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Trainwreck Kratom Pros and Cons

Pros and Cons of Trainwreck Kratom, The Facts, and Everything You Should Know

Trainwreck Kratom, unlike what the name might have you believe, is intended to take you on a joy ride. You’ll find numerous Trainwreck Kratom products both online and in local stores near you. But how much do you know about this mysterious blend? This quick read will tell you everything you need to know about Trainwreck.

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What Is Trainwreck Kratom?

Kratom is grown in the form of three vein colors depending on the plant’s maturity. Red is the most mature stage. Green is the middle stage that has predominantly euphoric effects. White is the youngest stage and it’s wildly consumed for its energizing effects. Further categorization depends on the place of origin.

So, what is Trainwreck Kratom?

There is no specific description of what constitutes Trainwreck Kratom; it differs depending on the vendor. But it is generally considered to be a mixture of 11 different strains to give you a wide array of effects. It’s a full-spectrum blend, meaning it contains all three veins. But many users describe it as an upgraded version of Green Vein Kratom for its strong mood-boosting effects. You can learn more about Trainwreck at

Effects and Dosage

When you purchase Trainwreck Kratom, you can’t be entirely certain of the combination you’re getting. But here’s a general overview of what to expect from this kratom strain:

  • Mood Boost

Trainwreck Kratom works as a hyper-green vein so it’s exceptional at improving your mood and putting you in a positive state of mind.

  • Increase in Energy

It has some properties of white veins as well that make it a good option to give you an energy boost. That’s why it’s best to take it in the morning.

  • Enhanced Focus

If you want to stay razor-sharp for something important, Trainwreck Kratom can help increase your focus.

  • Anxiolytic

A lot of users have reported that Trainwreck Kratom works well to ease symptoms of anxiety and stress. It can help you feel more social and relaxed in any environment.

Check the product label for the recommended dosage as kratom isn’t a “one size fits all” kind of product. However, here is a general overview depending on the effects you wish to experience:

  • Take 1-3 g for stimulating, mood-boosting effects.

  • A 3-5 g dose is generally good to experience relaxing, anti-anxiety effects.

  • If you want to experience pain relief and sedation, doses above 5 g can get you there. However, you’d be much better off with the Red Kratom strains.

Pros and Cons of Trainwreck Kratom

Here is a list of pros and cons of consuming Trainwreck Kratom:


  1. Can put you in a great state of mind and turn your day around.

  2. Lots of popular names in the industry have this blend.

  3. Gives you a good mixture of effects that you can’t experience from a single strain.

  4. Can help you relax in high-stress situations and make you more sociable.


  1. Not suitable for new kratom users.

  2. The results tend to last long (roughly 6 h), so you should plan your day accordingly.

  3. You can’t put a pin on the type of effects because it’s different with every product.

Popular Trainwreck Kratom Products

Trainwreck Kratom is available in many different consumption options from some very promising brands in the industry. Here are some of the best picks:

  • Krave Botanicals Trainwreck Extract Shot

Krave Botanicals Trainwreck Extract Shot comes in a 10ml bottle equivalent to around 8 g of leaf powder. The recommended one-time dosage is one-third of the bottle which delivers an exciting energy boost and mental clarity.

  • Klarity Kratom Trainwreck Capsules

Klarity Kratom’s Trainwreck Capsules are reported to provide powerful stimulating effects. Each capsule packs 750 mg of kratom powder. You should take two to three capsules (1.5-2.25 g) if you want to experience better mood, focus, and energy.

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You will hear different things about Trainwreck Kratom depending on who you ask. But one thing’s certain; it’s a great pick-me-up! If you’re a seasoned user, you’ll certainly enjoy it. If you want to see what the hype’s about, check out for the best Trainwreck Kratom products.

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