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I am pretty new to taking Kratom and had a lot of questions. I chatted with Jennifer on the website.
She asked me a few questions and we found a perfect strain for my back pain and lack of sleep.
Love the great customer service My Kratom Club!
DavidDavid C
I found My Kratom Club searching Google. Was looking for Bumble Bee Kratom. Hard stuff to find… Happy I found it here! Just 2 days after placing my order it arrived in my mailbox. Love the fast shipping and the product variety on the site!
Thanks My Kratom Club for making this process easy and saving me from my overpriced local smoke shop.
– Jessica
Purchasing Kratom has always been an up and down roller coaster for me…
A lot of times only certain payment methods are accepted and I’d just rather pay with my Visa card.
It’s great My Kratom Club accepts all debit cards, credit cards, and even an eCheck.
The payment options and free USPS shipping from My Kratom Club made for super easy ordering!
MariaMaria H
Just wanted to thank you for the fast service I received on my order of the Krave Kratom order I placed late Monday.
I received the order yesterday (Wednesday) even though I was told by the customer service Rebecca the delivery was set for Thursday.
I live in South Florida and you ship from California it was a fast service. Count on me to order more products as I need them from your My Kratom Club web site.
Thank you again,
You guys are awesome! Great customer service, I really appreciated all of the literature you sent to me in regards to my question about Krave CBD Kratom.
I went ahead and ordered that in addition to my usual 500-ct Krave Trainwreck. I’m really digging the product!
And the package arrived in 2 days, that was quick!
I just wanted to give you guys a virtual high five and thank you again for an awesome experience.
– James Manus Jr.
JamesJames Manus Jr.
I went cold turkey off my pain pills and had very few issues. I’m back on them but feel cleaning out my system every few months is good.
I broke my back and hip in a slip and fall in LAX. Have two more surgeries coming. I’m really happy to have found Bumble Bee Kratom. No others worked as well.
Thank you for carrying it and at such a good price. At my home in TX its $20 more.
Teresa Terry
TeresaTeresa T.
I have been taking Bumblebee Bali Gold for about 2 months now. I have severe PTSD, and Fibromyalgia, and chronic lung issues which cause me not to be able to breathe properly.
I gained 30 pounds from being on bedrest. I was not even able to get out of bed on my own.
I noticed that at the end of the month, I had only used half my xanax, klonopin, and opioid pan killers.
My panic attacks greatly reduced. I have since lost 25 pounds from being able to walk. People on social media are shocked at how much weight I’ve lost, and that I’m able to hold up my phone for a picture!
I plan to continue to use Bumblebee Bali Gold regularly throughout my healing process, as it has been very helpful in giving me my life back.
– Danielle
DaniDani K.
Kratom has helped my get off opioids. Relieved my anxiety, and depression, in turn Got me off anxiety and depression Prescriptions. Helps with fatigue. Has
allowed me to enjoy life and be proactive to achieve goals on a daily basis. In short, Kratom had alleviated symptoms stemming from emergency brain surgery
when I was just a young lad. Changed my life within days. Just though I’d share a short thought about the amazing positive impact this plant has had on my life.
– Your friendly neighborhood Italian
VinnyVinny Musso

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