Terms of Purchase – Terms & Conditions

1. Our products come with no directions for use or intended use. We do not supply instructions on any packaging or offer instructions on how to use our products. By using our website or by purchasing our products, the customer or user understands that we will not supply any method of use.

2. Information provided on this website is for entertainment purposes only and is not intended to support or promote the use of kratom in replace of prescription drugs. By using our website, or by buying our products, the customer or buyer understands that the way they use the product(s) is at their own risk and discretion and that mykratomclub.com is waived explicitly as a factor or influence in their decision. The customer or user also acknowledges that the FDA has recommended for the public not to consume kratom in a public health advisory as referenced at this link (click here). The customer or user also agrees that mykratomclub.com did not recommend any directions for use based on clinical or FDA research and was warned of this upon checkout. Upon checkout, all customers must agree to these terms and conditions on this page before their purchase. All products are handled by the customer at their own risk and discretion and the customer agrees that the mykratomclub.com website was not a factor in this discretion or decision. Any dispute will be handled in the EU by My K Club LTD.

3. You must be of 21 years of age to purchase our products. By agreeing to the terms and conditions, you are certifying that you are above 18 years of age as referenced on the checkout page and on this page. In addition to this, some jurisdictions require an age above 21 years to purchase kratom. The responsibility falls upon the client to verify an age restriction in their respective areas. mykratomclub.com is not responsible for legal issues that arise from misrepresenting age to purchase our products, or from not practicing due diligence by confirming an age restriction in their area with regards to Kratom (Mitragyna Speciosa).

4. Our products are meant for the paying customer. If the paying customer orders our product(s) for another person or persons, the responsibility falls upon the paying customer to confirm that their intended recipient(s) have fully acknowledged and agreed to these terms and conditions. By ordering from mykratomclub.com, the paying customer confirms that they have informed the recipient of this page and that the recipient(s) is not a minor or unable to understand these conditions due to a disability.

5. Both customers and intended recipients of our products are responsible for the handling and storage of the products. mykratomclub.com is not responsible for any event that may arise from a third party handling the product(s) either directly or indirectly. Reselling our products is strictly prohibited and events that may arise from violating this rule will fall solely upon the violator. If the violator was an intended recipient who did not pay and was not aware of this rule, then the responsibility falls upon the original paying customer who ordered from mykratomclub.com.

6. The recipient of our product(s) is fully responsible to understand the laws and rules in their city, county, state, and country. Due diligence by the recipient on the legal rules in their jurisdiction falls solely upon the recipient. mykratomclub.com is not responsible for improper or poorly executed due diligence on the part of the recipient or customer. Legality information on mykratomclub.com is not guaranteed to be accurate or up-to-date and the customer or recipient acknowledges this when agreeing to these terms and conditions.

7. The customer is responsible for any duty or tariffs incurred on the importation of our products outside the United States. If the customer refuses the tariffs and sends the product back to us, they will be responsible for the full amount of shipping charges including the return costs and restocking fees.

8. mykratomclub.com may link out to other websites. Information on these third-party sites does not necessarily represent the opinions and ideas of mykratomclub.com.

9. Any information listed on affiliates or third-party websites linking to mykratomclub.com may not represent the opinions of our website. The opinions of affiliate links and websites linking back to mykratomclub.com are not the responsibility of mykratomclub.com. Our affiliates are asked to follow our Terms & Conditions. Violating the rules will cause immediate termination of the affiliate contract if they are discovered.

10. Our inventory at mykratomclub.com fluctuates often. If a product you order ends up not being in stock you will receive a similar product in size and quality. If the product ordered is not available the customer will have the option to also wait for the product to once again be in stock.

11. There are no returns of products purchased that are opened. If a product is returned due to an invalid address or if the customer has decided they no longer want the product. The customer is responsible for the return shipping and up to a 40% restocking fee.

12. By entering our website you agree that if you complete any forms on the website whether in the checkout, your cart, or any forms on the website you may be contacted by e-mail, phone, or text.

13. Once an order is placed a refund can be given but there is a 20% fee on the total order to cover our merchant processor expenses.

