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(40 customer reviews)

Bumble Bee Maeng Da Kratom freshness guarantee by My Kratom Club

Why Choose Bumble Bee Maeng Da Kratom Capsules?


  • When you want that nice boost of energy, to feel more productive, and to just get things done. This is the all natural way to go hands down!
  • One of the most potent Kratom strains we carry.
  • A very high concentration of Mitragynine which has shown to provide pain relief, stimulation, and lighten your mood.
  • Increased Focus


Please See All of Our Available Bumble Bee Kratom Products?


Find the entire line of Bumble Bee Kratom products HERE.


What Is The Maeng Da Kratom Strain?


Take a deep dive into what the Maeng Da Kratom strain is, where it comes from, and all the ins and outs of the strain by travelling HERE.

Quality and Authenticity


Our  MKC 100% Guarantee promises you are purchasing 100% pure Kratom without any fillers or contaminants.

All of our supplements are of course factory sealed fresh. You’ll find My Kratom Club Kratom carries only the freshest and most potent products.


My Kratom Club Terms of Service


We must mention our Terms of Service  HERE. We do not want anyone and we mean anyone purchasing Kratom irresponsibly.

Our website provides a large amount of information that you can find HERE.

Please take a look at all of the valuable kratom information that has taken us years to develop to learn more about this amazing supplement.

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Bumble Bee Maeng Da Kratom Capsules are sold in 3 different sizes.



100% Pure Kratom Powder Capsules

500 MG per capsule.



Every one of our customers is different based on their experience, preference, and body type.

The Kratom Dosage Guide HERE helps to make sure you have the best experience possible.


Kratom Plant Information

Mitragyna Speciosa is the powerhouse plant that makes up all strains of Kratom. and is the main reason why Kratom is so effective.


About These Bumble Bee Maeng Da Kratom Capsules


Bumble Bee Maeng Da Premium Kratom Capsules are one of our most popular products.

Recommended Uses

  • Energy
  • Pain
  • Mood Elevation
  • Focus.

Kratom belongs in a dry and room temperature place. That is how you can keep your Kratom happy and for the full effect. We hope you knew that already but happy to share if you didn’t.

My Kratom Club Dedicated Customer Service


Customer Service is a top priority and we truly care.

Here For You

  • Answer your questions, gather your feedback, and provide the best possible service.
  • Provide excellent customer service, fast shipping, and an overall pleasant buying experience is what we are all about.


Our Shipping

  • We only ship using the United States Postal Service either by first class or priority depending on your order size.
  • Your order is shipped discreetly in plain packaging.
  • We use thick quality packaging to be sure your products arrive safely.


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Please take a look at our FAQ HERE to answer any additional questions you may have.

Have more questions?

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  • Call us 1-800-401-2059 anytime from 8:00 AM-3:00 PM PST Monday Through Friday.
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  • E-mail us: info@mykratomclub.com


Why MKC?


We want you to be able to reach us and talk with any questions or concerns you may have.

Want to know more about us.. Check out Why My Kratom Club by clicking HERE.

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40 CT, 90 CT, 300 CT, 500 CT

40 reviews for Bumble Bee Maeng Da Premium Kratom Capsules

  1. Miriam R. Cote

    Fast shipping from MKC and an amazing movement they are starting on Facebook! Have yet to find a website that gives as much information about Kratom and also has great products. Keep doing what you guys are doing!

  2. Steven D. Peters

    8) Built up a tolerance to a brand I buy at my local smoke shop. Did some research online and found My Kratom Club and these Bumble Bee maeng da capsules and my tolerance seemed to disappear. Unsure if this will last but happy very happy for now.

  3. Lillian Harper

    Bumble Bee Kratom is very popular and so I tried it. Worked okay for me but I really love the Krave brand. They say everyone is different. Happy I tried this bumble bee maeng da though. Was able to find out what works best for me.

  4. Michelle Dave

    I purchased this Kratom online and was a bit worried as I had never purchased Kratom online. My 2 bottles arrived within a few days of ordering in discreet packaging and thankfully in my mailbox. Not in front of my door. Love the Bumble Bee Maeng Da as it is the most powerful strain I have come across!

    • My Kratom Club

      Michelle that is what we love about USPS that just about 90% of the time your order is in your mailbox. it is not only safer but discreet as well.

      Thanks Michelle for the positive comment.

      – MKC

  5. Gracy West

    The Maeng Da helps my pain but also gets me going in the morning. Every strain has its job but the Maeng Da does the job for me. MKC is a reliable place to order Kratom online. Ordered on Monday afternoon and had my order by Thursday morning. Didn’t pay a dime for shipping.

