Hush Kratom Soft Gels (15 Count)

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Hush Kratom Softgels Facts

  • Each Hush Kratom Softgel 15mg of Mitragynine
  • This powder extract goes through a lengthy extraction process.
  • By increasing the density of the powder you can pack more powder into each softgel.
  • Please see the process in the below detailed description.
  • These Hush Kratom Softgels have a recommended dosage of 3-4.

What Are These Hush Kratom Softgels Used For?

You’ll have nice energy and an elevated mood.

Works well for mild pain.

These capsules are a mixture of strains ideal for pain relief and stress.

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Hush Kratom Softgels


Plant Alkaloids extracted from 100% Pure Kratom Liquid and turned into a powder and placed into a softgel.

Hush Kratom Company History

Hush Kratom is a company that has been a fixture in the kratom community for more than 5 years and rapidly growing.

A proud USA company that only uses GMP manufacturing protocols.

Quality Products are all that they know.

Check out our Full HUSH Kratom Company Review.

Size Options

These Hush Kratom Soft Gels are available in 15-count containers.

Hush Kratom Softgels Manufacturing Process

Hush Kratom Soft Gels are put through a trademark process by the company.

  • Water saturation
  • Boiling
  • Fresh fruit for enhanced extraction
  • Straining
  • Reboiling for additional alkaloid extraction
  • Waiting 1 day after complete water evaporation for a thick Kratom paste
  • By day 2 you have the most potent hardened pure alkaloid packed product on the market
  • This hardened liquid is then pulverized into a super-fine powder

The ending result is these powerful Gold Kratom Capsules.

Why Hush Kratom Softgels Are So Innovative?

One of the most potent and easy-to-take products on the market.

We simply cannot keep these in stock.

This company has trademarked the steps that preserve the Alkaloid content known as  7-Hydroxymitragynine throughout this extraction process.

The gelatin capsules are similar to other brands such as OPMS and others.

The Hush Gelsoft Capsules are some of the best and most innovative products out there.

It’s a lengthy process to manufacture these and they are not cheap.

Hush Kratom Softgels Storage

Mitragynine is in its absolute purest form from Hush Kratom.

Be sure these capsules are stored in a safe room temperature place.

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