Free Order Gifts Promotion

Our free gift promotion is restricted to one gift per 14 business days. If multiple orders are made within a 14-day time period only one free gift will be provided. Free gift available strains are subject to availability and we cannot guarantee any particular strain. A request for a specific product can be placed in the notes and we will do our best to provide that particular strain. Free gifts are not returnable for a refund of any kind or store credit.


mykratomclub.com is not liable/responsible in the event of complications due to prior medical conditions and/or not consulting with a medical professional prior to use. All products are factory sealed, and lab tested by each manufacturer.

United States Postal Service Shipping

We ship all of our packages through USPS. First-class shipping normally takes 3-5 business days but can take up to 12 business days in certain circumstances.

Priority Mail normally takes 2-3 business days but can take longer based on varying conditions.

We do not provide refunds for delayed shipping times as we are not in control of how quickly the post office delivers.

Orders showing as “Delivered” are now the responsibility of the post office if the order was not received by the customer.

My Kratom Club has no responsibility for orders showing as “delivered” and not received by the customer.

We cannot file a claim on behalf of the customer for orders showing as “delivered” in the USPS tracking system when not received.

The customer agrees that in the event of a missing package that shows as “delivered,” they will file a claim with USPS directly and My Kratom Club is in no way liable for the missing package.

All orders are insured and will be replaced quickly if they are showing “lost” in the mail.

International Shipping

My Kratom Club is now shipping to Canada and South America.

International shipments are shipped first class up to 4 pounds.

Orders beyond 4 pounds will be shipped by priority mail for an additional flat-rate cost.

The flat rate shipping costs are at most what we pay for the shipping and at times less.

Shipping times internationally can be significantly longer than domestic shipments.

Shipping times are in no way guaranteed as we do not have control over how fast the order travels.

Currently, first-class packages internationally are at a flat rate of $30.00 which includes insurance.

There is a 20-business-day wait period for lost packages before we will reship and confirm as a lost order.

Declined Payments

After placing your order you will receive an order status email based on the payment type you have chosen. A successful payment will receive a processing order e-mail. In the event that your credit card payment is declined, we will reach out via text and email to notify you to resubmit your order.

Payments that have later been refunded by your bank and not made after the delivery of products will need to be paid immediately.

Payments are subject to a $30.00 admin fee at the discretion of My Kratom Club and not paid within a 60-90 day time period will be forwarded to a collection agency.

Please do not resubmit your order online once again until you have called our customer service directly. Due to fraud, we will not attempt to charge a credit card more than 2 times until we have spoken to you.

E-Check Payments

If using our e-check payment option you agree that when making a payment with My Kratom Club the available funds are in your account and will remain in your account until the payment clears.

If the check bounces you will be charged the bank fees we have to pay plus the initial order amount along with administrative fees.

We charge a $35.00 Return Check Fee in addition to any fees we have to pay.

My Kratom Club will continue to attempt to collect the funds owed until fully recovered along with any additional fees.

E-check payments are subject to a hold time of 10 days at our discretion in order to be sure the payment clears.

Orders over $100.00 from new customers are held for a minimum of 5 business days until the check clears on our end.

Once your order is submitted we do not provide full refunds as we do have to pay processing fees associated with e-check payments.

If you would like to cancel an e-check payment after submitting online you may do so by notifying us by email and/or phone.

E-check refund payments are subject to a 10% fee or can be used as a store credit without any fees.

Purchase Authorization

By navigating, entering, and viewing the mykratomclub.com website you agree to abide by these terms of service. This applies to payments made by phone at 1-800-401-2059, by chat, or by e-mail authorization from prior customers. Calls placed to 1-800-401-2059 may be recorded for quality purposes.

Canceled Orders

If orders are canceled after being submitted by e-mail request or any other form of communication are subject to a 40% restocking fee at our discretion and the cost of shipping if the label has already been created. The payment processing costs and logistics program costs are still encountered by My Kratom Club even when orders are canceled.


We do not offer refunds on any open bottles or packages. If you would like to return your order we will provide a refund if everything is sealed in its original packaging. You need to contact us by e-mail and/or phone within 3 days of your order being delivered. If over the 3-day period the return is at our discretion. If we do not answer the phone a detailed voicemail needs to be left making us aware of the status of your order.

Receiving Incorrect Products 

To prevent errors all of our orders are video packaged for accuracy.

However, in the event, that your order arrives and it is not correct we are happy to resolve the issue by exchanging it for the correct products.

We can also review the packing footage if necessary.

To receive the correct products please send us an email and/or call us at 1-800-401-2059 to let us know of the incorrect order within 2 business days of delivery.

