My Kratom Club has now launched a brand new Loyalty Program!

Here’s How It Works

  • Earn 1 loyalty point for every dollar you spend with My Kratom Club
  • You receive a coupon code in your account automatically after you reach the 200 points
  • Use your coupon code and spend your $15.00 store credit toward any purchase in our store excluding items already on sale.

Why Did We Launch This New Program?

It’s about our most loyal customers over the past two years that consistently place orders and have made My Kratom Club a part of their weekly, monthly, or even bi-monthly routine.

Our customers deserve to be recognized and rewarded. 

Free Gifts For The Entire Month Of
February 2021

It’s the end of a stressful year and we are grateful to continue to grow our business during these trying times.

To help out our customers we are giving away a free 64 count pack of $54.99 OPMS Botanical Extract Capsules. 

Enjoy Extended Same Day Shipping Times Monday-Friday For All of February

We have learned it’s important to get your products as fast as possible and it is important to us too.
Our same day shipping cutoff time is now 4:30 PM PST and 7:30 PM EST every weekday except Federal Holidays.

Our Mission

My Kratom Club does not just sell Kratom.
We are a movement for change.
It’s about providing fresh name brand supplements that are safe, lab tested, and from well known trusted and reputable brands.
Providing a wealth of information on our site when it comes to different strains, products, dosage, and just about anything kratom.

Come Join Our Movement!

Our growing Facebook page HERE  represents our mission and values.

Our Facebook group HERE is a growing community of Kratom supporters and a place for those to share their life changing stories.

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