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This strain I stumbled upon by accident and it is now one of my favorites . I order this one with each order!! You won’t be disappointed!!!!

Works great for chronic pain

Good product.

Really helps with energy and focus..I like it.

Great product, great company

I have slipped discs in my lower back and severe arthritis all over. Trainwreck has been the only thing that keeps my pain level to a minimum, and gives me the energy I need to get through my day.

Go to Blend

This is my absolute favorite blend. You need to switch blends up some every day to prevent getting a tolerance to it but this is my go to favorite.

Good stuff

It’s the best I have purchased and always delivered on time

% star

Its a great product. Shipping was okay but could be faster. I give the product a five star. I will be ordering again soon.


The best!

This is better than any antidepressant or if u suffer from ADD .. helps with all that !! Gives you energy, focus, plus an overall feeling of happiness. Love it!

It's great for pain I have a lot of pain in my feet and it seems to take it away thanks

My Go to brand and type

This product is always consistent and pure, no other fillers. Supports energy, mood, clarity, and decent pain management. Helps relieve anxiety.

Naturally Red Bali Kratom Capsules

Mary Montefusco

It’s fantastic. It gives me energy and makes my mood better.


Gave me just the energy boost and focus I need without making me jittery or a harsh comedown. Added benefit of pain relief as well.

Very good product works well. Best one found so far

EK Trainwreck Capsules !! AMAZING !!

This blend of 11 different kratom strains combined has been the best find I've come across. It helps me with anxiety, boosts my mood, and helps me sleep better at night. It keeps my focus and determination on point throughout the day and 2 to 4 capsules always give me the pick me up I need. I stay more focused at the gym and get longer cardio workouts in and it help with soreness too. It's great for long days at work and my attention span is better than ever. It's my best go to find and I can immediately tell the difference when I take it.

Awesome product great company

My daughter has an anxiety issue and this product is the best tasting and s fastest working, she loves it. Because of it popularity you can’t find it in smoke
shops. My Kratom Club has been amazing not only with the availability but the shipping as well. So glad we found them.

Great for energy and pain

I only wish the packs came with more than 5. Great product. I do recommend.

Good gold

This was a very good and fairly strong to take lower dosages for my spasticity needs. My muscles are spastic, due to a neck surgery, and this helps block my nerve signals from firing off randomly.

Good and effective

This is a good brand. The 600mg saved me money, as well. I am a low dosage taker, so these were great for my particular needs of spasticity.

The Bee's Knees

The Bali Gold provides fantastic relief for those in pain, suffering. Great price considering it could save your life.

My 1st Kratom order from Club

The Kratom Club is OUTSTANDING! I've been buying my Nodzilla Kratom tinctures at a local vape store. I use it for chronic pain, 1 tsp every morning. The vape stores are always out of it so I looked online & found the Kratom Club! I love it! It's exactly the product I ordered, it's Half the price & shipping is FREE! It's a win win for me! It was delivered in about a week. The Kratom Club is my new Supplier. Give them a try...u won't be sorry.

Product is consistent-important to me as this is not fda approved-I like to see well managed/packaged items that work the same every time as in bumblebee.


Great product

Awesome product !

Excellent results from this particular kratom product. Would definitely recommend this.

I love this strain better than the original Maeng Da Verified Reviews Badge
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