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Love love love

Kind of pricey but worth it for the relief.

Consistent efficacy!

I’ve used Blue Magic White Thai for about 4 years. After trying many brands and strains I discovered Blue Magic at a local store which has gone out of business. I found MKC online and have ordered twice from them. Not only are they less expensive - their service has been impeccable both times. With dangers of buying sight unseen on the internet, this is a huge relief!! MKC has found a satisfied new longtime customer in me.

It works

Love the way this product works for pain!


Help me with my back pain but their are better products for leave that work better for me enjoyed it though

5 star

I have had alot of diffrent kratoms but train wreck is by far the best one for work. Im an ironworker and trainwreck definitely make a 10 hour day feel like 5

The BLUE MAGIC train wreck capsules seem to provide a better euphoric effect.

I read that it helps with chronic pain. Thats why i ordered it. I just need 1 during the day so i can function and 2 at night for bed. I am sleeping through the night again.

Best kratom!

I will always add this one to my purchase! Every time I get it it’s always fresh and just as strong as the first bottle, This is one of my favorite go to’s! I would definitely recommend buying this product. It’s very potent and it works wonders for pain.

Krave Kratom Bali Kratom Powder (3 Sizes)

Pretty good!

I got this with my order and I would say it’s more of a mellow feeling. It helped with my pain and gave me a little bit of energy but a calm effect of that makes sense? I would definitely purchase this product. This is something I would take later in the day. Overall it’s a good relaxing feel (:

Excellent customer service and good product! Mainly the customer service is out of this world excellent.

K Shot

Excellent product

Loved it.

I’ve never tried Borneo before so I went on a whim and purchased it. I took about 2-3 grams, about 30 minutes later, I noticed a big mood boost, felt energized and noticed my pain was gone. I felt amazing! I wasn’t jittery or shaky. I would definitely buy bubblebee white Borneo again. MKC has awesome customer service and AMAZING products and prices.

Excellent product. Consistent quality

I’ve tried several brands of Kratom but that stopped when I tried Klarity. Their quality and potency is consistent with each order. Great energy and mood boost. Always satisfied with this product.


Great alternative to narcotics. Very effective pain mgmt.

TRUE Relief

Over a period of 7 years I've had a double fusion in my neck and back both. I'm currently a patient of a pain management clinic and have been for 4 years. tThey've helped me to some extent with my pain but I stuck GOLD when I discovered Trainwreck. Can't begin to express how grateful I am to have discovered Trainwreck. It seriously has changed my life.

Absolutely amazing.

I would give this extract shot a 10 out of a 10.
The taste isn’t bad, it kind of tastes like chocolate in a way? Or baileys. This is the second extract shot I have tried. I would say this is by far the best one. Once I took half I noticed it started to kick in within 10/15 minutes. I got a good euphoric feeling, I was in a better mood and I had zero pain which is amazing. I will mention this extract shot did not sedate me or make me extremely tired. I did notice i had more energy ( I wasn’t jittery ) but I was relaxed and calm, if that makes sense. I would purchase this product again and I definitely would recommend this extract shot.

Only thing that works

This is the only thing that works for me. I have prescription pain meds, medical cannabis, I've had surgeries and devices put it to try to ease the pain. This goes right to my pain and completely stops it. I can function, focus at work, do household chores, go on spontaneous adventures. This is all possible because I know if I have one of these around, I can enjoy the things I used to love, before the pain took that life away.

OPMS White Vein Indo Kratom Capsules, 64 CT

Great product

This works great for my pain!


This is an energizing hybrid that is a little lighter on the muscle relaxer properties than the red vein, but still works wonders on my spasticity and muscle spasms/clonus.


MIT45 is worth the money,,it is a great product. Moo

Great product. Helps with my back pain!

I like to mix w/red bourneo

I mix the Bali Gold w/ Red Borneo. It gives me the the in best in pain relief and mood enhancer. I switch up my daily choice.

Just what I was looking for

Really enjoyed these. Took my pain, lifted my mood and got me motivated. I sleep great w/them as well. Verified Reviews Badge
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