    • My Kratom Club

      Gracy fast shipping and excellent customer service is our main priority. If your order weighs more than 16 ounces it goes priority shipping.

      – MKC

  6. Katie Jones

    Love the product! Only complaint is the holiday season delayed the shipping on my order. Not the fault of mkc though. Just really rely on this product.

  7. kyo

    The prices on this website are unbelievably low! I love the Maeng Da strain and the Bumble Bee brand. Hope these prices don’t raise on us. My Kratom Club is much better than the local smoke shop

    • My Kratom Club

      Kyo thank you for the kind words. We do everything we can to keep our costs low to bring lower costs to our customers.

      The Bumble Bee Maeng Da Kratom Capsules are definitely a fan favorite with a mixture of many strains.

      – MKC

  8. Robert A. Clinton

    Have to mention that the Krave Maeng Da capsules and these capsules made me feel very similar. It’s good to know I can rely on both of this brands. As of late My Kratom Club has been able to keep this Bumble Bee Maeng Da product in stock.

  9. Jeffrey J. Bauman

    Great overall feeling but gave me so much energy I was a bit on edge even though in a good mood. Going to stick with the bali gold but thes bumble bee maeng da kratom capsules are powerful.

  10. Nancy D. Griffin

    The best flavor I have ever experienced. No brand comes close as far as I am concerned. I am the type of person that does not hesitate to leave a bad review. At the same time I always make sure to give a great review! 5 Stars My Kratom Club!

  11. Rafaela B. Petersen

    Bumble Bee Kratom has been around for a few years and I think that their products are getting better and better. There was a batch that was not as potent awhile back but overall the consistency is great. Wish they didn’t switch around the packaging so much though..

  12. Samantha

    What is the milligram?

    • My Kratom Club

      Hi Samantha,

      Thanks for your question. Each of the Bumble Bee capsules are 500 mg. The only capsules on our website that are more than 500 mg as of today 05/28/19 are the Klarity Maeng Da capsules which are 750 mg in each capsule.

      Hope that helps.

      – MKC

  13. David R Hughes (verified owner)

    I must say I am extremely happy with MKC, and with the bumblebee product. Superior customer service and very helpful. I have tried every strain of the bumblebee, with the exception of the Vietnam,. This company is consistent, although I have noticed it is best to swit strains every other month or buy 2 different strains within the month. The Bali gold and maengda are my favorite. The red and white Borneo are excellent. The green boreno is perfect for someone just starting kratom. I get the energy and mood lift I need from the Red Boreno and Maengda. While the Bali and white Boreno is great for sleep and relaxation. None seem to take the pain or inflammation away from years of sports and working out.

    • My Kratom Club

      Thanks David for the kind words and letting everyone know how each strain affects you.

      It is amazing how the different strains can be so different for so many people.

      We appreciate your customer loyalty and sharing a bit of your story.

      – MKC

  14. David M

    I was a first time buyer but also had never tried kratom before. It was suggested for serious back and leg pain with some nerve pain from an illness long ago. There isn’t a pain pill I’ve tried, narcotic or otherwise that does what kratom does. One week almost completely pain free. I never expected that. Not like this. I’m completely blown away by how good this works on pain, mood, thought process.. all of it. What an eye opener. Not even thinking about filling a script for any kind of pain pill. For the first time in years, I don’t need them. I don’t want them.. I’m done. I think this just changed my life. Certainly has made it much less painful and depressing. Just wow.

    • My Kratom Club

      David, thank you so much for leaving your experience with this Bumble Bee Maeng Da Capsules.

      It is extremely great to read this story and truly makes our day.

      We would love to publish your story with a picture in our Kratom stories section.

      Send us an e-mail info@mykratomclub.com if you would like your story to be featured.

      Thank you again for taking the time to share this.

      – MKC

  15. Maria Mai

    Have been using these Bumble Bee maeng da capsules for years and wanted to leave a positive review. I have recently let my son use these for his chronic back pain and it has truly saved his life! He was injured in a serious car accident last year and had been taking more and more painkillers to ease the pain. He was depressed, in pain, and didn’t want to get out of bed. After taking this for a couple weeks his pain was much better and he had his energy back. Hoping this will last but grateful he is in a happier place.

    • My Kratom Club

      Thanks Maria for sharing how the Bumble Bee Maeng Da Kratom has helped you and your son.

      We of course are big proponents of Kratom and would love for you to join our Facebook group HERE.

      Thanks again for your story.

