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Kratom stories is a section of our website dedicated to our guests. To the community that cares so deeply about what this plant offers and its potential for millions of others.

The people who share in the love for Kratom. An all-natural plant from Southeast Asia that has and continues to change millions of lives.

I personally have been inspired to start this guest blog after hearing, reading, and watching the countless stories. Stories of real people with real medical problems finding resolve in this wonder plant.

Let’s use this space on our website to welcome what will hopefully be hundreds if not thousands of stories of how Kratom has drastically changed the lives of so many.

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January 18, 2019, was the launch of this guest blog and the amazing stories throughout the country.

A place where people will have a chance to share their journey.

A community where you are surrounded by like-minded people with a love for this wonder plant.

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There are no hard limits on the stories that can be written here.

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Share your life-changing story and help others change their lives.

How Kratom Saved Chase Ashley’s Life

The Kratom story of how Kratom saved Chase Ashley's life

Chase Ashley

I was diagnosed in 2014 with Chiari, Dysautonomia, Spinal Stenosis etc. etc. I was really sick and in and out of the

hospital for 4 years before that. Doctors had me on fentanyl and even with that in my system, my day to day was difficult

to get through.  I spent the majority of my time in bed sobbing. I was at the end of my rope. When someone is that sick and

in that much pain there isn’t really anything to look forward to in life. I was extremely frustrated with doctor’s because all

they could do was put a band-aid on it by medicating. I was in a deep depression. Teetering on the edge. I was ready to give

up on life. I bumped into an article on the internet about kratom and I wanted to give it a try mostly to get off all the

medication that I was on so that I would no longer have to deal with another doctor. Kratom has been a life saver for me.

It controls my pain better than the meds, my depression is gone, and I’m able to do things that I haven’t been able to do in

almost a decade. I have been given a second chance at life because of kratom.

– Chase Ashley


Angel Kreidler picture

I was diagnosed with depression when I was 21 (I am 52 now). I have been on over 50 different medication to treat it.
About eight years ago, the depression got so bad that my diagnosis was changed to Major Depressive Disorder and acute anxiety disorder.
Although I was taking the medication exactly as prescribed, I was getting absolutely no relief.
I would go to bed every night hoping that I just wouldn’t wake up. When I did wake up I was furious that I was still alive!
The diagnosis was changed AGAIN to Treatment Resistant Major Depression Disorder and I underwent 32 sessions of electroconvulsive therapy after a fourth failed suicide attempt.
Nothing was working for me, and I actually did extensive research to find out the best way to successfully commit suicide.
A friend told me about kratom. I was desperate for relief, and immediately purchased A 5 pack of Gold OPMS. About 5 days later, I woke up and decided that the day had come for me to commit suicide.
I had been in bed for about 2 weeks at that point, no energy to even shower or eat, all I did was sleep.
I remembered the capsules and decided to try one, as a very last resort. I still get emotional thinking about how they saved me.
That morning, suddenly it was as if the world finally had color!! I wanted to live, get showered up, even laugh!!!
From that day forward I began using kratom.
I got an excellent job (and kept it,) reconnected with friends, enjoyed things
I used to do again, and I laugh!! I credit Kratom with giving me a beautiful life back!
– Angela Kreidler
Courtney Ward Kratom Story (My Kratom Club)

I have been struggling with stomach issues for the past 10 years. All the doctors I have seen haven’t been able to find the cause of it. Anytime I would eat, I would get severely ill; with every thing I ate.

I started taking Kratom for the energy, as it was described to me by someone else, 5 years ago. What I got was so much more than just a boost of energy.

Within 30 minutes of taking it for the first time, I ate something that would usually make me sick. And I didn’t have a reaction to it. I depend on Kratom to be able to eat, and take it daily.

Please don’t take this away from us! Some of us need it not only for health reasons, but for quality of life!

– Courtney Ward


Keith White Kratom Story Picture August 2021 (My Kratom Club)

My name is Keith and I reside in Las Vegas Nevada. I have suffered with chronic pain for the last 20 years related to my service in the U.S. Navy. A year and a half ago, I applied for benefits from the V.A. and was awarded 70% disability.

The V.A. diagnosed me with spinal stenosis, severe arthritis in the knees and right hand. The V.A. has taken very good care of me but like any government entity, they are slow to move.

The medical staff there have given me X-rays, MRIs, Cat Scans, etc. I have been through physical therapy, chiropractic, Alpha Stem units, received a back brace, and recently a Steroid Epidural.

None of which has helped. Mornings were brutal. Getting out of bed was agony but I knew I had to keep moving.

Another Veteran suggested I try Kratom. I did a bit of research and after much inner debate, decided to try.

I don’t remember which strain I tried first but I was not impressed with the results so tried another strain and then another until I found Maeng Da.

I started a daily regimen and was amazed with the results. Between the Kratom and another supplement, which contains MSM, Glucosamine and a few other everyday supplements,

I was able to move again. Since I have retired, I really enjoy working in the garage. Building, welding, working with my hands and not feeling like I have to be in my recliner all day.

I know for a FACT that my other Veteran buddies are living better lives because of Kratom and I am grateful to be able to move with less agonizing pain.

