Kratom heralds from parts of Southeastern Asia. Throughout history, it has become a popular herbal alternative to prescription medications such as opiates. The medication provides pain relief and boosts mood. Nowadays, kratom is available in a wide array of brands. In this article, we will explore red dragon kratom and everything you should know.

What is Red Dragon Kratom?

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Examining Kratom

Red Dragon kratom has a variety of stimulant properties that act in much the same way that kratom impacts the body but with the racing heartbeat and shaking hands. Red Dragon can help a user work long hours and stay focused. Many also report that it eases their nerve pain or muscle discomfort. Migraine and arthritis sufferers pick red dragon as their standard ‘go-to’ choice.

Unlike some strains of red vein kratom that are hard hitters and pack a powerful punch, Red Dragon kratom is a high-quality strain that produces wonderfully relaxing components in the user. In recent years, it has become extremely popular with red vein kratom lovers. Many users are turning to this strain who seek extended relaxation. Think of Red Dragon as a slow burn that lasts a long time.

Kratom Red Dragon’s effects are more calm, tranquil, and serene than other types of red-veined strains. Often compared to Red Bali and Red Thai Kratom, Red Dragon Kratom is a “must-have” strain to add to one’s stockpile of personal Kratom cache.

Origins of Red Dragon Kratom

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Red Dragon has emerged as a new strain in kratom which is rare because there isn’t a lot of new kratom strains on the market even though there is a great deal of variety. Kratom herbal powders and extracts are fashioned from the leaves of the Mitragyna Speciosa tree. The evergreen tree is indigenous to all parts of Southeast Asia, but Red Dragon is particular to Thailand. Interestingly, Red Dragon kratom has climbed in popularity with users, and it has remarkably similar effects to caffeine.

The unique herbal supplement appears as a dark burgundy hue. Many people refer to it as Kratom Red Dragon X or Superior Red Dragon Kratom due to its color brilliance.

It is believed that the origins of Red Dragon are Thailand and possibly Malaysia. At this time, the variety is sourced solely from Thailand and Malaysia. The soil composition in both countries is believed to infuse the Mitragynine speciosa with an abundance of potent alkaloids which greatly enhance the strain’s medical benefits and have made it highly desirable with kratom users around the world.

Factor to Consider

There are a lot of factors to consider any time we talk about the benefits of the herb.  One is the frequency of use. A newbie user tends to experience a significant energy boost from the strain with mild psychotropic effects. However, frequent kratom users often don’t experience the characteristic energy boost of this strain because they have already built up a tolerance, so it takes a great deal of kratom to gain physical or mental reaction and when ingested in high does kratom acts as an analgesic.

Although relatively mild compared to other kratom strains, don’t let its subtle effects fool you. This version of the herb is extremely rich in alkaloids, especially Mitragynine. Its effects come on slowly but are long-lasting.

Benefits of Red Dragon Kratom

Red Dragon kratom benefits include:

  • Energy Enhancer:  Red Dragon is similar to caffeine in the way that it increases and boosts your energy. In addition, you’ll have greater physical strength and mental alertness. Clearly, a user’s cerebral activity is higher when they use Red Dragon kratom. In combination with the added energy, a user also experiences relaxation, focus, and greater calmness. All aspects of this strain complement each other to greatly benefit the user.
  • Stress Release: Are you struggling to cope with stress and mental tension? Red Dragon kratom brings much-needed release to users. You can leave your worries at the door when you use this strain of kratom but still retain a clear head. Imagine great stress relief at the end of the hard day.
  • Motivation: Mental stimulation is more than physical energization. This strain actually motivates the user, so you feel able to perform numerous tasks throughout the day. Your thinking processes become finely honed and you can focus better on problems along with solutions. With greater motivation throughout the day, you can achieve a lot in your work career and home life.
  • Deep Relaxation: Are you dreaming of experiencing a deeply relaxing day? You can make those dreams a reality by using Red Dragon kratom. Your physical and mental body can both relax so you achieve greater balance. It’s true, experiencing a deep sense of relaxation is not a ‘high’ which many people are looking for who use herbal supplements. Please remember, kratom is not marijuana and you will never experience the same ‘high’. Instead, you find a balance of energy and relaxation while always remaining in control of your thoughts and actions.

Side Effects

Everyone will experience kratom in a different way. Each user has to find their sweet spot when exploring kratom strains and dosage. What works well for your friends might not work so well for you. You’ll need some to experiment to determine your correct dosage to ignore side effects.

Depending on your unique biochemistry and the dosage you pick you may experience the following side effects.

  • Sedation: If you take a great deal of Red Dragon kratom then you’ll feel sedative effects. Usually, anything over five grams is enough to cause sedation.
  • Nausea:  Any time someone over ingests the herbal supplement they can experience nausea which is a common side effect of a kratom overdose. Nausea can quickly lead to vomiting.
  • Sweating:  Too much kratom can cause excessive physical sweating.
  • Constipation: The alkaloids in kratom impact the body’s gastrointestinal tract in much the same way that opiates do so you might experience a slowdown of digestion and potential bouts of constipation when you use the strain.

Choosing the Correct Dose

The proper dose of kratom varies significantly from user to user. Below you will find a few suggestions for Red Dragon kratom. However, when you purchase a brand of Red Dragon, you’ll want to pay special attention to the dosage directions.

Stress Relief: Many will suggest taking five grams of Red Dragon to gain stress relief, but this is a high dose for a newbie or even moderate user. Remember, start out low and increase the dose by about 0.25 grams.

Energy and Motivation: Typically, a low dose of only two grams is enough to energize and motivate. It also brings about great calm.

Increasing the dosage will create greater calmness, euphoria, and feelings of comfort.

Additional Information

When dealing with the herbal supplement, remember that Red Dragon is a somewhat mild strain of kratom. It is exceptionally affordable and offers plenty of benefits.

If you decide that you want to try the herbal supplement, remember that it appears as a reddish color and is sometimes marketed as Thai red being kratom or simply referred to as Thai Kratom. Usually, Red Dragon kratom is affordable and readily available. Many people view it as an affordable and cost-effective kratom option. You can usually buy Red Dragon kratom as a powder or in easy-to-swallow capsules.

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