Why Choose My Kratom Club?

My Kratom Club customers have mentioned a whole lot of reasons why they have chosen us as their primary Kratom resource.

Our Customer Feedback Has Taught Us Why Our Customers Are So Loyal

  • Prices are competitive, and we offer free shipping on all our products.
  • Easy ordering as we accept all major credit cards, eChecks, Venmo, Cash App, and Zelle.
  • Your order ships out the same day by USPS if ordered before 4:30 PM PST Monday through Friday.
  • Once your order ships tracking details are emailed and texted to you within a few minutes.
  • Over 200 blogs are dedicated to everything kratom. Our Kratom library can be found HERE.
  • Four discounted Monthly Memberships are available to have your favorite kratom shipped at the same time every month. Choose a new flavor each month if you would like.
  • Excellent customer service by chat, e-mail, and/or phone.

My Kratom Club offers a large variety of well-known brands and over 200 products, and we ship guaranteed fresh and authentic products.

Take a peek at our MKC Guarantee HERE.

My Kratom Club quality control when it comes to the quality of Kratom and customer service

What Else Does My Kratom Club Offer?

Check out over 200 kratom products in our store, ask us questions, or visit our blog.

We have a Dosage Guide Here.

We just recently released a Bumble Bee Kratom Review HERE.

Below are reviews of the most popular kratom brands on the market:

Kratom Brand Reviews

Available on our website are the following Kratom brands:

We have been and continue to run the My Kratom Club Free Kratom and Loyalty Points Promotion.

Initially, this was a temporary program a couple of years back but we have since made it a permanent program.

Our Story

My Kratom Club began business operations back in December 2018. But the story goes a while back to the founder of MKC, Jay.

Jay learned about Kratom from a coworker at UPS. He began researching the herb extensively and got to know how it changed so many people’s lives for the better. But there was one major problem — general information about the herbal supplement wasn’t readily available online.

If you wanted to know about its origin, the science behind its effects, and safety guidelines, you’d have to dig deep. And your only options to purchase Kratom were random headshops where the owners wouldn’t know much about the products. There was also a sheer lack of check and balance in the industry, with prices fluctuating to egregious highs.

That’s when Jay felt like taking matters into his own hands. He, along with his team, took the opportunity to offer a safe haven to people seeking the herb. This led to the inception of My Kratom Club — a secure online platform offering reasonably-priced, quality-controlled Kratom products. With only lab-tested products, a library of information, and easily-accessible customer service.

It was extremely important then and today to Jay and the MKC team to bring legitimacy to the industry.

What started with a team of passionate individuals working out of a storage unit has evolved into a widespread movement.

Today, MKC is proud to serve thousands of customers who have a safe platform to share their life-changing stories.

This isn’t just another Kratom website — it’s a movement for change with a dedicated team working tirelessly to make the platform better than it was yesterday!

What We Promise

Here at My Kratom Club, we pride ourselves on putting the customer first. Our platform is designed to be any Kratom aficionado’s go-to. Whether it’s purchasing the most popular brands or increasing your knowledge about the herb, we offer a one-stop solution.

Our Kratom information library includes over 200 blogs because we know every customer is looking for answers.

If you want to know about different strains, safety concerns, or just some creative tips to enhance your experience, our repository won’t let you down!

When it comes to quality, My Kratom Club goes above and beyond! We only carry lab-tested, name-brand Kratom products, and our variety keeps growing!

Rest assured that you’ll be delivered fresh and authentic products as we rotate our stock daily!

Have a look at our MKC Guarantee HERE.

Plus, you’ll never be let down by our delivery service!

MKC has the latest cutoff time in the industry — 4:30 PM PST and 7:30 PM EST. If you place an order by this time, we’ll send it out on the same day via USPS. And you’ll receive your tracking number within the hour by email!

Purchasing Made Easy

Have you heard about MKC’s loyalty program?

Our platform takes purchasing convenience to the next level with our carefully-curated point system that rewards you with every purchase, social media share, review, and customer referral. So, there are many avenues to get your hands on Kratom products for low prices without any compromise on quality!

We also offer different Monthly Memberships so our customer can get their hands on discounted Kratom products every single month! So, go ahead and try out a new flavor each month to your heart’s content.

Our platform incorporates a host of payment methods, including all credit card types, Venmo, Cash App, eCheck, Zelle, and additional discounts for different payment methods.

As a show of gratitude for orders of $99.00 or more, we’ll send you a free $54.99 gift.

Our goal is for all of our customers to become loyal ambassadors of the MKC movement for change.

 Thousands of Customers Choose My Kratom Club

  • Same Day Shipping
  • Competitive Prices
  • Excellent Customer Service
  • Large Product Variety
  • Multiple Payment Methods Accepted
  • Discounted Monthly Membership Plans
  • A Large Store and A Kratom Knowledge Resource
  • Free Kratom Gifts
  • The latest shipping cut off time in the industry
  • Loyalty program offering coupons for customer referrals, sharing posts, writing reviews, birthdays, and more!

Have additional questions check out our FAQ HERE.

Still want to know more.

Contact our customer loyalty team or chat with us on the website.

Like our Facebook page HERE and join our Facebook group HERE.

Come be a part of the My Kratom Club movement!

We love to help!

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It is extremely important when choosing a kratom website is that they have a quality Guarantee, an in-depth About Us Section, years of proven quality service, and hundreds of company reviews.

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