      It means a lot to us.

      – MKC

  16. Melinda Xiong

    Tried everything and this bumblebee product is hands down the best! My Kratom Club also takes care of me when I have issues with my post office. Thank you so much guys!

  17. Eaton

    I’m very passionate about the maeng da kratom strain. I usually take it in its powdered form as I find it to be the most refreshing way to taking kratom. But let’s face it, capsules are much more efficient. These capsules in particular have helped me immensely with my migraines. I get them every now and then when stuff at work doesn’t really go as planned. This product’s made a huge difference for me. Loved it and totally recommend it!

  18. sutter

    I have no critique or issues about the product itself. In fact these maeng da strain capsules are of much better quality than I had expected. They work like magic in helping me get started with my day in the morning. However, I was slightly put off by the late delivery. My order took 2 weeks to arrive which is much longer than I was told by their live chat support agent.

  19. Linda Nun

    My maeng da bottle arrived exactly 3 days after placing the order. The delivery process was so thorough, no issues no setbacks. Lovely experience in that regard. Coming towards the product, I would say it has some good effects but it seems a little too strong for my liking. I guess I should stick to something more lighter. Maybe I’ll try the borneo strain next time around.

  20. Sean A

    Unfortunately, my experience wasn’t all roses and sunshine. My product arrived with the seal broken and some of the capsules missing. I ordered the maeng da premium bottle with 40 capsules but there were only 35 present when I opened it. Thankfully though, I was able to get a hold of the customer care team who reassured me that the issue would be taken care of… but idk if I’ll be shopping from here the next time around.

  21. Cara

    I love this maeng da kratom, especially the fact that they have it in a convenient, 500 capsules bottle which is super cost-effective! Ever since I had a great experience with my first purchase from this store (I went with the 40 capsules bottle just to be safe), I thought it would be best to next go with ‘the more the merrier’ approach. I’m loving these so much, I don’t have any complaints!

  22. Tella Foena

    I’m not really proud of my past but I feel like my story could help another fella out. I was terribly addicted to my pain meds post-surgery. I went into a dark period… people tried to help me out but it was mostly in vain until I had an epiphany and took charge of my situation. I asked people around for advice and a lot of them talked about switching to kratom for similar effects but with a MUCH more positive outcome. It’s been 3 months now and my system has never been cleaner! These bumble bee maeng da capsules have changed my life!

  23. Eagor

    I’ve advised my husband to take one of these whenever we have an ‘important’ family event because he’s usually pretty hard to deal with… not a natural people person I guess. I love him but we can’t fight the inevitable. He could never really learn how to let loose a little. So, this has worked out really well for him and me too. Having to chime in every time stuff got awkward was getting harder and harder to do! lol

  24. Dreddy

    I’m so into this stuff! This product really stands by its claim of being “premium” quality kratom strain because I’ve noticed some really remarkable results. I have terrible pain in my limbs, I guess age got the better of me now. After one dose of these maeng da capsules I feel like I’m on cloud 9. It feels as though my pain is 100% gone. I feel so light and relaxed throughout the day.

  25. geneva

    I went with my gut while shopping for kratom online and decided to go with bumble bee’s maeng da capsules. These aren’t half bad… in fact they have made me feel a lot more positive and upbeat. I’ve started to feel a lot better about my job so I’m just starting things fresh with these capsules. They really help me feel a little happy every now and then. A pretty decent purchase I’d say.

  26. Nancy obo

    Although my usual preference is powdered forms of kratom, I decided to give capsules a try this time because they’re a lot more efficient if you’re in a hurry. This bottle seems to be very cost effective. I really like the quality of the strain. Quality maeng da kratom like this is certainly a rarity. You just can’t find such good stuff around for this price point. Good experience, will purchase again from this store.

  27. Nella

    My neighbors introduced me to kratom about a month ago. They know how hard I have it with my back pains so they thought I should give kratom a chance. They had me try these maeng da capsules and I just haven’t been the same since. I immediately went online and decided to purchase a bottle for myself. I’m very surprised by how strongly they work to offer relief from high levels of pain.

  28. Torie Ali

    I have endometriosis and the pain is debilitating. I’ve been prescribed very, very strong medications and none give me relief for the pain. I will say that morphine is the only thing that completely stops the pain, but it only lasts for about 2 hours. So I’ve been on some heavy duty medications…BUT Kratom is the only thing I take that actually stops the pain and the pain relief lasts about 4-5 hours. I swear by this product. I also take the Red strain at night for pain relief and to help me sleep. I have bad insomnia and can take a handful of sleeping pills and not get the sleep I get from Kratom. I am and will be a lifelong customer to MyKratomClub.

