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6 Important Tips to Know Before You Order Kratom Online

The growing trend of online purchasing, paired with the legalization of the Southeast Asian herb Mitragyna Speciosa in different states across the US, has made the consumption of Kratom significantly more widespread. Order Kratom online can be a tricky feat to accomplish, especially considering the unfortunate realities of today’s online world.

The internet houses all sort of shady individuals, so there is a surefire chance that you could end up being conned out of your money. Anyone can sell virtually anything online, and that’s why you need to be vigilant about where you purchase your Kratom. There are a lot of stores that would sell you anything in the name of Kratom if you don’t follow these six important tips about buying Kratom online safely.

1. Familiarize Yourself with the Dos and Don’ts of Kratom

How well-versed are you when it comes to Kratom? You should certainly do your homework about this medicinal herb before you buy any Kratom products online.

Learn about the dos and don’ts of its consumption. Read up on the stories of different people who have used it to cure their ailments – how often they consume it and how it has affected them. Make sure you know what your product is supposed to look and feel like. Learn the possible side-effects that could be experienced under different circumstances. In fact, you can find a lot of online platforms with well-researched Kratom information for any assistance and clarification about common myths.

2. Find Strains for Your Specific Needs

 Before you order kratom, you need to ask yourself: What are you expecting to achieve from your Kratom experience? Are you using it for managing chronic pain, curbing symptoms of anxiety and depression, or just to give you an energy boost for work? There are dedicated strains for every type of ailment and condition.

You can choose from three primary strains – Red, White, and Green. White Veins are harvested as young plants, Green Veins are collected during maturation, whereas Red Veins are gathered after fully maturing. As a rule of thumb, remember that the whites are for energy, greens are for sociability and euphoria, and the reds are for relaxation and pain relief.

3. Search for Reliable Sources

Whenever you order Kratom online, it’s important to establish the reputation of your chosen source. Make it a habit to read up on what everyone is currently saying about a store before doing any business with them. In fact, you should consider it as a universal rule applicable in any case – not just for Kratom. Perform a general google search about the best vendors and resellers that deal solely in Kratom.

The latter part is important as that’s another way to establish the credibility of a source. If they specialize in selling Kratom products, then they are certain to know what they’re doing – a big plus point. Don’t forget to check out different online forums and dedicated Kratom review platforms. Make sure the stores are portrayed in a positive light in a majority of their online appearances and then make an informed choice.

4. Pay Attention to Customer Reviews

The mark of a trusted brand can be found amid the reviews that its customers leave. Always pay attention to user feedback to get a general sense of a store’s reliability and quality of service. Every company has its fair share of neutral or negative reviews but look out for serious complaints and the ratio of positive to negative feedback. You’ll find that most of the reputed names have an overwhelming number of positive reviews that easily weigh out the few negative ones. Moreover, look for how the company handles the latter cases – does it provide any follow-up or compensation?

5. Minimize Your Risks Beforehand

Order Kratom online can come with a lot of surprises – good and bad alike. On your part, you could minimize the risk involved by looking up what the store’s refund policy is – if there is one in place at all. Reputable brands often have a firm refund policy in place as they have full faith in the quality of their offering and have nothing to hide. On the other hand, if a store is hesitant about offering refunds, that could indicate a deeper issue regarding the quality of their strains.

Secondly, you could try out a sample product beforehand to ensure that you don’t spend a lot and end up with no conclusive results.

6. Establish Product Quality

This is the most important point. There are a few key indicators that can tell you if the product is of good quality – price point, nutrition label, packaging, and lab testing. Firstly, top quality Kratom products never go for cheap prices, no matter how hard they try to convince you that it’s a good deal. There’s a threshold monetary value for the finest, 100% pure Kratom strains and no legitimate product can go below that.

Secondly, if your Kratom product does not come with a nutrition label, you shouldn’t buy it. There is no telling what such a product could contain, so it’s better to steer clear of it. There should also be some other relevant information about consuming the product – age group, specified purpose, dangers in certain conditions, etc. Thirdly, quality products always accompany a factory seal that should be intact when you open the product. If the product does not come with a seal at all, do not purchase it. Lastly, try to look for products that have been lab-tested to ensure that there are no contaminants in the formula.


In conclusion, if you adhere to these few pivotal points, you can promise yourself a safe experience to order Kratom. Take your time to absorb all this information and be sure to research informative websites with running blogs to remain updated with the latest kratom information. After a few successful experiences, we’re certain that you’ll be able to spot a legitimate online kratom store from a mile away.