We will need a picture of the incorrect AND ALL products received by email and your confirmation that the products have not been tampered with and opened they are not returnable.

Once confirmed we will email a prepaid label for you to use to make the return free of cost.

A picture of the USPS receipt can be provided for same-day shipping of the correct product(s) as long as the receipt is provided prior to the cutoff time and on a regular shipping day per our stated website shipping guidelines.

A receipt is not required but we will not be able to ship until the tracking number for the package is showing as arrived at the post office on the usps.com website.

Additionally, we do not need to wait for the item to arrive. Proof the order has been dropped off at the post office is all that is needed for us to reship the corrected order.

Intellectual Property

All Logos, the website design, and the entire user interface is the property of mykratomclub.com. Any use of the content on this website without prior consent is a trademark violation. In the event any intellectual property is used without the consent of mykratomclub.com the violator will first be notified to discontinue and remove the content. If not removed immediately a cease and desist order will be issued.

My Kratom Club Monthly Membership

If you decide to take advantage of our monthly membership program you agree that your credit card will be on file and will be charged on the same date each month. The membership is for a minimum of 3 months in order to receive the discounted price and cover our costs at such a low rate.

If your card does not go through for the full 3-month initial period, you agree that you are responsible for paying the difference between the discounted price and the regular price of the products you have already received.

Our inventory changes often and if for some reason the exact products you would like are not in stock you will receive a similar product that will be similar and the same in size. You will be notified of stock changes and given currently available options.

1 Week prior to your card on file being charged, you will receive an e-mail asking what flavors you would like in your monthly package. If no response is received, you will receive the same order as the previous month. If the previous month’s order is not available, you will receive a similar product package in the same size.

Geofencing Policy

Orders placed in the following locations will be blocked using GPS IP address tracking software:

Alabama, Arkansas, Indiana, Rhode Island, Tennessee, Vermont, and Wisconsin. Sarasota County, Union County, Denver, San Diego. Furthermore, Kratom is also banned in the following countries where the shipment cannot be executed Australia, Burma, Denmark, Finland, Israel, Lithuania, Malaysia, Myanmar, Poland, Romania, South Korea, Sweden, Thailand, United Kingdom, Vietnam


If your order is placed before 4:00 PM PST and it is not on backorder or out of stock it will ship the same day. You will receive a tracking number that same day as well.

This is excluding Sundays and all federal holidays.

There is a 10:00 AM PST cutoff time on Saturday. We ship every other Saturday. Please e-mail us for our Saturday shipping schedule.

Once the package leaves our location it is the responsibility of USPS to make sure that the package gets to the correct location. It is the responsibility of the customer to be available when the package arrives. If for some reason the package is returned to us due to an invalid address submitted or a failure to pick up the package the customer can be charged up to a 40% restocking fee.

In the event, that a package is delayed the customer will need to wait a minimum of 10 business days for the package to arrive. If the package is not delivered in that time period we will resend the same order as each order is insured by us and/or USPS. There are no refunds on lost, misplaced, or delayed orders as they will be replaced.

My Kratom Club is not responsible for orders showing as delivered, but the customer is claiming it has not been received. The customer needs to contact the post office directly and file a claim.

Shipping times are in no way guaranteed but are typical as stated on our checkout page.

If there is an issue when your order arrives you must contact us using one of the following methods:

The contact form on our website, by e-mail, or by phone the day the order is showing received per the USPS tracking number. If notified later than the next calendar day after showing the package received we may deny the request for correction. It is important to let mykratomclub.com know if there are any issues with your order in a timely manner.

Damaged Items

If an item arrives damaged please reach out to us via email with a picture showing the damage within 2 business days of the item arriving.

Damaged items are covered by USPS and will need to be sent to them directly to file a claim.

My Kratom Club cannot file a claim on the customer’s behalf in the event of a damaged item.

Loyalty Program 

Upon completion of each order, each customer will receive one loyalty point for every dollar spent. These loyalty points are rounded down in the event of the order not being an even dollar amount.

For every 200 points, a coupon code is generated in your account for use on your next order.

Please note that kratom extracts and items on sale are not eligible for any coupons and/or further discounts.

This loyalty program can be discontinued at any time without notice.

Please e-mail info@mykratomclub.com if you have additional questions about these Terms of Service.