  29. Angie light

    These capsules are AMAZING! I really like the increase in attention that comes with its effects. It feels like the perfect choice for people like me who suffer from ADD. Whenever I start to work on a project I always end up getting terribly distracted and then eventually put it off for later. These capsules have totally helped me stick to my work and get done with my projects well on time!

  30. carson

    I am not at all ‘crazy’ about this store (as some people are over here) since I had a pretty unpleasant experience with my recent purchase. I just placed an order for the bumble bee maeng da premium capsules. Unfortunately, the delivery process did not go as smoothly as I imagined it would. The product was not bad at all truth be told. Just think that the shopping experience could be a little more improved.

  31. nolan w

    These maeng da capsules offer a certain level of clarity that I just can’t place my finger on. It’s definitely a whole new experience for me. I have heard some good stuff about bumble bee from my friends so I decided to try the brand out. I’m fairly satisfied with the quality of this strain. Overall I would say it’s a good product if you’re looking for some clarity and focus!

  32. Trevor seyer

    These capsules are amazing if you’re looking for a little feeling of happiness. I have been told that I’m rather gloomy most of the time. Plus I was noticing it starting to get much worse over the past couple of months. So every now and then I pop one of these whenever I feel like I need some sort of mental relief. They really do work because I end up having a surprisingly good time afterward.

  33. Star T

    I have been on the lookout for some high quality kratom. I came across my kratom club and the diversity here really impressed me. This is like the kratom haven! It took me a while to land on one choice because of the extensive range of products and varieties of strains. My first priority was pain relief so naturally I came to maeng da. Fortunately, these capsules did not disappoint.

  34. Catherine a

    These capsules are 100% the right way to go if you’re dealing with stubborn pains across your body. For me it’s just age, nothing else. So I was in need of something on a regular basis with minimal adverse effects. Maeng da has done just that for me and a lot more. So for those having a hard time coping with aches, these will work really well to keep you comfortable!

  35. Herand Forter

    I used to take bali gold kratom capsules before to help me deal with my pain but they weren’t as strong as I wanted them to be. I decided to shift to a kratom strain with a little more intense pain relief effects and maengda appeared to be everyone’s top recommendation. Let me tell you, it has made so much of a difference! The quality is very good… I think I’ll be buying these again.

  36. April Senter

    I have terrible arthritis and it’s usually pretty challenging for me to find ways to deal with the pain. I’ve tried a lot of different types of meds but all in vain because there is always one side effect after another. I had heard good things about kratom strains in the past for helping people manage their pain. So I was like sure I don’t have anything to lose. Turned out I had so much to gain! This stuff is fantastic! My pain went from 10 to like 3! A lot better than I had anticipated.

  37. Reruns_

    Okay so I NEVER write reviews on Kratom as I usually order from afar away land. Due to shipping times I ordered some bumblebee. I want to say GOLD BALI from this specific brand is hands down the strongest analgesic effects I hav ever whitnessed In Kratom PERIOD. Now, Maeng Da from BB has been my go to and just picked some up today. It is Great for everything! Now, White Borneo for me worked 1 time.. Just like the Maeng Da! Then ever since the first day of WB it has NEVER worked again. It makes me wonder why. I try to take more but the only effect this brands White Borneo had given me is wobbles and a wierd shaky feeling. But Maeng Da and there GOLD BALI = God Mode
    Thx. / Ps I’ve been using Kratom for alllooooonnng time.

  38. Carlos Hera

    This kratom strain has helped me so much! It’s increased my levels of focus significantly. I mean I can seriously tell some major differences from before using these Maengda premium capsules and now. This is undoubtedly the best kratom strain for me. It’s never let me down when I need it. I highly recommend the bumble bee bottle to all the maengda kratom lovers out there because you just can’t beat this quality!

  39. Billy Hayes

    Bought Bumble Bee Maeng Da Premium capsules. Very good quality and no nervous, jittery feeling.

  40. Tonya FEvans

    Was taking just the powder but switched to the capsules and for some reason I am getting a better result. Maybe I am mixing the powder with something that weakens the strain. Unsure but using the capsules for now. Hopefully I can go back to the powder as I don’t love swallowing all of these capsules

    • My Kratom Club

      Thank you for the comment and taking the time to leave feedback for the Bumble Bee Maeng Da Capsules.

      – MKC

    • My Kratom Club


      Happy the Bumble Bee Maeng Da Kratom capsules are working well for you. 🙂

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