Bali Kratom — A Review of the Most Common Strain in The Kratom Community

What have you heard about Bali that hasn’t already been said by travelers all year round? This picturesque holiday destination isn’t just about the quaint beach life. The island is also associated with one of the most popular Kratom strains in the market — Bali Kratom. But what do you know about this powerful strain? Here’s our detailed review of the raved-about Bali strain!

The Origin of Bali Kratom

Many people believe that with Bali’s signature hot, humid climate and thick jungles, it’s the perfect place to grow Mitragyna Speciosa. But you’d be surprised to know that the origin of Bali Kratom is different. Many people believe that the Kratom strain is grown in Borneo and different parts of Malaysia. It’s termed Bali because it’s shipped from that port to other countries.

This variety of Kratom is very easily available on the market and many people seem to love it! Red and Gold Bali always seem to be the top choices among Kratom users across the nation. But Bali has other variants as well. What are they and how do they differ? Let’s get into it!

Different Veins of Bali

Bali has 5 different varieties; Red, White, Green, Gold, and Yellow. All of these are readily available for Bali lovers to enjoy. Here is a quick overview of each:


Perhaps the most popular vein of Bali, only paralleled by Gold, Red Bali is in a league of its own. It has to do with the fact that most people have turned to Kratom to battle their addiction to pain killers. And Red Bali works exceptionally well to fight off chronic pain and help you manage your daily activities with ease. As Red indicates the most mature stage of the Kratom plant, it’s rich in alkaloid content. It offers high sedative effects when taken in large doses, so it can also be used to help you get a good night’s rest. But such doses are only recommended for experienced users who know what they’re doing. Red Bali is also a great anxiolytic; it can help you manage symptoms of stress and anxiety. If you take this strain in lower doses, you may experience slightly energizing effects as well.


Green Vein indicates the middle stage of maturity; between White and Red. As such, its effects tend to be a mixture of the two veins but less potent. If you’re just getting started with your Kratom journey, Green Bali is a great strain to try. It’s very popular among anxiety patients, students with upcoming exams, and people with physically-demanding jobs. It offers a certain kick that can help you get done whatever you need to do. For beginners, it’s recommended to take it slow and not exceed a dose of 1 g. See how it affects you and then proceed accordingly.

Green Bali is also known to uplift your mood and keep you focused on the positives. In high doses, this strain can be mildly sedative and help with symptoms of anxiety.

Typically, the effects of Green Bali tend to last 4 to 5 hours. So, it comes in handy when you need to get through a tough day with a little bit of motivation.


The White Vein indicates the youngest stage of the Kratom plant. It’s also the most stimulating of all the other veins. So, it’s only recommended for experienced users. White Bali is a well-received strain that is famed for its powerful energy-boosting and mood-enhancing properties. The alkaloids present in this strain stimulate your brain’s receptors, enhancing your motivation and energy levels. It’s also good for helping you calm your nerves. It can relax your mind and body so you can get down to work and manage any task your boss throws at you!

If you also have trouble losing weight and curbing those unhealthy cravings, White Bali should be your go-to! It works well as an appetite suppressant, so you won’t have to worry about untimely snacking anymore.

Are you still curious about White Veins? Here’s MKC’s guide to White Kratom and how it can help you.


Gold Bali doesn’t indicate a natural stage of the Kratom plant. Instead, it’s prepared by different methods that give it a golden hue. It works great to help renew your energy levels and offers sensational relief from physical discomfort. It can help you deal with hectic situations at work by keeping you focused and alert. It also works well to improve your appetite. So, if you struggle with gaining weight, Gold Bali can help you reach your goal!


There is a lot of debate as to what a yellow vein is. But there is no straight answer because its definition varies from one vendor to the next. Yellow Bali is often a mixture of Red and White Bali Kratom strains, packing a combination of effects of both. It offers sensational energizing benefits and relief from physical and mental discomfort.

For the whole 101 on yellows, here’s everything you need to know about Yellow Vein Kratom.

The Effects of Bali Kratom

Different varieties of Bali differ in the effects they deliver to the user. But what is there to be said about Bali Kratom’s effects as a whole? Here’s all you need to know:

Improved Sleep Schedule

It’s very important to get a good night’s rest so you can be productive the next day. Studies show that patterns of improper sleep can alter your circadian rhythm, leading to fatigue, daytime sleepiness, and psychosocial anxiety. MKC has a list of the top 7 products to help you find the best Kratom for sleep. You guessed it; Bali is right there on the list in second place! In higher doses, Bali Kratom can offer you deep sedative effects that can get you mentally and physically ready for bed. Red Bali boasts a rich alkaloid profile that impacts your brain’s receptors, leading to sedation. If you have a history of insomnia, Bali is a great strain to reap the benefits.

Pain Relief

If you suffer from chronic body pain, you might wonder what your options are. Bali Kratom has been around the longest, and its most famed purpose has been to ease body pain. Any sort of physical discomfort can greatly hinder your productivity at work every day. Bali Kratom can help you get rid of it and stay focused on your work.

Red Bali works exceptionally well to help you manage your daily tasks without any pain or the need for strong painkillers. So, if you’re someone who struggles with a nasty painkiller addiction, Red Bali can help you bounce back! It can help you get rid of your painkiller dependency while empowering you to manage your workload. But you should be mindful of how often you can use Kratom to avoid building tolerance.

Combating Stress and Anxiety

Bali works tremendously well to curb symptoms of stress and anxiety. There are many days when we tend to feel overwhelmed by everything going on around us. Whether it’s tough work, stressful home life, a nerve-wracking interview, or just large crowds, this strain can calm you down. The feeling is similar to the relief you experience after an uplifting yoga session or a spa day. After all, Bali Kratom and anxiety relief go hand-in-hand!

Mood Elevation

When it comes to the best Kratom for euphoria, White and Green Bali can do wonders for your mood. If you’re going through one of those days where nothing seems right, Bali can help you spot the silver lining. It works to improve your mood and keep you thinking positively!

Improved Energy Levels

If you always find yourself requiring herbal supplements for energy, why not try Bali? Aside from Red, Bali works wonders for delivering a powerful boost of energy that helps you kickstart your day! In fact, you can use it as a substitute for your morning coffee — it won’t make you jittery or agitated. Caffeine tends to have those side effects.

Recommended Dosage

As with any Kratom strain, your Bali dosage relies heavily on your body type, age, Kratom experience, and medical history. If you’re just a beginner, you can opt for Gold and Red Bali strains. But remember to start slow. The recommended one-time dose for a beginner is 1-2 grams. Up to 5 grams is considered a moderate dose while anything above that should only be tried by experienced users. You can go 6-8 grams to enjoy the sedative effects as someone who is used to Kratom. We don’t recommend going above that to avoid unwanted side effects.


This was our detailed review of Bali Kratom, its different veins, and the associated effects. Overall, we believe it’s a great strain with a good mixture of all the effects one expects from the herb. To see what else is out there, read our detailed blog on exploring the different Kratom products on the market.