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The blue magic gives me the most energy out of any Kratom strain. Love this stuff and would recommend it to anyone.

Very Reliable

I have been taking the Blue Magic Trainwreck Kratom in pill form for about 2 months now and have to say they work excellent for pain and energy and altogether wellness. I never write reviews but don’t want people to miss these magic pills ( or powder ) do to how well they work. You won’t be disappointed.

5 Stars!

5 star product and service, consistently!


I have a very physically demanding job. At least walking 4 miles a day not to mention stooping and squatting. I have chronic back pain and bulging discs. Narcotics are not for me. This is consistently lifesaving. 😊

Good product, great price!

Ordered for my husband. He takes these and buys them at vape shops often. This was a good price for the quantity of pills!

Definitely Strong

I would recommend this one. I wish it came in larger quantities though but as far as potency, it’s one of the good ones

One of my top strains here

I’ve been taking Red Borneo by Bumblebee for a little while now and I definitely like it. It’s great for pain and helps me get a good night sleep


This is my favorite brand, i have degenerative disc disease and after years of taking pain medication, this has been my holy grail. their shipping is always phenomenal, and customer service has always been more than perfect. you guys saved my life.

Quality product and well worth the price

Sure, it’s costly. But absolutely worth it. With other strains/brands, depending on your own tolerance and needs, it cuts down on the amount you have to consume drastically. Example, if you require 5 grams for comfort, regular brands require you to take upwards of 10 capsules with every dose. With Phoenix, to achieve the same level of success, you take one capsule. Each bottle ends up lasting way longer in turn.
Phoenix has become my new go-to. That combined with the awesome customer service I get from MKC whenever I have an inquiry, one less thing I have to worry about when needing kratom assistance.
Hope this helps you in your journey.

Highly recommended

Great for managing day to day fatigue, pain, and soreness. Also mentally uplifting for those who are not morning people.

Amazing 👏

This product is amazing

Blue Magic White Thai Capsules

Love it

I enjoy the relief I have

Love it

Works great for pain

Energizing and Focusing, Love This Brand!

I use this Kratom product for productivity, it helps my ADD and OCD brain as well as depression SO MUCH, it kind of blows my mind. I take about 5-6 capsules and another 4-5 capsules once the effects kick in. I find this one very productive and energizing, it also has an uplifting emotional effect which can change my day from depressed and indecisive to focused and happy with an extra pep in my step.
I have taken the Hello Vietnam and their White Borneo for over a year and it has been life-changing and saves me most days emotionally. Lastly, I have tried several other brands here on Kratom Club before landing on Bumble and have found Bumble to be the best strength and consistently effective product.

Perfect mellow but productive Kratom for me

I use two kratoms from this company, this one is my mellow go-to. I use it for sleep but also for productivity. It helps me a lot with my horrible menstrual cycles. About two weeks out of every month I experience severe depression, brain fog, and piercing cramps and this Hello Vietnam helps calm my symptoms down by about 45% (which is a huge help!) I take about 5 or 6 capsules followed by another 4 or 5 capsules once the effects start to kick in. This kratom product helps me function smoothly and with less pain every month and would highly recommend it. Each batch is consistent as well, very grateful for this product. Life-saving!

Great feeling

I just started with kratom to help with back pain and I started with 3 grams and worked wonders. Definitely will be ordering more.

Excellent Strain

The White Thai strain works great for mood, pain, and sleep relief. For even better results I take it with Bali Golds. Great products as usual.


they work well for pain. thank you


Helpful with aches, pains, sweats and restless legs.

Best on the market

Best kratom on the market!


By FAR my favorite remedy to get off of opiates with!!! Even with suboxone, I still feel withdrawal &/or pain, but with Bali Gold, the pain is managed well & the withdrawal is BARELY there. I've NEVER had something help me through a much as Bali Gold has. I *HIGHLY* recommend it for anyone ready to give the boot to opiates!!!

I love it! It’s the best strand available Verified Reviews Badge
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