Kratom Testimonials

These Kratom testimonials have been put together by My Kratom Club. We are here to bring you the most up to date information on all things that relate to Kratom.

It is truly amazing the life changing benefits these people have gone through. Each person in these videos is providing their true life experiences with kratom to Congress.

These is not an infomercial with paid actors. These are real people with real results.

Marissa Arron Smith – Nurse Practitioner (Overcame Narcolepsy & Insomnia)

Brad Miller – Fought Through Multiple Surgeries & Uses To Assist with Severe Ulcerative Colitis

Holly Rigley – Nurse Practitioner & A Strong Belief In Kratom

Chris Brooks – Assists with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Darci Olson – A Social Worker With A Masters Degree In Social Work

Michael Comoroski – Kratom Has Improved His Life For The Last 10 Years

Pineda Hellander – Substance Abuse Counselor & Supports Kratom

What We Have Learned

All of these folks stood up to the Georgia congress to talk about how Kratom has benefited their life tremendously. These are just a handful of the testimonials from 12/28/18.  We will continue to update this page with additional testimonials.

There are currently 5 states that have banned Kratom. Georgia is on the brink of banning this amazing all natural supplement and these people among many others are fighting for their lives.

Please check out our Life Changing Benefits of Kratom article to fully understand the power of Kratom.

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