is the most popular Kratom variety out there, and there’s a reason behind it; grafting. All the strains of Maeng Da are made by this special process where you join the tissues of two or more plants to create a new one. Through grafting, Kratom farmers are able to maximize the effects of Maeng Da. The resultant plant is high in alkaloid content; thus, enhancing the overall benefits of Kratom. But this is just one of the 6 reasons to buy Maeng Da Kratom.

White Maeng Da is primarily grown in different areas of Thailand. Although the ratio differs from one manufacturer to the next, the standard for making White Maeng Da is using 70% White Vein and 30% Green Vein Kratom. This way, you get a blend that packs a varied set of effects instead of a single strain. This blend is typically dried indoors for roughly 3 days and further dried in direct sunlight for 4 to 5 hours. This gives White Maeng Da its characteristic aroma and powerful set of effects.

Who Uses White Maeng Da?

White Maeng Da is all about making sure your day is as productive as possible. That’s why, unlike most other strains, this blend does not sedate you. It packs a lot of other effects that can help pick you up just when you need it the most. It’s a great mood enhancer to keep you cheery throughout your day. It also works wonderfully to stimulate your body’s natural energy without making your heart race; unlike caffeine. You’ll experience heightened levels of concentration and motivation to help you achieve your daily goals. For more information on Kratom and energy, read about the 9 ways Kratom increases your energy levels.

These reasons are primarily why White Maeng Da is increasingly popular among college students who need to focus on upcoming exams. Many users of this exquisite blend often say it’s like taking a shot of espresso but without any unwanted jitters afterward.

But the best aspect of all is that while being energized, you still feel a sense of calm. So, if you’re preparing yourself to give a speech or perform in front of a crowd, White Maeng Da can help ease your nerves, boost your confidence, and enhance your cognitive abilities.

White Maeng Da has also found a special place among athletes and bodybuilders. Right before their daily workout, they take a dose of this exquisite Kratom blend to maximize performance. It’s also a prime choice among laborers with physically draining jobs. It delivers a strong kick to keep them focused and active throughout the day!

So, while on the subject of the best Kratom for energy, White Maeng Da doesn’t hold back!

How Does White Maeng Da Compare to Other Strains?

If we talk about other blends of Maeng Da, you’ll find that they all have significant energizing properties. Even though people don’t associate Reds with energy, Maeng Da is a different story. However, in terms of Red vs White Maeng Da, the latter offers no sedation. Red Maeng Da, in comparison, has sedative effects but only in very high doses, unlike other Reds.

But with White Maeng Da vs Green Maeng Da, the latter is much milder in its set of effects. But it tends to last longer compared to White Maeng Da.

Regarding the top strains to fight fatigue, Kratom users have a lot of options. While White Maeng Da is still a top choice in this category, many users prefer White Borneo for its long-lasting effect. There’s also the matter of White Borneo being comparatively easier to handle than White Maeng Da.

Dosage Guidelines

Since White Maeng Da is a very powerful blend, we recommend you proceed with caution. It’s only suitable for experienced Kratom users who can stomach such a powerful variety. The general dosage recommendations are:

  • For high stimulation and mild pain relief — 2 to 4 g
  • For moderate stimulation and pain relief — 3 to 5 g
  • For severe pain relief and mild stimulation — 5 to 7 grams

We don’t recommend exceeding 7 grams with White Maeng Da as it can be very discomforting. You could experience stomach distress, nausea, vomiting, and even liver damage.

If you want to take higher doses to experience sedative effects, this blend isn’t it. You would be better off with Red Bali or Red Sumatra. Moreover, this dosage chart is just a general overview. The exact dose that suits you is determined by your body weight, age, medical history, gender, and previous Kratom experience. So, as a rule of thumb for trying any new strain, always start slow and work your way up.

Purchasing White Maeng Da Online VS Locally

If you’re confused about the best way to buy Kratom, we can help you out! There are pros and cons associated with both modes of buying Kratom. However, sourcing Kratom locally can prove especially challenging because:

  • There is not enough variety
  • You won’t find a reliable shop near you (herbal store or a dedicated Kratom shop)
  • Random stops like a gas station or even nightclubs/bars selling Kratom won’t have a knowledgable staff to guide you
  • There’s a chance the stock will be very old because not many people purchase Kratom locally
  • For the same reason, you might also end up paying extra money

In comparison, you’ll be much better off if you purchase White Maeng Da online. Like MKC, these stores strive to give their customers a positive experience so you’ll keep coming back. There is also a lot of variety with top-quality brands at reasonable price points. Our priority is that every MKC customer has a safe, positive Kratom experience.

So, you would benefit from purchasing Kratom from a dedicated store near you. But the problem is that these are hard to find. On the other hand, there’s no shortage of dedicated Kratom stores online. Just make sure to do a quick search of the vendor’s background before ordering.

Top White Maeng Da Kratom Products

If you need a little nudge in the right direction for purchasing White Maeng Da, MKC has some great names! There are thousands of product options out there just for a single Kratom strain. But we’ve managed to pick out a few:

Earth Kratom White Maeng Da Capsules

Earth Kratom has been in business since 2016, producing quality Kratom capsules and powders. Their White Maeng Da Capsules are sensationally powerful, delivering strong nootropic effects. Many users of this product have reported heightened levels of focus, mental relief, and sensational feelings of euphoria. To know more about the brand, check out MKC’s detailed Earth Kratom review.

Club 13 Maeng Da White Jumbo Capsules

Club 13 is yet another Kratom brand that’s widely catching on! You’ll find some sensational herbal products in their list, particularly their White Maeng Da Jumbo Capsules (Extra Strength). Each one packs 950mg of 100% organic White Maeng Da Kratom that is bound to leave you energized, stimulated, and upbeat!

Queen Bee White Maeng Da Powder

Lastly, we’ve got Queen Bee on the list — the sister brand of The Bumble Bee Company. Queen Bee’s collection features some amazing Kratom powders for an authentic experience. Their White Maeng Da Kratom Powder is a premium product that delivers energy, focus, and mild pain relief. You’ll have no trouble meeting all your daily goals with this blend! It’s perfect for keeping up with a fast-paced work/home environment.


White Maeng Da is the king of Kratom when it comes to energy and focus. You’ll come across many stories of college students and laborers on how this blend changed their life for the better! If you’re looking for something strong to help keep you energized, motivated, concentrated, and upbeat, you can’t go wrong with White Maeng Da!


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