Are you looking for a profoundly unique and enjoyable Kratom experience? You should try the Yellow Vietnam Kratom strain.

It is a rare variety of Kratom that is not yet as well-known as the more widely used red, green, and white kratom strains. However, it is fast gaining traction with Kratom connoisseurs.

Many seasoned users claim that it is best consumed in the evening or late at night and is excellent for easing away the day’s tension and instilling a feeling of calm relaxation.

Yellow Vietnam Kratom comes from the leaves of Mitragyna Speciosa trees that grow in the specific soil and climate conditions of the Mekong Delta and the Mekong River regions in Vietnam. These conditions account for the unique properties of the strain. Additionally, as these trees mostly grow wild in the forests and are hard to propagate elsewhere, it is not easy to harvest this variety.

While it has been in use for centuries in Vietnam, it is only recently that the country began exporting it commercially.

And that is why it is relatively rare in the market as compared to the other Kratom varieties.

You can, however, instantly identify the Yellow Vietnam Kratom strain by its color, taste, and effects.

It has an intense yellow hue that is the result of the same special drying process that white-vein and green-vein Kratom leaves undergo during their production.

This drying process also affects the alkaloid content of the Kratom, which is at least 25% more than what you will find in other strains.

The Yellow Vietnam Kratom strain is also notable for having a sweet taste, unlike the distinctly bitter taste of the other Kratom varieties. That is why, if you are a new user, you might want to consider getting started with Yellow Vietnam Kratom.

The pleasant, soothing, and balanced effect it produces can help enhance your mood and make you feel more euphoric and energetic. And, better yet, it does not have the sedative qualities of some of the other Kratom strains. So, you are not going to end up feeling drowsy after consuming it.

Yellow Vietnam Kratom is effective in providing relief from discomfort and pain as it acts quickly to inhibit the brain’s pain receptors. It is also useful in sharpening your mental focus, improving your concentration, and enhancing your visual perception.

It can aid in physical relaxation by soothing tired muscles, and is easy on the stomach, unlike some of the other Kratom strains. You won’t experience stomach pains or constipation after consuming Yellow Vietnam Kratom. It is advisable, however, to not take it on an empty stomach, and to keep yourself well-hydrated if you consume it regularly.

Additionally, if you are a new Kratom user, you should begin with a small dose of about 2 grams and build it up gradually. Please refer to our dosage guide to find out what will be suitable for your purpose.

Yellow Vietnam Kratom is available on My Kratom Club as a product from the Bumble Bee Kratom company.

The Bumble Bee Hello Vietnam Capsules are the latest variety in their lineup and are available in three bottle sizes (40, 90, and 300 count). Each capsule is 500mg or ½ gram.

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Before placing your order with MKC, please check that Kratom usage is legal in your area. We can only ship products to legally allowed locations in the United States.