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How Do You Take Kratom? 

Kratom has become a popular herbal supplement derived from the tree leaves of the Mitragynine speciosa.

It can be ingested in several ways.

Historically, villagers in Southeast Asia would pick the leaves fresh from the tree and chew them to suck out the alkaloids.

They would then spit out the plant fiber.

Also, they would regularly dry the leaves for use as a bitter tea beverage.

Villagers have been known to roll and smoke the kratom leaves but that is typically discouraged nowadays as dangerous.

Nowadays, when you encounter the herb at your local retailer, gas station, or smoke shop you might wonder ‘how do you take kratom?’

This question is especially common if the kratom is being sold in powder form.

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Learning How to Take Kratom

When you take kratom, you have several options. In this article, we will explore how to take kratom so you know exactly how to use the herb when you need it the most.

The Harvest and Curing of Kratom

In its homeland of SE Asia, locals harvest the leaves of the Mitragynine Speciosa tree when ready, depending on leaf vein color. They then cure the leaves with a drying process. When fully dry, they grind the leaves into a fine powder. The powder is then exported for brand packaging or to be formulated into extracts or capsules.

Methods to Take Kratom

You can choose to ingest the herb in a variety of ways.  In this section, we will explore your options so you can determine which way works best for your individual needs.


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In Powder and Capsule Form

Kratom is widely available as a powder.

When you first encounter it, you might wonder how to take kratom powder.

Most users opt to utilize the so-called ‘toss and wash’ method. You simply place a spoonful of powder in your mouth and then you gulp a glass of water to wash the powder down.

However, this method has a few drawbacks such as the difficulty in determining the correct dosage.

You might end up using too little or too much of the herb.

Another problem is your gag reflex.

Many people find it difficult, if not impossible, to hold a dry powder in their mouth as they try to swallow a glass of water.

Also, let’s face the facts, the herb tastes nasty.

Very few people enjoy the extremely bitter taste.

Holding the harsh powder in your mouth for even a short time might make you feel like vomiting and the after taste lingers even if you drink an entire glass of water in the hopes of washing it away.

If the taste of the powder is just too much for you then you might want to purchase Vietnam gold kratom which has a slightly sweeter flavor that some people find more palatable than others.

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Make Capsules

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Easy to Swallow Capsules – Take Kratom

You can always take the powder and stuff them to make your own capsules if the flavor of the herb is too much.

You’ll need to buy empty gelatin capsules to fill with the powder.

Although the process is messy, it is an affordable option that lets you bypass the toss and wash method.

By Pre-Made Capsules

You can easily purchase pre-made capsules that are easy to take.

Although the capsules typically cost a little more than the powder they are not messy.

Also a great way to know that you are getting an accurate dose of the herbal supplement.

Each capsule is pre-measured when is a huge perk.

In addition, you can take the capsule at any time during the day when you need it the most just as you would any other.


Since kratom has increased in popularity, extracts have started to become more widely available.

The extracts are a potent way to enjoy the herb’s alkaloids but for some, it might end up too intense if you are newbie.

Usually, seasoned users turn to extracts.

Teas and Coffee

Is coffee healthy?

Coffee to Start the Day

On occasion, you can find kratom in a ground form that you can use to brew a tasty tea.

You can also add kratom powder directly to your cup of tea or coffee.

It’s a great way to mask the bitter flavor of the plant’s alkaloids because you can use sugar or honey to sweeten the brew.

Nowadays you can even buy kratom coffee pods HERE as the perfect way to start the morning and kickstart your day.

Smoothies and Juices

Another great way to enjoy kratom is by mixing it in a smoothie or glass of juice. The taste of juice can mask the bitter alkaloids nicely. Blend the herb with fruits and vegetables or simply mix the powder until it dissolves.

Kratom Potentiators

You can take kratom with a potentiator to enhance the effects. The alkaloids will interact with certain components in the food which helps increase absorption for a faster and stronger impact.

Ways to Potentiate Kratom


The enzymes found in the grapefruit naturally break down the compounds of the herb quickly which enables your body to rapidly absorb the chemicals into your bloodstream.

Without a doubt, icing kratom with grapefruit and other citrus juices increases the effects of kratom while making a nice and tasty beverage.


Turmeric spice boosts the effects of the herb substantially and appears to prolong its effectiveness.

Mix it together in a drink or food source to enjoy the enhanced reaction.

Cayenne Pepper

If you want a little kick to whatever you are eating and drinking then add a dash of cayenne pepper to increase potency dramatically.

Take kratom with cayenne pepper and tomato juice to create a spicy beverage.

Chamomile Tea

Many people turn to chamomile tea to relax.

The tea appears to enhance the kratom’s sedative-like effects nicely.

You can drink it before bed or after a long day to relax and rejuvenate.

The combo is also excellent to gain pain relief.


A type of lettuce, it boasts numerous minerals that increase the effects of the herb while escalating its strength.


As mentioned, you can mix the herb with caffeine for an even greater impact.

Whether you blend it in tea or coffee, you’ll feel energized and ready to start the day to the enhanced stimulating effects of the combo.

Valerian Root

The root could stimulate critical enzymes in the herb and produce a feeling of full-body relaxation.


Crush the akumma seeds and mix them with the kratom. You can then ingest it to push up potency to even higher and greater levels.

The increase in strength is especially beneficial for frequent users who are looking for greater relief from certain ailments.

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Cat’s Claw

Another favorite herb, you can use it with kratom in a food or beverage to increase the longevity of kratom and its effects.

With any of the above potentiators, you can take kratom to reap increased benefits.

Mix them together as a beverage or food.

If you would like to learn more about how to take kratom, please contact My Kratom Club today.

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