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Club 13 Green Malay Kratom Powder is a reliable in between strain.

The result is a product people have relied for the past 20 years.

This Green Malay strain really puts you in a level headed mood. It will definitely raise your spirit.

The pain relief is exceptional with this strain while letting you continue with a productive non drowsy day.

When taking this Club 13 powder everything around seems to be a bit calmer. It is easier to think and see things more clearly.

Get that relaxing low anxiety feeling and alleviate any pain. Get that extra boost of motivation along with it!

It’s always best and our strong recommendation to start with a very small dose as a new user.  Even an experienced user should take a smaller dose than usual if new to this brand. Our dosage guide is HERE.

We pride ourselves in providing the best quality products at the best prices. All of our products we make available are 100% pure Kratom and come with our MKC 100% Guarantee.

All of our supplements are factory sealed fresh and shipped soon after being packaged for the most potent product.

Our terms of service can be found HERE.

It’s our duty to make sure that you are purchasing Kratom from My Kratom Club responsibly.

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Club 13 Green Malay Kratom Powder currently comes in 5 sizes! You can choose from the 15 grams, 30 grams, 90 grams, 150 grams, and the big boy 1 pound bag!

After mentioning the 1 pound  size… We must mention that My Kratom Club cares a lot about our customers using Kratom products safely. MKC always recommends you refer to our Kratom Dosage Guide HERE for the best results.

These Club 13 products come with a one gram scoop. The 90 gram and 150 gram powders come with stay fresh packages.

Buying from our website responsibly is important to us. We hope that you read and abide by our terms of service HERE.

If you would like to know more about the active ingredients Mitragyna speciosa please refer to the always helpful Wikipedia.

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15G, 30G, 90G, 150G, 1 Pound

2 reviews for Club 13 Green Malay Kratom Powder

  1. Dennis Varner

    Club 13 Green Malay is part of my daily routine. I just purchased the 1 pound bag! Until seeing it here at My Kratom Club I would never have imagined a bag this big. I’m at ease with the green veins and make a morning tea most of the time.

    • My Kratom Club

      Dennis the 1 pound bag is no joke.

      That should hopefully last you awhile. 🙂

      The green vein is such a great overall good strain.

      Your feedback is much appreciated.

      – MKC

  2. Anthony Smith

    I have to admit what first attracted me to Club 13 was the packaging:) I am a sucker for shiny things…
    This Club 13 Green Malay powder lived up to the shiny package. Capped this stuff up and it really helps me handle the stressful events throughout the day much better. They just started the fresh seal package too so I can easily seal it up. Wonder why no other companies are doing this. This is a bit more expensive than the other powders so I can’t give it 5 stars…

    • My Kratom Club

      Hey Anthony!

      Definitely pretty packaging. It is very potent Kratom powder. Club 13 has been around for awhile and they know what they are doing.

      Wish we could offer a bit lower price. You do get what you pay for as the Club 13 line of products is high quality.

      – My Kratom Club

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