Club 13 Maeng Da Green Kratom Capsules 50 CT (950 mg)


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Club 13 Maeng Da Green Kratom Capsules — 950mg, 50 CT 

PURE Maeng Da Bliss — Witness the Full Spectrum of Effects

Club 13 boasts premium-quality Kratom blends that are sure to offer you some sensational, long-lasting effects. Their Maeng Da Green Kratom Capsules, in particular, are a popular choice among people seeking stimulating effects. With a high alkaloid profile, you’re in for an unforgettable experience.

Enhances Mental Clarity Keep Your Mind Razor Sharp 

This exquisite Kratom strain significantly improves your mental functionality by triggering certain receptors in the brain. By sharpening your focus and improving concentration, it empowers your mind to work at 100% for an important day at work.

Improves Confidence — Overcome Challenges with Ease

Do you have trouble giving it your all most of the time? More often than not, it’s the lack of confidence that keeps us from reaching our full potential in life. If you feel the same way, then these Green Maeng Da Kratom Capsules are your go-to solution! Get ready for a good confidence boost paired with a sensational jolt of energy — the ultimate uplifting combo.

Why Club 13 Maeng Da Green Kratom Is a Popular Choice

  • Delivers a sensational euphoric feeling
  • Boosts energy and confidence
  • Enhances focus
  • Keeps you alert and stimulated
  • Exhibits long-lasting effects

Try our Club 13 Maeng Da Green Capsules — you’ll feel like a whole new person!

1 in stock

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Available Sizes

Club 13 Maeng Da Green Kratom Capsules are available in the 50 count capsule size.

950mg big boy capsules which are a lot larger than the standard 500 mg capsules.


Ingredients: 100% Pure Kratom Powder Capsules


The My Kratom Club Dosage Guide HERE has shown to really help make sure our customers take a safe dosage for the best experience.

Mitragyna Speciosa, the plant that produces the active ingredient Mitragyne that provides the sought-after results.

The active ingredient is what makes this all-natural supplement so potent.


Experienced Kratom users keep Kratom in a dry and room temperature place. If you didn’t know that, then you know now.

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More About These Club 13 Green Maeng Da Kratom Capsules?

  • An excellent option for social gatherings to alleviate anxiety and stress
  • Mood enhancing with long-lasting benefits throughout the day
  • Well rounded and feel-good option.
  • Pain relief without the drowsiness or cloudy head

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