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Great quality: very effective in even microdose and, without any come-down whatsoever.
Great value: can't beat the price and, many liquid extracts are only 10 ml (this is 15).
Expeditiously great: always a secure, fast, and seamless experience in the payment and shipping process.
- MKK: all-around commended (and recommended) for their consistent commitment to customer satisfaction. 👏👏


Such great pain relief!


Great product, great shipping!


It's one of my new favorites!!

K80 Kratom Extract Shot 10 ML
Sandy J. (Dallas, US)

I enjoy the Mit 45's much more.


I enjoy Earth Kratom very much. Your product produces the most euphoria compared to other products I have purchased. Thank you Earth Kratom!


I enjoy Earth Kratom very much. Your product produces the most euphoria compared to other products I have purchased. Thank you Earth Kratom! I especially like the White Maeng Da!!

Great strain

One of the best

Earth Kratom Extract Oil Maeng Da, 12 ml (9 Grams of Kratom)

My favorite!

This is my personal favorite of the bumble bee products. It's energizing and great for being productive at work.

Real energy boost

This is the best Kratom that I have found that works for me! Gives you energy like no other on the market!

From Couch/bed bound to up and moving

This strain and all of bumble bee for that matter has been amazing. Western medicine has failed me. I’m diagnosed with fibromyalgia nd being treated for Stiff Person Syndrome. Four of these pills allow me to get up and be functional. My pain becomes more background noise. Sometimes I take a couple of bumble bee Bali gold in tangent on really bad pain days. I’m 38 and would probably deteriorate to the point of hospitalization and physical therapy without these. If they could figure out what is wrong and get my pain under control I’d have a chance at a full life again. Until then, these Kalamantan Sapphire capsules keep me moving and are very effective at that. I plan to continue them as they have been the only available remedy to the endless fatigue that can be associated with fibromyalgia and chronic pain I have yet to find.

What Sets Red Sumatra apart…

Ajmalicine is an alkaloid found on in this rare form of Kratom from the Sumatra islands. This is what is responsible for the muscle relaxation properties of this strain. This could be highly desirable for someone who does intense physical day labor if you find the Bali’s and Borneo’s just aren’t working as well as you would like. Medically I’m I mess. I suffer from Trigeminal Neuralgia and had an attack the other day and was able to get my face to loosen up after taking some of these. Im being tried for Stiff Person Syndrome (also known as stiff man syndrome) and I am looking forward to see how these can also aid me during the day with mobility either on their own or as an adjunct to a white strain. Very useful and a wonderful discovery. Thanks MKC!

Earth Kratom Green Maeng Da Kratom Capsules (4 Sizes)

Blue Magic Trainwreck Kratom Capsules
Noelle G. (Seattle, US)

Love the boost of energy

This stuff works

Red Borneo - amazing stuff - takes the edge off my back pain for 4-5 hours so I can get some things accomplished instead of giving me another procrastination excuse.
Thank you! Back for my next order.

The Best

These are my favorite shots and you cannot beat the price they have them here!!! It’s hard to find these shots and they always have them in stock. I would highly recommend these for sure!!!

Good stuff...

It works for me, it's one of my favorites from the Bumble Bee brand (Green Borneo)...Gives a bit of energy but also seems to make me feel calm.


One of the new strains I got. 10/10 would buy again. My kratom tolerance is very high after like 2 years. This one hit fast

Excellent Kratom

A family member uses for Restless leg. Since day one of taking he rarely has issues with RLS. We have been ordering from My Kratom Club for over three years, super fast shipping and excellent customer service.

Good overall

Everything Krave makes is very good.

Bumble Bee Bali Gold Kratom Capsules (3 Sizes)
Anonymous (Virginia Beach, US)
Bali Gold

Great product that helps with a little bit of everything!

Krave Red Vein Kratom Powder
Kenneth S. (Alvarado, US)
Red Kratom

I love the red Kratom it works for the pain my neck and back

Bliss Blend Kratom Capsules by Club 13 (100% Satisfaction Guarantee) (975 MG Capsules)

Best Indo

This is the best blend of Indo I've ever had. Verified Reviews Badge
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