From the island jungles of Borneo comes a less common variety of Mitragyna speciosa referred to as white Borneo kratom.

The white vein strain is considered rare.

It is extremely popular with users who adore its uplifting impact that is comparable to a hyped-up expresso without the jitters.

What is White Borneo Kratom?

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The Jungles of Borneo

A spectrum substance, kratom strains vary depending on the alkaloid content found in the foliage.

The vein color of the leaves is always an indication of the alkaloids.

When shopping for kratom, you will notice that strains are known by the country of origin and the vein color of the foliage.

Many things impact the coloration of the veins such as cultivation practice, environmental growth conditions (humidity, temperature, minerals), and the time of harvest.

White Borneo kratom boasts remarkably unique contrasts that leave users guessing.

It produces a euphoric and energizing effect on most users but is also very analgesic because it brings on a wonderful feeling of relaxation without making you sleepy.

Most users feel like they can tackle any task quickly and effortlessly, but they don’t feel shaky like they would after ingesting a pot of coffee.

Instead, they feel calm and level-headed.

The Effects of White Borneo Kratom

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Various forms of the herb

With white Borneo kratom, you are not going to experience the same impact as you would with other white vein varieties from different locations.

Take white Bali for instance, it hits hard and produces incredible euphoria and energy burst that is almost aggressive in impact.

This is a sharp contrast to white Borneo which is subtle and less violent of a smack upon ingestion.

You can consider Borneo almost like a slow burn instead of a raging forest fire.

Sadly, many people who have used white vein kratoms in the past will forego trying white Borneo because they assume it won’t be good for relaxation or easing anxiety because they are mistakenly comparing it to other white strains and expecting the same results.

With Borneo, the effects are energizing when it comes to mental focus and physical reaction while still being incredibly nuanced.

The combination of calm control alongside improved energy has made this variation a favorite of many.

The Correct Dosage of White Borneo Kratom

Honestly, the dosage is always hard with the herb because everyone is different.

Are you a newbie user or a seasoned aficionado?

Other factors that can impact dosage include:

  • Age
  • Diet
  • Weight and amount of body fat
  • Mental health
  • Physical health
  • Tolerance level
  • Quality of the kratom purchased

If you are new to kratom then start out taking only a single gram.

If you have the experience, then you can take a couple of grams of the strain.

For most users, the sweet spot is three to four grams of white Borneo.

However, quality does impact dosage.

If you have a low-quality herb then it’s going to take a lot to ever manage to feel any different.

Borneo and Indo

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White Veins in the Foliage

Borneo is the largest island in Indonesia.

Sometimes the strains of white Borneo and white Indo get confused or are simply referred to as interchangeable.

Basically, it is hard or impossible to tell the difference between any strains labeled as Indo or Borneo because they share similar growth regions, and they are so alike that they are really the same thing.

When shopping, you’ll need to accept that anything white from Indonesia is pretty much the same as Borneo

An Acceptable Herbal Alternative to Caffeine

Many people have a raging caffeine addiction.

Juggling a career and family is never easy.

You jump out of bed, barely have enough time to take a shower, cook breakfast, take the kids to school, and then start your morning commute to work.

You are running too little sleep and you have too much to get done in a day.

The fastest way to kickstart your body is to turn to stimulants like caffeine, but they aren’t without extreme side effects such as a racing heartbeat and the jitters.

Honestly, too much coffee can make you feel like you are using speed or some other unfavorable and dangerous drug.

Then the inevitable mid-day crash happens when you start to feel drowsy and tired as the caffeine wears off, so what do you do?

You probably grab a soda, caffeine-energy drink, or some coffee to again feel the surge you need to complete your day.

Sleep and Caffeine

Sadly, if you ingest too much caffeine too late in the day then you might have problems falling asleep or you simply can’t obtain a restful night’s slumber.

You probably know you have a caffeine addiction but how can you kick the habit?

Kratom, specifically white Borneo kratom, is a great alternative compared to other stimulants and caffeine.

Increase Wakefulness

Do you feel drained and are you hardly able to perform your daily chores?

Try white Borneo to feel more awake with heightened senses minus the shakes and heart palpitations.

It gives you the push you need without any unpleasant side effects.

In fact, many career and family individuals in their 30s and 40s are using kratom.

Using kratom lets you keep your eye on the ball and not have a poor attention span.

You’ll feel calmer, more focused, and wider awake.

Tackling the hard tasks of the day doesn’t seem as difficult and insurmountable as it once did.

Using white Borneo is also a slow and steady pick-me-up without the rapid crash experienced by caffeine use.

You’ll go for hours at an even pace and you won’t suddenly feel exhausted mid-day.

Also, when bedtime arrives you can quickly drift into a restful night’s sleep, so you wake up refreshed and rejuvenated.

Without a doubt, the use of white Borneo gives you an edge that you simply cannot achieve with an energy drink or espresso.

White Borneo vs. Other Kratom Strains

As mentioned, White Borneo is not as aggressive as other whites.

It is also sometimes referred to as a combination of green and red vein strains.

You gain the best of both worlds in a single strain.

Unlike red and green, it has a more sedative-like effect that calms without losing your focus or vitality.

Additional Benefits of White Borneo Kratom

Here are a few additional benefits to using the herb:

  • Relieves anxiety: You’ll feel less anxious and more relaxed. Most users report a great calm that helps them cope with stressful meetings or other things that inspire anxiety throughout the day.
  • Eases depression: Depressive feelings can send your mood plummeting and stimulants can lift you up. With this strain, your moods will feel more stable and less prone to dramatic mood swings.
  • Greater energy: You’ll feel invigorated and energized without feeling like you are jumping out of your skin or shaky.  The herb will not only help you take care of your everyday work tasks but also might give you the extra bump you need to hit the gym.
  • Improved mental clarity: Your cognitive ability is honed so you feel sharper with greater focus.
  • Relaxation: The herb promotes great feelings of relaxation and peace.
  • Pain relief: Some uses turn to this strain to ease chronic pain and inflammation.
  • Focus: Your focus becomes more pronounced and with fewer distractions. Many people who ingest caffeine experience racing thoughts but with white Borneo, your focus is steady and precise.

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