Scheduling Kratom as a Narcotic would be ludicrous and so unfair for people like me that need it to manage chronic, debilitating pain.

The V.A. has stopped prescribing opioids for chronic pain as they are trying their best to address the problem.

It’s brutal, so Veterans are left to seek solutions on their own.

Kratom has been part of MY solution and it sure beats up to 16 Ibuprofens per day!

– Keith White


Jessica H. Kratom Story Picture Augus 2021 (My Kratom Club)

I was diagnosed with ptsd in 2020 but I’ve struggled with ptsd and anxiety throughout my life. Due to my ptsd I struggle with insomnia and anxiety. When I have a sleep interruption or a nightmare that wakes me up and prevents me from going back to sleep I use natural products namely kratom to help me get back to sleep. Prescribed medications stay in my system way longer and keep me groggy for the rest of the day. Kratom is the only thing that consistantly helps me fall back to sleep so I can live a relatively normal life and not be sleep deprived and drained. If it is banned it will make my life much more challenging because I won’t have something as effective or natural such as kratom to depend on anymore. It’s imperative that we stop the ban for people like me who need it for medical and mental health reasons.

Thank You!

– Jessica H


Tami Robinson Kratom Story Picture for My Kratom Club

This is my story. A story of hope and quite frankly, a miracle. After my lumbar spine laminectomy, I was prescribed Percocet for postoperative pain.

After 3 months of continual use due to the failure of the laminectomy, my surgeon denied me a refill, stating I had to go to my primary care physician for anymore pain relieving medication.

It took about a month to get an appointment,
so I was panicking because my pain was unbearable.

No matter what I did, it wouldn’t go away and I was at a point where just living was a struggle.

Prior to my surgery, I was prescribed Percocet, only 20 pills of the lowest dose of 5/325 mg.

These are some of the things I did that were supposed to help.

I did PT, 3 times in at different times. I purchased an expensive TENS unit, CBD gummies and lotions, special wedge pillows, high doses of ibuprofen and acetaminophen, steroids, blood test to rule out an autoimmune disease like rheumatoid arthritis, prescription back brace, ice, heat, non-inflammatory diets, ice packs, heating pads, and praying daily for a miracle.

Oh, and I can’t forget research upon research on line and reading books. I even looked into the “it’s all in your head” theory.

TMS, I think it’s called. As well as yoga and Tai Chi. Nothing worked to improve my quality of life because there was still a lot of chronic pain.

I’m talking the pain I felt during back labor with all 3 of my children! It was unbearable.

Then one day, as I was searching Youtube for a solution, I ran across a video for Kratom. There were people who were in the same boat as me. Pain with no hope of relief, on the brink of giving up all together.

I decided to give it a shot. I drove to the nearest smoke shop and purchased my very first (small) bottle of Bumblebee Maengda. I took only 3 capsules, not really expecting anything.

About half an hour later, the pain was gone!!

I didn’t get the “high” feeling I used to get from Percocet, just a sudden recession of pain! I couldn’t believe it and immediate told my husband about it, and he said, “It’s a miracle.” Not only did Kratom give me the freedom to do more activities with my children, it improved my relationship with my husband.

I was no lo longer yoked to the misery so I was able to be a happier wife. I was able to make dinner and clean my house.

After doing a little bit more research, I found that it was cheaper and convenient to order Kratom online so I have been using MKC ever since.

I don’t know where to turn if Kratom is banned. Please, do not ban this miracle plant. Unless you want to see an increase in suicide and street drug use. It’s in your hands, the quality of life for many, many, many chronic pain sufferers.

Thank you for reading the testimony of one out of thousands of chronic pain sufferers.

– Tami Robinson


Tyler Ricketts kratom story picture for My Kratom Club

Hi my name is Tyler Ricketts I’ve lived in Kalamazoo MI my entire live until now at age 32 I now live in Mattawan MI.

When I was age 20 I started developing a huge alcohol addiction from depression and anxiety I was hospitalized for it for the first time at age 21 then again 2 days later the doctors said it was because I was severe dehydrated from alcohol.

I began to drink even more after that none stop every night ended up loosing 4 jobs because of my addiction and everyone in the area knew who I was so they just plain and simple wouldn’t hire me.

I went to the doctors to get a check up when I was 26 years old they told me I wasn’t going to make I to see 30 if I kept up my drinking I would try to stop but the withdrawal kept putting me in the hospital.

At age 28 I found out about Kratom I tried it once in the morning and did not have one craving for alcohol that entire day and not really any withdrawal.

I kept taking until my drinking came down to 1 beer a week if that finally the drinking just flat out stopped.

I now am 32 years old and have a fantastic job working for a billion dollar Company as an assistant manager.

I now have 2 amazing little boys one is 23 months lol and the other is 3 weeks now and an amazing fiance.

If it wasn’t for Kratom I would not have been able to have such joy in my life with my new family Kratom saved my life.

I had surgery on my wrist 2 years ago and my pain was awful but Kratom help subsidies the pain.

– Tyler Ricketts



Cameron Gifford Kratom Story Profile Picture


I suffer from chronic neck and back pain. I started using kratom products about five years ago because I didn’t want to become another opioid statistic.

Kratom helps me get through my day pain free! This plant has been a life changer for me!




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